What is the new Rack-Style miner of Bitmain AntRack? 

What is the new Rack-Style miner of Bitmain AntRack miner? 

  • 11 November 2020
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Bitmain Antrack Miner is one of the new Bitmain devices that were unveiled on November 7, 2020. So Bitman is one of the leading companies in the field of production of bitcoin miners. That officially introduced its new rack-style mining device as Bitmain Antrack Miner. So the new miner is in the category of “rack style” miners.

The new Rack-Style Mining Rig is used in large-scale mining farms as well as Internet data centers. The latest Bitmain device is easily customizable and probably uses new generation chips in its design.

The new Bitmain AntRack Miner has a modular configuration with hot switching capabilities. So it means that it allows you to easily run the  crypto mining rig without having to turn off the devices. By aspects modified to suit a particular task for large-scale extensions, Bitmain developed this new production to give the power to its customers to traverse more potential for their activities.

According to the official announcement of Bitmain Company, Bitmain AntRack Miner is an all-in-one system for experiencing unique mining. So this miner has a modular setting up with the ability to change the rotation of hot air, it is easy to install and upgrade without the need for shutdown. This rack-style design is a great option for large-scale customers. Bitmain AntRack Miner for instance is in the category of Rack-Style miners and is designed for use in large bitcoin mining farms and Internet data centers.

Bitmain AntRack Miner

Bitmain AntRack Miner

What are the features of Bitmain AntRack Miner?

Bitmain AntRack Miner consists of five application units:

  1. a rack,
  2. a switchboard segment,
  3. four servers,
  4. one principal control panel,
  5. a cooling water system,

The important parts of Bitmain AntRack Miner are the hashboard, control panel, and Power Supply Unit as called PSU.

The main feature of Bitmain AntRack Miner is the ability to customize all the processing elements of this miner. It includes the Hash board that is the base of the processing mechanism, control panel, power supply unit, and fans.

The users can customize the Bitmain AntRack Miner so they can replace the miner’s Hash board with the latest generation of chips (5nm, 3nm, and even 1nm). Of course, the use of 7-nanometer chips is more common in high-level miners by 2020.

Bitmain AntRack Miner’s special design allows Bitmain miners to upgrade their devices with newer chips. This new Bitmain miner feature significantly reduces the cost of bitcoin miners.

AntRack Miner features

AntRack Miner features

What are the main parameters of Bitmain AntRack Miner?

The main parameters of Bitmain AntRack Miner are shown below table as following:


Bitmain AntRack Miner parameters

Product details

Min. value

Max. Value

Rack dimensions mm

600 X 600 X 2400

Entire rack power consumption Watt



Entire rack Hash rate  TH / s



Number of hash boards


Power supply consumption KW


Power supply

12 + 4



Water flow rate Ton / Hour



Water intake temperature  C



Main Power supply

160 A  380 V – 480 V  50 – 60 Hz


500 kg

What was the purpose of designing this product?

Sun MingHui, the director of quality control of the Bitmain AntRack Miner project stated:

The purpose of designing this product is to solve some of the problems that miners are currently facing. We have found that many Bitmain clients face many problems when trying to expand their operations. The cost of upgrading equipment does not only include investing in new equipment but also miners have to turn off their old equipment to install new equipment. Anthracite is the solution of Bitmain Company to solve this problem. The modular design of this product enables efficient cost management for miners and as a result, enables easy and efficient installation and operation of mining equipment.

Bitmain Company believes that we have noticed that many miners face challenges when trying to expand their activities. AntRack is their solution to the problem. So with a modular design with hot air change capability, the Ant Rack can be easily controlled and applied efficiently in large-scale development. Because effective management maintains the working budget.

Antrack Miner PSU

What are the specifications of Bitmain Antrack Miner?

  • Reducing the cost of getting a new miner; users can upgrade their device by installing new chips.
  • Saving time for Bitcoin miners; because it has hot switching capabilities. When replacing a new model, you should spend a lot of time turning off the old device and starting the new device.
  • Bitmain claims that the new Bitmain AntRack Miner design can significantly reduce the risk of device depreciation while increasing the “effective extraction time.”
  • Use in large data centers; You can simply install it by connecting cables and running a cooling water system.

