WINkLink Price Prediction in 2021 and Onwards

WINkLink Price Prediction in 2021 and Onwards

  • 9 November 2021
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In this post, we will bring you an in-depth look at WINkLink price prediction in 2021 and beyond to answer the question: Is WIN a good investment or not? In recent years, the cryptocurrency world has gained more traction. A remarkable entry that was marked five years back is WINkLink, which is currently performing well.

You may wonder what the WINkLink project is? What kind of team is working on it? How do crypto analysts and experts think about it? Are WIN price predictions bullish or bearish? Will the price go up or down in the future? Should I invest in WINkLink (WIN) or not? And so on.

If you are interested in knowing the answers, then continue reading this post. We have provided a comprehensive guide to answer all these questions. Then let’s start this journey and learn together how WIN will change in value in the coming years?

What Is WINkLink?

Based on the TRON ecosystem, WINkLink has provided users with comprehensive oracle solutions. WINkLink has fully integrated oracles with the blockchain space providing reliable, unpredictable, and verifiable processes, giving users a surreal experience. Unlike most existing oracles, WINkLink is a decentralized oracle network that provides more secure services and reliable data than normal ones. In other words, WINkLink is a safe, user-friendly, and stable online payment system that offers more than Bitcoin. The whole framework of WINkLink as a decentralized oracle network makes a trustworthy and secure procedure possible to execute Smart Contracts. In addition, the main advantage of WINkLink is the guarantee of speed. A decentralized platform enhances the security algorithm’s efficacy by increasing speed, allowing the general population to trust it.

No real-world use case is left untouched by WINkLink, be it real-world data on sports or weather, gambling, loan, or collateral; WINkLink has been there constantly to provide these oracle solutions. WINkLink is a gaming platform based on the TRON network, which delivers a high-quality gaming platform. Also, WINkLink is a blockchain network that offers to create decentralized gaming applications. To name a few, Moon, Ring, and many casino-based games are popularly played on WINkLink. The network provides playing on the decentralized apps possible with fair or no transaction fees. That is why a lot of gamers are emerging as potential WIN token holders. Additionally, the network includes world-class applications. It offers various benefits to the developers and, most importantly, keeps everything transparent!

WIN Token

WIN is the native cryptocurrency of the WINkLink network and has a dual token approach available as TRC20 and BEP2. This dual token system of WINkLink has been a matter of interest to most investors in the market. More precisely, WIN is a TRC20 token developed on the TRON network for payments, incentives, and governance scenarios. Unlike many other decentralized applications, WIN is based on the Tron network rather than Ethereum. These tokens are used to pay fees and make any transaction within the network possible. The WIN token has played a significant role in facilitating expenses and making purchasing currencies on gaming and gambling platforms a dream. Additionally, the WINkLink Network payment is also possible where the app developers pay the nodes in WIN tokens for trusted data. The token is available on major exchanges, including Binance, ZT, Hotcoin Global, HitBTC, KuCoin WazirX, Bithumb, Poloniex, etc.

The circulating supply of WINkLink is 766,299,999,999 (766 billion) out of the total supply of 999,000,000,000(999 billion).

The WINkLink Team

WINkLink is a forward-looking Chinese company dedicated to building an open-source protocol for decentralized oracles and promoting their use in Blockchain ecosystems. WINkLink has a team of experienced software engineers who ensure that the entire system functions perfectly and that the oracle connects the off-chain world with Smart Contracts.  The project team is led by B Wong, from Hong Kong, and includes N Yang and Aiden Luo. Previously called TRONbet, they rebranded as WINkLink. Now, it is the best Oracle in the TRON ecosystem.

WINkLink, the first comprehensive oracle project launched on TRON, signed an alliance with JUST NFT. JUST NFT Fund founder Justin Sun announced the collaboration, which was one of the critical milestones. The partnership will ignite the crypto market, as it will further diversify use cases in the NFT (non-fungible token) sphere. Also, this partnership aims to register masterpieces of art networks on the blockchain. The alliance is WIN’s first venture in the realm of NFT.

A Review of WIN Price History

In August 2019, when WIN commenced trading, the price was $0.0004477. By October, the price dipped substantially, and by mid-November, it reached about $0.0001565. The token even dropped further and closed the year at $0.00009221.

WIN Price Performance in 2020

Even when 2020 began, the price of WIN tokens did not improve much. The WIN price fluctuated in the $0.00009 range in 2020. Shortly after that, it gained bullish momentum with benefits for both node users and Dapp developers.  So, the price jumped again to the $0.0001 mark. Nonetheless, as time passed, WIN failed to gain new investors and again fell into a bearish trap of $0.00009. In March, the price reached $0.00009979 and dropped consistently from there. By mid-2020, the price had fallen even further to about $0.00007294. Due to uncertainty, the price decreased again, and by the end of 2020, the price dropped to $0.00005877.

WINkLink Price Performance in 2020

WIN in 2021

As you can see from the graph above, WIN had spectacular growth in 2021. WIN has shown a positive trend recently, and it is quickly growing in popularity. The token reached its all-time high in April 2021 and traded at $0.002965. According to Coincodex, WINkLink recorded 52% green (or bullish) days with 13.72% price volatility over the last month. The price of WINkLink increased by 702.64% over the previous year. WINkLink has support levels of $0.000702, $0.000675, and the strongest at $0.000643. Similarly, WINkLink resistance levels are at $0.000760, $0.000792, and $ 0.000819.

