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The latest model from iBeLink, the BM-K1 Max, mines the Blake2S algorithm (Kadena) for a maximum hashrate of 32 Th/s with a nominal power consumption of 3200W and is one of the best Kadena miners now. In this article, we will review the iBeLink BM-K1 Max Profitability.

The iBeLink BM-K1 Max review

The IBelink BM-K1 Max is produced by IBelink and is considered to be one of the most profitable miners on the market. The mining device mines Kadena coins using the Kadena algorithm. It comes with a hash rate of 5.3 th/s and has a power consumption of around 845 W. This was produced with low power consumption so that the production costs for the miners can be reduced.

It was released in November 2020 and came in at a weight of 6600g. It has a relatively high noise level of 72 dB. This noise level is responsible for the noise pollution that the device could generate during its operation. The device also comes with 2 fans. These fans are responsible for heat dissipation. The heat generated by the mining rig during mining is removed from the rig with the help of the two factories. The iBelink company created this device with miners in mind, reducing the device’s power consumption and its hash rate. This has not affected the device’s profitability; as such, the device is viable for mining the Kadena coin.

The device comes with a high voltage unlike other mining devices on the market. It operates in the voltage range of 190-240V. It is connected via an Ethernet connection as a connection interface. The temperature range in which it works is between 5 – 40 degrees Celsius. Works in the humidity range of 5-95%. The efficiency with which these device works is also a feature that the company considers when manufacturing them.

The efficiency at which these device works is 0.156 j/Gh. This has contributed to the high profitability of the mining equipment. The mining device shows an increase in profitability through efficiency. The efficiency of this device is an additional advantage of the device.

The iBeLink BM-K1 Max Profitability: Hash rate

The hash rate of the IBelink BM-K1 is 5.3 th/s. It’s a low hash rate. Importantly, however, the low hash rate does not affect the device’s viability; The device is still considered one of the very profitable miners on the market. This also affects power consumption. The power consumption of this device is small, but it does not affect the profitability of the device. The IBelink company deliberately did this to reduce the production costs required to start mining with this device.

The iBeLink BM-K1 Max Profitability: Power consumption

The power consumption of the device is 835W. This is one of the poorest power consumption mining rigs on the market. The company made sure the device was made to consume little power. This is very important because the value of electricity costs is different. For miners living in places with high electricity costs, this always affects the profitability of their mining operations.

Noise level of the IBelink BM-K1 Max

The noise level of the IBelink BM-K1 is 74 dB. Although this is a highly profitable mining device and is expected, it is said to have a high noise level. The noise level indicates that the device is not suitable for installation in a residential environment. A high noise level means that the mining device causes noise pollution when installed and placed in a residential environment.

The iBeLink BM-K1 Max Profitability

The device mines Kadena coins and is known to be one of the most profitable miners out there. The iBeLink BM-K1 Max Profitability is $24.95/day, the profitability of $748.59/month, and profitability of $8,983.04 per year. This is more profitable than the iBeLink BM-K1+, the Goldshell KD2, the Goldshell KD5, and also the Goldshell KD6. This is all estimated profitability for the products and may change depending on the price of the coin or the hash rate. New miners who want to buy this product can do so because of its profitability.

IBeLink BM-K1 Specs & Features

  • Manufacturer: iBeLink
  • Model: BM-K1
  • Release: November 2020
  • Top Coin: Kadena
  • Size: 155 x 240 x 319mm
  • Weight: 10800g
  • Noise level: 74db
  • Fan(s): 2
  • Power: 835W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Temperature: 5 – 35 °C
  • Humidity: 5 – 95%

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