What is Gas in Ethereum

What is Gas in Ethereum?

  • 5 September 2022
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Gas or Gas fee refers to the amount you have to pay to complete a transaction or successfully execute a smart contract on Ethereum. Gas in Ethereum will be paid in small fractions of Ethereum (ETH) known by names such as Gwei or Nano Ethereum. The gas is used to allocate resources to the Ethereum virtual machine, and its application is that decentralized software such as smart contracts can be run in a secure and decentralized environment.

The exact amount of Gas in Ethereum is determined based on supply and demand mechanisms between network miners and users who need miners’ processing power. Miners have the right to reject transactions that have low Gas and do not meet their expectations.

Introducing Gas in Ethereum

The gas fee in Ethereum is the same fee that the user pays to the miner in the blockchain network so that his transaction is included in the next blocks. As mentioned, this system works based on supply and demand. If the demand for the transaction is more, the miners first select and process the transactions that pay more fees, and therefore the user is also forced to pay more fees for the desired transactions to be processed faster.

All transactions using ERC-20 or Ethereum tokens require some Ethereum as Gas. Even if you plan to buy and sell ethereum tokens that have a small market share and you don’t need Ether, you still need to keep some ether in your wallet so that you can pay for Gas related expenses in ethereum in the future. Pay easily. Forgetting this can cost you a lot and cause you to lose a lot. For example, you may have a token in your wallet whose price has increased significantly. But if you don’t have enough Ether to pay Gas-Fi in your wallet, you won’t be able to make any transaction, and the price of the token may decrease until you buy and transfer the required Ether.

Why Gas in Ethereum is important?

All transactions carried out on the Ethereum blockchain require a certain amount of processing power, and Gas is the amount that miners receive in exchange for providing this processing power. Also, Gas in Ethereum will increase the security of the network. If the user has to pay for all transactions, it will not be possible to do spam transactions or run infinite loops.

Gas Price

If you use a wallet like Metamask, you can directly connect with the Ethereum network and determine the amount of your desired fee for each transaction. Websites like ethGastation.info and ethereumprice.org also track the price of Gas needed for each transaction in real-time and you can set the fee depending on the speed you need so that your desired transactions are processed correctly and in the best possible time.

Gas in Ethereum

How to calculate Gas in Ethereum

The method below is the old way to calculate Gas in Ethereum. Since the implementation of the London hard fork and EIP-1559, there is a new method for calculating Gas in Ethereum, which we will discuss further. However, currently, only 1% of all Ethereum network transactions use this method to calculate Gas.

Gas price is calculated based on Gwei or Giga Wei. Wei refers to very small units of Ether, and each Ether unit is created from 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei units, and each gwei is equal to one billion Wei or 0.000000001 Ethereum units. This amount is very low, but we still see every day that many users believe that the Gas in Ethereum is too high; What is the reason for this?

There are two general elements that directly affect the cost of transactions:

  • Gas price at the time of transaction
  • Gas required to perform a transaction

The price of Gas per ethereum is constantly changing and various sites track the current price of Gas per ethereum. The best websites for this are ETH Gas Station and Gas Now, which you can also use as browser extensions.

Gas per ethereum may go down to 6 gwei or increase to 2000 gwei. But what is the reason for all these changes? The most important factor affecting Ethereum Gas is the amount of network congestion at the time of the transaction. The more crowded the network, the more fees you have to pay for your transactions.

Gas in Ethereum calculating factors

When you check the price of Gas on these sites, you may see three or four different prices, which are grouped into different categories depending on the speed, such as Rapid, Fast, Standard, and Slow, or similar names. The faster the transaction, the more Gas fee you have to pay. Sometimes the price difference between fast and standard transactions can be very large.

In general, when buying and selling, and especially when the price is fluctuating, you should use the fastest possible speed. But if you just want to move tokens between your different wallets or you’re buying and selling when the market is quiet, you can use standard or even slow speeds because the transaction time isn’t that important.

Another important factor for calculating Gas in Ethereum is the amount of Gas required for a transaction. The minimum acceptable fee for performing simple transactions, such as moving tokens between different wallets, is 21,000 units. More complex transactions such as smart contracts, buying other tokens, and depositing tokens require more fees than normal.

It should be noted that some transactions are multi-step. And you need a certain amount of Gas to perform each of these steps. For example, converting Tether (USDT) to ChainLink (LINK) is a two-step transaction. First, Tether must be converted to Ether and then Ether to Chainlink. If you intend to do such a transaction in an exchange like Uniswap, you will only see the approximate fee for the first step, but you have to pay a fee for the second step as well.

Gas fee

What is Gas in the Ethereum limit?

The gas Limit is the maximum fee you are willing to pay for each transaction. If the fee required for the transaction is less than the Gas limit, the additional amount will be returned to your wallet. But if the set limit is less than the required value, the transaction will not be processed or its processing will fail and you will lose the specified Gas. This is especially dangerous when you want to buy when the network is busy and the price is changing rapidly.

The role of the London Hard Fork in reducing the Gas fee

Before the London hard fork and the EIP-1559 proposal, the secret auction model was used to determine Gas in Ethereum. In this model, if you wanted your transactions to be processed faster when the network was busy, you had to pay a much higher fee than usual. The reason for this was that you didn’t know how much Gas other people were paying for their transactions.

The new model is a bit more complicated, but it aims for greater transparency and fairness. The first element involved in the new model is the Base Fee. This fee may increase or decrease depending on network congestion. This fee is always burned, making Ether an anti-inflationary asset, and the passage of time will increase its price. Even though the Ether storage is infinite and the mining of new tokens never stops, this model causes more burned tokens than mined tokens when the network is busy. For this reason, the total amount of tokens in circulation will decrease.

The next element involved in this fee model is the reward that belongs to the miner. The user can change this bonus according to his needs and if he needs more speed, he can increase it. This model is exactly similar to what we saw in the traditional model.

The EIP-1559 proposal provides the possibility of doubling the block size when the network is congested, and therefore the fees are more predictable. By using this system, Gas will be less volatile and the possibility of its sudden growth will be less than in the past. But it will not necessarily cause a decrease in Gas in Ethereum. For GasFi to be reduced in Ethereum, we have to wait for layer 2 solutions such as Polygon or Ethereum 2.0.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas in Ethereum

The most important advantage of Gas in Ethereum is the complete elimination of spam attacks and increasing the security of this network. The more congested the Ethereum network is, the more Gas will be charged, and because of this, spammers will face high costs for doing many transactions. Another use of Gas in Ethereum is to encourage miners and increase their motivation to confirm transactions. The higher the Gas fee, the more miners are interested in making transactions.


What is Gas in Ethereum?

The gas fee in Ethereum is the same fee that the user pays to the miner in the blockchain network. So that his transaction is included in the next blocks.

Why is Gas important in Ethereum?

All transactions carried out on the Ethereum blockchain require a certain amount of processing power. Gas is the amount that miners receive in exchange for providing this processing power.

What is the Gas limit?

The gas Limit is the maximum fee you are willing to pay for each transaction.

Final Word

In this article, we talked about the GasFi mechanism and its role in the Ethereum network. Of course, all the processes related to Ethereum buying and selling and GasFi payment are done by the wallet itself. And there is no need for your direct intervention. However, if you want to make your transactions more professional, knowing about Gas in Ethereum can help you a lot.

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