What is VeChain Reddit Community? How Does It Work?

What is VeChain Reddit Community? How Does It Work?

  • 21 August 2021
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This post is about the VeChain Reddit community to understand how it discusses VeChain. Here, we will take a closer look at the Reddit social platform to see how it works. Moreover, we will talk about the strengths of Reddit to better understand why it is so much popular and influential among online users.

According to the Cryptopolitan website, in Reddit forums, there are users who manipulate crypto prices. Also, a CNBC report cautions that subreddit forums are increasingly part of BTC price jumps and abrupt speculative activities. Reddit provides crucial information that makes or breaks the crypto market helping traders make quick moves. Moreover, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies makes related discussion boards and chats particularly crucial. There are many developments within the cryptocurrency world. Especially that relatively young coins, not yet well-known globally, are born every day.

Thus, anyone serious about learning more regarding the complicated crypto industry will need to know where the detailed discussions are taking place to gain more knowledge about investment opportunities. So, with this in mind, Reddit requires more attention.  If you are interested in what the VeChain Reddit community is about, continue reading this post.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is the online gateway to everything interesting going on in the world. Reddit was founded in 2005, and it is free to use, as there is no membership fee. As such, Reddit makes money through advertising and an ad-free premium membership plan. Reddit.com is like reading the daily newspaper, except that Reddit is timely, interactive, personalized, participatory, extremely absorbing, and useful. Often, you can find the most up-to-date, insightful, and detailed info first on Reddit.

The name Reddit is the contraction of ‘Read it’ as in ‘I have already read it on Reddit,’ which, if you spend a significant time on the website, is what you will say to everyone who tries to show you anything. The site identifies itself as the front page of the internet, and it is not an empty claim. According to Alexa Internet, Reddit ranked as the 18th-most-visited website in the world and the 7th most-visited website in the United States of America in February 2021. Moreover, Reddit ranks fourth among top social media networks, after LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. In short, Reddit is the best news aggregator and discussion forum in the world.


How Does Reddit Work?

Registered members (also known as Redditors) submit posts (in the form of a link, an image, a video, or a text). These posts are then voted up or down by other members. Because there are no editors on Reddit, you never know what you are going to find. But you can bet it will be the most informative, enriching, and engaging content because thousands of other people have already voted that it is good to see.

More precisely, social credibility on Reddit does not rely on the number of followers or likes but the collection of karma. An upvote results in one positive karma, while a downvote removes one. As a user contributes to a discussion through comments or posts, they can earn more karma. This Karma strategy encourages thoughtful or funny engagement since negativity will result in a downvote. Posts and comments that receive more upvotes, or positive karma, become more visible. Conversely, with enough negative karma or downvotes, posts or comments are put at risk of being hidden. User interest and karma get the posts to the front page, resulting in more views by others. Thus, the most entertaining, engaging, or insightful content appears at the top.

Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called communities or subreddits. The name of subreddits begins with “r/”; for instance, “r/VeChain ” is a community devoted to discussing issues related to VeChain crypto. In the VeChain Reddit forum, people discuss (for example about Bitcoin cloud mining), promote, and predict facts about VeChain in the market. In the following, we will talk more about this subreddit. But before jumping into the r/VeChain Reddit community, let’s find out what advantages Reddit has over other social networks such as Instagram or YouTube?

10 Advantages of Reddit

  • Reddit is the most interactive and democratic social media platform. Reddit places emphasis on community. Additionally, Reddit is not the platform to dictate your message to your fans but rather a place to interact with them and hear their opinions.
  • In Reddit, you can share your interests and what you care about with a larger community you do not know. The best part of joining a community is connecting and talking with others with the same interests.
  • In Reddit, it is far easier to find your interested communities.
  • By joining subreddits, you can find like-minded users who subscribe to the channel and join a specific subreddit.
  • Discussed topics in subreddits can be broad or ultra-specific. There are over a million different subreddits on every subject such as politics, finance, philosophy, and so on. And also new subreddits are added every day.
  • In the platform, users can be anonymous. The anonymous nature of the site appeals to many users worldwide since no identifying information is shared. As a result of anonymity, users are more likely to be open and honest about their views than they would be on a public account.
  • Frequently, mentions on Reddit rival or surpass other social media platforms such as Twitter. As such, marketers should keep an eye on it for hot posts relevant to their brand, category, or products.

10 Advantages of Reddit 

25 Most Mentioned Cryptocurrencies on Reddit
  • Reddit users are probably the most active group of online participants. Reddit has over 52 million active daily users and over 50 billion average screen views monthly.
  • In subreddits, there are conversations ripe with insights from a variety of perspectives.
  • Moreover, the community-oriented sentiment of Reddit makes the platform hostile to machine-generated and sponsored content, eventually leading to high-quality content and very little spam on the website. For example, in financial-related forums, there are professional advisors, financial gurus, investor management tools, and so much more in related subreddits. This leads to the creation of a sophisticated community in Reddit and high-quality posts. In short, users can rely on Reddit to give them the latest and unbiased truth about businesses and products. You can also turn to Reddit for advice on just about any topic and learn from others’ firsthand experiences.

