What is price target and how it works

What is price target and how it works?

  • 26 August 2022
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The price objective in trading is the analyst’s prediction of the future price of a certain asset. In this article, we are going to talk about the strategies for determining the price target and its applications. Setting a price target in trading helps traders increase the probability of profitable investments. Next, stay with us to learn more about the importance of understanding the concept of price targets in transactions. So What is the price target?

What is the price target?

Price Target is the price that the analyst or trader predicts after analyzing the market. A price target is a specific number for an asset that is obtained by technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

On the other hand, a decrease in the price target may mean that the analyst expects the price of the digital currency in question to decrease. Price targets are an organic factor in financial analysis. They can change over time as new information becomes available.

How to determine the price target in trading

The way to determine the price target in trading changes based on the assumptions related to the future supply and demand of a digital currency, technical levels, and fundamentals. Different analysts and financial institutions use different valuation methods and take economic conditions into account when deciding on price targets for trades. The price target can be analyzed and identified with the help of various tools. Some of these tools are as follows:

Determining the floating loss limit

A floating loss limit is a strategy in cryptocurrency trading that is used when the value of a currency falls below a specified limit to prevent further losses. A stop loss is used for a sell order on an open position and will be activated automatically when the price falls below the specified limit. Determining the floating loss limit is also one of the practical tools for determining the price target in transactions.

Use of technical analysis trading patterns

One of the ways to determine the price target in trading is to use trading patterns of technical analysis. In this method, analysts use past price behavior to determine the price target.

Some of the most commonly used trading patterns are:

  • Head and shoulders pattern
  • Twin ceiling and floor pattern
  • Triple ceiling and floor pattern
  • Flag pattern
  • Rectangle pattern

In the following, we will explain the most commonly used ones, that is, the head and shoulders pattern.

The head and shoulder pattern and determining the price target in trading

The head and shoulders pattern is a popular and recognizable pattern in technical analysis that shows a baseline with three peaks, the middle peak being the highest. The inverse head and shoulders chart shows an uptrend to a downtrend and determines how the uptrend is approaching its end.

The profit target for the pattern is the price difference between the top and bottom of both shoulders. This difference is then subtracted from the breakout level (at the top of the market) to provide a price target to the downside. For the market low, this difference is added to the neckline breakout price to provide an upside price target; As a result, the price target is determined by the head and shoulders pattern in this way.

The head and shoulders pattern helps traders a lot to profit in a down market. You can get more information about this widely used pattern in the separate article we have prepared on the site about the head and shoulders pattern.

Examining the latest support and resistance levels

Technical analysts use indicators, price action, statistics, trends, and price movement to measure the future price of a digital currency. One way to get them to the price target in trading is to find defined support and resistance areas. In a separate article, we have reviewed how to draw support and resistance lines in technical analysis, which you can refer to for further reading.

What is price target and how it works

Advantages and disadvantages of using price targets in trading

As is the case with many tools used in investment analysis, price targets can be useful, but they also have disadvantages; For this reason, it is wise for investors and traders to understand the pros and cons of using price targets.

Advantages of using a price target

  • Data-driven: Analyst price targets are usually data-driven, based on carefully constructed forecasts and valuation multiples.
  • Convenient and easy: Many financial media sites publish analyst ratings and cryptocurrency price targets; Especially widely traded currencies.
  • Strategic: Determining the digital currency price target helps the investor to analyze the risk/reward profile of investing in that company; This can help them make a more informed decision before making a transaction.

Disadvantages of using a price target

  • Inconsistent: Price targets can change frequently and are often unreliable in predicting cryptocurrency price movements over time.
  • Not enough alone: ​​Price targets alone are not enough to guide an investor’s decision to buy, sell or hold a particular cryptocurrency. Investors should consider other considerations when evaluating whether a particular cryptocurrency could be a good asset in their portfolio.


How do traders use price targets?

Traders may use price targets to assist in the decision-making process of buying a cryptocurrency or in determining a hold period. Some traders may use price targets as a guide to determine the level of a stop-loss order, which is a specific trade price that triggers an order to sell the investment.

What are the risks of following a price target?

The main danger of using price targets is their inconsistency. Markets and economic conditions change frequently, and the random nature of the digital currency market makes it difficult to predict price movements.

How will the price target calculate in trading?

A price target in trading predicts what a given digital currency will be worth at some point in the future. Analysts attempt to calculate and set a price target by predicting the future price of a digital currency using a combination of fundamental data and educated guesses about the future valuation of the digital currency.

Final Word

Price target in transactions in the framework of digital currency markets means the expected valuation of a share in the future. For the investor, the target price reflects the price at which he would be willing to buy or sell the digital currency in a certain period or signal an exit from his current position.

Investors should use price targets and analyst recommendations as one of several data points. Some analysts work for independent research houses that sell their research services for a fee, while others work for financial institutions that have ongoing relationships with the same companies the analysts cover. Investors should use these recommendations as part of the due diligence process. Which should include reviewing financial reports and legal filings in the investor relations sections of company websites.

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