Why is Bitmain AntRack Miner suitable for large-scale operations?

Ant Rack is designed to solve the problem. The following features make Ant Rack suitable for large operations:

  • Designed for large-scale deployment of mining farms and Internet Data Centers (IDCs).
  • By connecting a 3-phase AC power cable and a network cable, but the AntRack can be easily used and worked on large farms.
  • Bitmain provides an all-in-one data center solution combined with ANTBOX, each containing 10 AntRack extractors.
  • By configuring a 3-phase AC power supply, mains port, and water cooling system, extraction is possible in almost any location.
  • Very easy and reliable update.
  • Designed for the new generation of 3-nanometer chips.
  • AntRack interchangeable design allows the hash board to be replaced with the latest generation of chipsets.
  • Each upgrade allows the overall computing power to be maintained while consuming the same amount of power.
  • Each AntRack server has a PSU that provides 3 + 1 redundant operations to ensure that mining is never interrupted.

AntRack Miner for large-scale

How to save money by using Bitmain AntRack Miner?

Effective management seeks to maintain a working budget. So the new AntRack design has increased stability and ease of cost management.

As mentioned in this article, the Antarctic design is hot-swappable, which means that it can be exchanged with the next generation of chips (5nm, 3nm, and 1nm chips). As a result updating makes it possible to increase the computational power of the track without increasing the amount of energy consumption. So to ensure the continuity of mining operations, each AntRack product will be supplied with three main power supplies and one backup power supply.

What is the hot-swappable method?

AntRack pursues involving new ideas about hot-swappable modularized arrangement methods. The hash board, control panel, power supply unit (PSU), and fans, are requisite parts that are hot-swappable for optimized activities.

The hot-swappable layout makes it completely compatible for large-scale facilities, as it certifies the convenience to promote while sustaining eco-friendly activities. Once the AntRack is mounted, owners can easily remodel all the necessary parts without stopping the electricity power.

While the new productions of chipsets are delivered, the present hash boards can be easily remodeled with the up-to-date ones. So the current Bitmain AntRack Miner with the most efficient hash rates and power efficiency can be promoted beneficially. However, it seriously decreases the human and resource utilization of new hardware. So it ensures an eco-friendly activity.

What are the features of AntRack Easy Set-up Configuration?

Bitmain Company wanted to be sure that mining activities are continuous, and all of the abilities of ROI are achieved. The AntRack utilizes a 3+1 excessive function power supply unit. It brings a complete 12+4 extreme operation for the whole rack, which is all hot-swappable, keeping away from potential fatalities caused by power damage. As an all-in-one rack-style miner, AntRack can install rapidly and properly. Bitmain AntRack Miner can simply be plugged and operated its 3-phase AC power cable at one time. So the network cables are connected, and the ports for the water-cooling unit are configured speedily.

Bitmain knows clients will have probable demands for the large-scale arrangement so it provides an all-in-one data center named ANTBOX that can include 10 AntRacks. This is a modified solution and can be planned per the demands of customers. It carries all the benefits of AntRack into one bundle that is eco-friendly, easy to install, promotable, and trustworthy.

By setting up the 3-phase AC power supply, network ports, and water-cooling complex, mining is feasible in approximately every location.

AntRack Easy Set-up Configuration

What have been Bitmain’s other solutions currently?

As follows, this year Bitmain is also trying to upgrade large-scale mining operations and reduce costs.

In May 2020, the company partnered with Core Scientific to provide North American technicians with easier ways to train mining hardware maintenance.

So Bitmain announced that it wants to connect miners around the world and cryptocurrency farm owners with the launch of the platform in October.

This platform is called the “World Digital Mining Map” or “WDMM.” As a result the members of the network will have access to Bitcoin services. Also these services include receiving assistance and advice in the field of farm design, connecting to external clients for hosting, and support in the field of purchasing, creating, and managing farms.

As a result Bitmain accomplishes the user-friendly essential. By deliberate and positive way incentive the market and technological incentive, Bitmain tries to bring better productions and ministrations that can solve difficulties for their customers. So Bitmain AntRack Miner yet again proves Bitmain’s intentions and obligations.

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