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The most profitable cryptocurrency to mine is something that cryptocurrency enthusiasts need to know.

The variable cost of electricity in different countries has made bitcoin mining unprofitable in some areas. For example, bitcoin mining in Australia costs about 8 times more than in Ukraine. Therefore, according to their circumstances, it is better for people to first get information about crypto mining in different types of cryptocurrencies, such as electricity consumption costs, hardware costs for mining, and maintenance costs of miner devices.

So choosing the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine from about 7,000 cryptocurrencies is not an easy task, but in this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 cryptocurrencies that are the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021. Then with the help of this information, you can make a better decision about mining cryptocurrencies.

The most profitable cryptocurrency to mine

How to know the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine?

If you are planning to invest in the crypto market this year, we have good news for you. So according to many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, 2021 will be the best year to invest in digital currencies.

When it comes to deciding to invest in the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market that can make it harder and harder for people to choose. As mentioned at the outset, researching and classifying the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine is difficult and time-consuming. So join us for a list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, which are expected to explode in 2021 and bring attractive profitability in the coming years.

So remember that there is no coin that we can use as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. There are several growing cryptocurrencies that we need to select one or more of them according to our goals and conditions and start mining.

We should say that experience is also one of the most important factors that we must use in the work process. For example, some cryptocurrencies may be a good investment for beginners, while others are more suitable for advanced traders.

Crypto mining

What affects the profitability of cryptocurrency mining?

The following cases affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining:

  • Electricity costs affect the profitability of bitcoin mining, but there are other things to consider.
  • The first step is to check the price of the cryptocurrency because the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine is the more valuable cryptocurrency.
  • You should also pay attention to when the mining reward is halved. Because the rewards are halved as soon as you enter the mining world, it can have many financial consequences for you.
  • Mining difficulty, as well as hashing power, affects your mining process and revenue.
  • Also, it is better to check the profitability of digital currency extraction by cryptocurrency profit calculator.
  • Finally, you need to consider the performance of your equipment. It will be very important with what budget and what kind of hardware you intend to have the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

Profitable miner

What is the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021?

Following is top 10 most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021 that are suitable for mining:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Grin
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (MNR)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

At the end of the article, you are expected to have a complete understanding of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021 that is suitable for mining.

Mining with the “proof of work” algorithm, which you may encounter with this term, is a key component in the cryptocurrency system, especially bitcoin, which allows the correct processing of transactions on the blockchain.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

When it comes to the top 10 cryptocurrencies to mine, you will see the name bitcoin among the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

Bitcoin is more popular among other currencies. The main goal of Bitcoin is to become decentralized global digital cash. Bitcoin also has the highest level of liquidity in the crypto space.

Since people are constantly buying bitcoins and selling bitcoins, there will be no problem in buying and selling bitcoins because despite the sharp price fluctuations. Therefore Bitcoin is the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine that with increasing demand and mass acceptance per futures year will also promise more attractive profits.

By the beginning of 2021, Tesla had invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin and is likely to accept cryptocurrencies as its payment option in the future. You may remember that with the release of this news, the price of Bitcoin immediately increased by about 14%, and in February 2021, its price reached $ 56,000 per coin.

Bitcoin mining

Is mining currencies other than Bitcoin the right decision?

Making smaller and less valuable currencies than bitcoin may not seem sensible at first glance. But futurists who predict that other digital currencies, such as Ethereum, will make significant profits in the future will inevitably move to choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. Also, sometimes drastic changes in the difficulty of the bitcoin network, or the fall in its price, and on the other hand the rise of a new cryptocurrency, make mining another currency more profitable than bitcoin mining with bitcoin mining server.

Of course, be careful not to fall into the trap of many scam altcoins. Certainly, not every cryptocurrency is suitable for mining and investing.

Just as this market is great for profitable investments, it is also risky. Therefore, to choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, first, do the necessary research. Then consult with experts and experienced in this field and choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. You should weigh all the factors for mining.

What is the purpose of ZCash?

According to the site https://z.cash/, ZCash (ZEC) launched in 2016. Zero Cash offers anonymous cryptocurrencies. Its mining algorithm allows the use of graphics cards dedicated to mining and the total number of mineable coins is 21 million.

ZCash, as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, is made up of the Equihash hash algorithm, which is an asymmetric memory algorithm. Mining requires high RAM capacity and therefore the ASIC development process is virtually impossible.


Is Ethereum Classic a good coin for mining?

Ethereum network was divided into 2 parts in 2016. Its main blockchain was known as Ethereum Classic. For every 5,000,000 blocks, the network reduces the reward of the block. After the last move in March 2020, when the blockchain version was reduced from ETH 4 to 3.2, mining this cryptocurrency has continued to be profitable for miners.