WINkLink Price Prediction in 2021 and Beyond

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. In this regard, it is essential to remember that these price predictions are just speculations, and it is impossible to predict the market precisely and with total certainty. However, we will do our best to provide the most recent and reliable WINkLink price prediction. Then, let’s start.

WalletInvestor WINkLink Price Prediction

WalletInvestor is one of the most reliable platforms when it comes to cryptocurrency price predictions. According to the WalletInvestor forecast system, WIN is an awesome long-term (one-year) investment. Therefore, if you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns, WIN can be a profitable investment option. WIN price is $0.000767 on November 8, 2021. Based on their forecasts, a long-term increase is likely to happen. The WIN price can go up from $0.000767 to $0.00122 in one year. The long-term earning potential is +58.91% in one year. Moreover, the WINkLink price prediction for 2026-11-07 is $0.00319. It means that with a five-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +315.91%. Thus, your current $100 investment may be up to $415.91 in 2026.

WalletInvestor WINkLink Price Prediction

Long-term WINkLink Price Prediction

WalletInvestor WINkLink Price Prediction

As shown in the graphs above, there will be a positive trend in the future and the WIN is good for investing and making money. Since this virtual currency has a positive outlook, they recommend it as part of your investment portfolio. Trading in bull markets is always easier, so you might want to favor these currencies under the given circumstances. Also, based upon their forecasts, a crash is unlikely to happen in the WIN token.

TradingBeasts WINkLink Price Prediction

The forecasting platform thinks that the WINkLink price prediction is likely to be $0.0009270 by the beginning of December 2021. The expected maximum price is $0.0011588, and the minimum WIN price is $0.0007880. Moreover, the WINkLink price prediction for the end of the month is $0.0009270. Therefore, according to their forecasts, the WINkLink price is going to increase in 2021.

WINkLink Price Prediction for 2021

In November 2022, the WINkLink price prediction is to be on average $0.0009152. The expected maximum price is $0.0011440, and the minimum price is $0.0007779. As such, the WINkLink price will also increase in 2022. Now the WINkLink price is $0.0007563, but by the end of 2022, the average WINkLink price is expected to be $0.0009088.

DigitalCoinPrice WINkLink Price Prediction

Source: DigitalCoinPrice (WINkLink Price Prediction from 2021 to 2028)

As shown in the graph above, the platform predicts that WIN will be $0.0011916386 in 2021. Moreover, the WINkLink price will reach ($0.0013397129) in 2022, ($0.0015725325) in 2023, ($0.0019573696) in 2024, ($0.0023437840) in 2025, ($0.0026742369) in 2026, ($0.0031822332) in 2027, and eventually ($0.0035074877) in 2028. Then, the lowest price of the WIN token will be up to $0.0031325663, and its highest price will be up to $0.0038599927. Therefore, WINkLink (WIN) prices will increase according to their predicted data. In short, WIN is a profitable investment based on forecasting. According to their technical analysis data, the WIN token reflects a promising future.

CryptoNewsZ WINkLink Price Prediction

If the cryptocurrency market turns favorable, the WINkLink (WIN) price is set to break all barriers with vigor. A good price change will surely result from the company outpacing all of its limitations in the following year. Backed by robust technology, the WINkLink price may easily touch the minimum price level of $0.00099 by the end of the year 2021.

WINkLink’s price is on track to confirm its strong position as a major attraction among its investor community. In 2022, the WIN price can scale to $0.00110. WINkLink has established a fast, reliable network and works to enhance the user experience. These characteristics can help the WINkLink token gain a much higher price of $0.00130 in 2023. If the drive for functional crypto continues into 2023, the average price may even see a bullish price change by the end of 2023.

The minimum price level may reach around $0.00155 in 2024, which will prove the significance of investment in WINkLink (WIN). Considering they keep up the momentum, garnering a significant market cap, their initiatives focusing on education, outreach, and innovations may take the WIN price to a minimum level of $0.00180 in 2025. With a bit of patience and keeping the hopes high in the long term, investors can expect a rebound by the end of 2026, reaching $0.0021, according to WINkLink price prediction. On the whole, they think that the price of WINkLink is not likely to drop in the future.

Coinpedia Winklink Price Prediction

In the coming months, WINkLink might improve user-friendliness by connecting Smart Contracts to the real world. If it happens, it will attract new investors, and the price might soar up to $0.000848 by the end of 2021. However, in the worst-case scenario, the price may drop to average levels at $0.000599.

In the year 2022, the WIN token could start trading between $0.000299 and $0.000374. By the end of 2022, WIN can exchange at $0.00147. According to the platform, the price may surge up to $0.00721 over the next five years.

Cryptopolitan Wink Price Prediction

As reported on the website, the WINkLink price prediction in 2022 is likely to reach closer to $0.00110. The WINkLink token may get a price of $0.00120 by the end of 2023. Furthermore, the WIN price can reach $0.00130 by 2024. After five years, the revenue will likely be around +401.59%, turning WIN into an appealing investment option. Therefore, by the end of 2026, the WINkLink token will no longer be a naïve newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies but a seasoned player.

Final Words on WINkLink Price Prediction

According to our WINkLink (WIN) price prediction, a long-term increase is expected. Also, with more developments and new partnerships, the WIN price is likely to go up in the future. Therefore, WIN is a profitable investment. Its recent price increase is another positive sign for WIN investors. Nevertheless, it is recommended to invest in WIN after doing your thorough research by following the latest price forecasts of WINkLink before trading.

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