VeChain Reddit at a Glance

Over the past two years, VeChain has developed extensive expertise in providing blockchain solutions to a variety of industries, including liquor, auto, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, logistics, supply chain, food, and cold storage. In other words, VeChain is the first practical usage of blockchain technology in leading enterprises, including Walmart China, BMW, BYD Auto, Haier, H&M, LVMH, D.I.G, ENN, AWS, PICC, ASI.

If you are new to the VeChain project, you can start from the VeChain Wiki, which will give you an insight into the project, its uses, partners, and details of VeChain hardware and other technical features. It’s a great place to start before you ask your questions.

If you want to know more about VET purchasing or staking, you can get your essential information from here. If you have queries, including where can I buy VET? Which wallet should I use? You will find your questions answered. Additionally, if you spend some time reading comments, you will probably get more insights from other users’ experiences.

Similarly, in the r/cryptocurrency subreddit -the leading community for cryptocurrency news, discussion, and analysis- you can read how do other people think about VeChain (VET) to know whether it is a profitable investment or not? You can read about this VeChain Reddit community from here.  In short, VeChain Reddit forums provide insight into aspects of the market that you may not find elsewhere.

VeChain Reddit at a Glance

Crypto Sentiment on Reddit

VeChain Reddit Community (R/VeChain Subreddit)

We will now focus on our main topic: What is going on in the VeChain Reddit community?

Within the past few months, VeChain has become increasingly popular among internet forums such as Reddit. In this regard, the r/VeChain subreddit is a global leading blockchain platform dedicated to VeChain crypto trading and price commentary. The VeChain Reddit community has about 197k members. Members can post news, articles, videos, links, texts, photos, etc., and participate in discussions concerning VeChain crypto. Meanwhile, other users of the VeChain Reddit community vote for the uploaded content. Thus, if you visit the r/VeChain subreddit regularly, you will not miss any new and noteworthy news about VET. Moreover, for every post, there are daily comments that you can reply to or share. By reading through the comments, you will receive more wisdom and insight about VeChain.

 VeChain Reddit Community Rules

Even though Redditors are free to create any post, every subreddit has its rules to moderate the community. In this regard, the VeChain Reddit community is no exception. First of all, Reddit users should stay civil and polite when commenting. Before asking questions in the VeChain Reddit community, users had better take a look at the FAQ in the VeChain wiki. In this subreddit, frequently asked questions about VeChain are addressed. This link will provide you with an overview of VeChain, what it aims to achieve, and give you a solid base for discussing VeChain in general. There are other additional VeChain Reddit rules that you can study here.

Moreover, Reddit users should report any inappropriate comments or behavior. You can contact the moderator team of r/VeChain by this link.

The r/VeChainTrader Subreddit

According to Reddit, VeChain is a relatively cheaper coin than many others but has the potential for rapid growth. Thus, VET ranks 9th among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. This VeChain Reddit community concentrates on trading and price commentary. The community members upvote the most updated and useful links regarding VeChain (VET)cryptocurrency price prediction, crypto forecast, and technical price analyses. And you can find out how others see the post in particular and VET’s future performance in general.

The r/VeChainTrader Subreddit

The r/VeChainTrader
VeChain Reddit: Summery

Reddit is a great platform for marketing, interacting with the target audience, talking and brainstorming about your views concerning the topic, and learning from other users’ insights and perspectives. In simple terms, Reddit offers new and comprehensive information, points of view, and experiences all in one place.

Reddit community

The discussions around altcoins (For example, on the VeChain Reddit community) will certainly show better prospects for these coins in the future. Reddit provides a user-friendly platform to read about the latest news and hear so much interesting and high-quality information about altcoins. As you read more on Reddit, you will hear different thoughts and views and communicate more about your cryptocurrency interests. On the whole, Reddit is one of the most important information resources that cryptocurrency investors can draw upon. Reddit discussions concerning cryptocurrencies are often in-depth, frank, and up-to-the-minute.

Then if you are a cryptocurrency investor, you had better visit the Reddit threads occasionally to see what’s happening in the community and find out what’s happening with any coin in your investment portfolio. However, like anything else, Reddit also has some disadvantages. Sometimes the information may not be true as it sounds. Therefore, you should not accept everything you read on Reddit for granted. Conduct your due diligence before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Sometimes some Reddit forums try to provoke users’ interests in a particular direction. So it is necessary not to rely solely on Reddit to determine your investment strategy. Rather use Reddit as a part of a bigger puzzle and put your information derived from Reddit next to other online sources and platforms to have a more objective and unbiased perspective about the market. Remember that there are plenty of alternatives to Reddit like Twitter and Facebook forums, worth monitoring and exploring.

By the way, if you have ever used Reddit, tell us about your experience with the website and how do you think about Reddit.

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