What are the other coins as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine?
  • Grin launched in early 2019. It strikes a balance between privacy and unique scalability. This token uses the MimbleWimble protocol. Its network hash dynamically affects mining complexity. Grin mining can be done through three algorithms. Grin has an unlimited supply. So, this has made its mining very attractive.

Grin coin
  • Litecoin has a wide appeal among individuals and investors and has powerful features. Also this coin uses the Scrypt protocol for LTC mining coins.
  • Ethereum is currently ranked No. 2 on the list of largest cryptocurrencies. This platform introduces the world to smart contracts and also plays a very key role in DeFi projects. Now it is on the list of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine for miners. Ethereum uses the Ethash proof-of-work algorithm and has no limited resources.
  • Monero is another privacy-based cryptocurrency whose owner is anonymous. It was founded in 2014, this coin has been well received by cryptocurrency users. Monero now uses the RandomX algorithm. Also this coin is one of the best options and on the list of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine by processors.
  • Bitcoin Gold was officially launched in 2017. The cryptocurrency changed the proof-of-work algorithm to Equihash to generalize the mining process and eliminate specialized mining equipment.
    This cryptocurrency is designed exclusively for GPU mining. Also Bitcoin Gold is a great option for anyone looking for the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2021.
  • DASH was launched in January 2014. It is ranked in the top 30 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Also it facilitates the speed and security of international transactions.
What is the last currency in the list of ten profitable currencies?

Dogecoin started as a prank on cryptocurrency, quickly becoming an accepted cryptocurrency. This currency was surprisingly successful and was included in the list of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

Dogecoin is on the list of the top 50 cryptocurrencies. Also it is mainly used for creators of content on Twitter and Reddit. This cryptocurrency uses the script protocol and has no restrictions on the supply of coins.

The following is a list of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine:



Hash function

Block Mining Reward




6.25 BTC




10 ZEC

Ethereum Classic



3.2 ETC



CuckARood-29, CuckAToo-31, Cuckaroom-29

60 Grin per block




12.5 LTC








1.73 XMR

Bitcoin Gold



12.5 BTG




3.11 DASH




10000 DOGE

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest and buy??

Among the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine for investing in 2021 are currencies such as Binance Coin, Tezos, Bitcoin Cash, IAS, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar, Ripple, Teron, China Link, Network Token, Anthology, VeChain, Neo, Pundi X, and Zilliqa were also mentioned.

Characteristics such as the following are the reasons for the superiority of these currencies over other competitors:

  • Innovation and practicality,
  • Motivate users with rewards,
  • Give various incentives and discounts,
  • Having different and independent layer blocks,
  • Provide smart contracts,
  • Decentralized DApp applications,
  • Improve privacy,
  • Increase transaction speed,
  • Low transaction fees,
  • Variable supply trends,
  • Hope for a tempting future.

The above features put them on the list of the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

In 2020, Monero, Electroneum, ZCash, Litecoin, Ion, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, Zcoin, Ravencoin, Dash, and Grin have been identified as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

So these currencies have features such as:

  • Easier and cheaper mining by home computers or even mobile phones,
  • Privacy protection,
  • Higher extraction reward,
  • Decentralization of mining operations

They have caused more miners to make more profit while demanding more for mining.

Binance Coin
How to identify the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine?

Those who are interested in mining digital currencies often look for the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine for maximizing their profitability. Also, there are many currencies you can mine. Finding these currencies is not a problem either, and sites like Whattomine and Minergate offer currencies to mine.

Aa result with these sites, currencies can be easily selected for mining based on the algorithm, hash rate, and mining reward. By using cryptocurrency profit calculators, you can also find their profitability.

Also in the first step, investors must consider the market cap of each currency code. Market cap shows the total value of a currency in the market.

Equivalent to the product of the currency in terms of the number of volumes in circulation in the market, all currencies are ranked based on the market cap number of the market.

Calculations performed on sites also do not take into account factors such as possible future fluctuations in currency prices, the difficulty of mining the desired currency in the future, and the cost of hardware.

Besides all, you should consider the amount of commission that some pools reduce.

Considering all the above factors, crypto mining with home devices and computers won’t be economical. Laptops in particular are not suitable for currency mining, as their heat can rise rapidly.

Even with a Rig with 4 graphics cards, you cannot make $ 10 a day. But you have to consider the cost of buying the best bitcoin mining hardware. Graphics cards like the AMD RX 580 are expensive and a huge investment for many people.

Moreover if you look for the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine, it is recommended to subscribe to a cryptocurrency cloud mining service.

Also, consider best crypto mining as a way to collect digital currencies that are likely to rise in price in the future. The main profit is obtained when the price of a currency increases 10 times or more.