What is the iBeLink BM-K1+ profitability

What is the iBeLink BM-K1+ profitability?

  • 21 January 2022
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iBelink BM-K1+ is the sixth-best ASIC mining device in the world with an 84 USD daily profit. Above this device are three miners which are not released yet and their income is mentioned based on the evaluation. Therefore, BM-K1+ stands firmly in the third position as a real profitable miner. The device is applicable for mining Kadena (KDA) and Blake2s coins.

What is the history of the iBeLink company?

The manufacturer company iBelink Tech was founded on April 10, 2018. It is the ASIC department of Fluxmind International Limited that is the subsidiary of Neulinker Information Technology Co., Ltd. The organization’s production is diversified in global trade, computer hardware and software, electronic product sales representative, R&D services, and so on. Their main focus, however, is on blockchain and AI.  The ASIC chip development of the company has made the iBeLink brand bold.

What are the available products of iBeLink BM-K1+?

The currently available products of iBeLink are BM-K1, BM-K1+, BM-N1, and BM-N1 Max. Each of these fantastic devices has its own special function. The BM-K1+ however has better throughput in comparison to others. Released in Nov 2020, the previous K1 Kadena miner with 29 USD daily profit is the parent of the K1+ model. That was a significantly successful release that led the company to release another version in Sep 2021 as K1+.

There are also other available models which are currently not profitable. The BM-K1 Blake 2S Miner, DSM7T Miner – 7TH/s Blake 256, DSM6T Blake 256 Miner 6 TH/s, and DM56G X11 Dash miner 56 GH/s are the non-profitable iBeLink miners at the moment.

What coins can be mined with the Blake 2S mining algorithm?

The Blake 2S is one of the most protected and safe hashing functions. It is an updated version of Blake 2 and Blake 2b. The Blake 2S is developed for 8 to 32 bit systems. A few mineable coins are using this algorithm namely Globaltoken (GLT), InfoCoin (INFO), NevaCoin (NEVA), Shield (XSH), Verge (XVG), TajCoin (TAJ), etc. The iBeLink BM-K1+ is also able to mine KDA which is profitable at the time of writing this article.

What are the iBeLink BM-K1+ specifications?

The iBeLink BM-K1+ specifications are as follows. The iBeLink BM-K1+ price is 5,950 USD mentioned on their official website. The estimated income of the device is 30 K USD meaning the best possible ROI among all the miners in the industry. Returning 500 percent on investment is far beyond investors’ expectations. In other words, you will be able to grow your initial capital five-time greater in only one year. Who is going to miss this fabulous deal!?

Although the estimated profit of iBeLink BM-K1+ is so interesting, there is a disadvantage for this mining device and that is the limit in mining various coins. KDA and five Blake 2s coins are the only coins this device can mine which makes are so much dependent on a few options and that would be hazardous particularly in a bear market condition.

Also known as BM-K1 PLUS, the device is released in Sep 2021. The 128 x 201 x 402mm size and only 6.6 Kg weight of this device make it an appropriate choice for cramped places to establish a mining farm. It has two fans which seems a bit less for the heat generated by consuming 2250 W energy. The 5 – 95 % humidity, 5 – 40 °C temperature, and the Ethernet platform are all common in the mining industry. The miner can be plugged with 12V electricity and its 74dB noise level is typical. In general, the BM-K1+ specifications reveal a high level of mining standards.


Manufacturer iBeLink
Model BM-K1+
Also known as BM-K1 PLUS
Release September 2021
Size 128 x 201 x 402mm
Weight 6600g
Noise level 74db
Fan(s) 2
Power 2250W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %
Additional info Blake (2s-kadena) algorithm

ASIC mining profitability comparison

The iBeLink BM-K1 PLUS is among the top profitable ASIC mining devices with an 84 USD / day income. Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH (85 USD / day), Goldshell KD5 (103 USD / day), Jasminer X4 (112 USD / day), Bitmain Antminer E9 (132 USD /day), and Goldshell KD6 (152 USD / day) are the ones above the K1 PLUS. However, there are only two ASIC devices that are released and their estimated profits are close to real output. X4 and KD5 are the real current rivals of K1 PLUS in the industry.

Which device is the best Kadena miner?

The comparison of the most profitable Kadena miners is shown in the table below. The iBeLink BM-K1+ with 79 USD daily profit is only behind the Goldshell KD5 and KD6 with 96 USD / day and 142 USD / day. The Kd2 with 31 USD /day income is below K1 PLUS. BM-K1 is in the fifth position with 27 USD /day and Goldshell KD-BOX is behind it with 8 USD / day profit. Thereby, the K1+ has got a very stable ranking among the Kadena miners.


The iBeLink BM-K1+ is an ASIC miner equipped with Kadena and Blake 2S mining algorithms. You can make up to 79 USD profit per day from this device using the miner in normal conditions. The K1 PLUS ROI is tremendously high in comparison to other crypto mining devices. 500 percent ROI is enough for every investor to jump in the trade and invest in such an amazing ASIC miner. As there are pros and cons for every deal, here we got the limited number of coins that can be mined with BM-K1+. Nevertheless, the deal is still interesting and this device can return your money to your pocket sooner than any other ASIC miner.

Why Bitcoin?

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The market value of cryptocurrencies reached $ 1 trillion for the first time in January 2021 and passed $ 2.5 trillion in less than three months later, which shows that this market is one of the growing markets in the favor of its investors.

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