What does the CEO of MicroStrategy think about Bitcoin

What does the CEO of MicroStrategy think about Bitcoin?

  • 14 March 2021
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Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, predicts that over the next five years, one billion people will use their mobile phones to store their wealth in Bitcoin.

According to the Cointelegraph, Michael Saylor stated in a recent statement that by 2026, one billion people will choose Bitcoin for savings and keep it using their mobile phones. It is worth noting that Micro Strategy currently has 70,000 bitcoins.

In an interview with CNBC yesterday, he emphasized his positive stance on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the top digital money network.



What is Saylor’s opinion on the US Treasury Secretary’s remarks?

Saylor made the remarks just one day after Janet Yellen. A few days ago, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called bitcoin “inefficient.” According to many, Yellen’s talk caused the price of bitcoin to fall 20 percent from a high of $ 58,500.

Saylor believes that bitcoin applications are rapidly gaining ground in more aspects of people’s financial lives. Cryptocurrency cloud mining services play an important role in it. So Yellen’s talk does not matter much compared to Bitcoin applications.

He added: One thing that no one is talking about is that Bitcoin is in all respects a leading technology and a proponent of human equality. So we are going to see a day when 7 or 8 billion people on earth have a bar of digital gold in their mobile phones and use their mobile phones as a means of saving.



What are the viewpoints about the growth of cryptocurrency prices?

Many believe that few companies like Tesla are willing to buy bitcoins. On the other hand, Dan Ives, chief executive of Wedbush Securities, predicted that Tesla would double its investment in bitcoin.

He added: I do not think this is a fleeting request. I think Tesla will make double its bitcoin investment, and you will see that in terms of a transaction. The price of Bitcoin also started to recover after reaching $ 45,000 and has now reached $ 51,000. US lawmakers agree with Tether. The company’s two-year lawsuit settled with legal authorities. So this has been suggested as one of the factors in reviving the market.

Ki-Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant Analytics, said: As expected, Bitcoin was supported at the level of $ 44,000. So i think that bitcoin will continue to rise or be traded on the sidelines as there is no more ambiguity about Tether. Ju reportedly meant $ 44,000 in whale support.

How much money does MicroStrategy Company make for Bitcoin?

MSTR CEO Michael Saylor has begun to be an outstanding defendant for bitcoin. It wanted other companies to buy the crypto token for investing. According to The Block, by the end of 2020, Michael Saylor the CEO of Micro Strategy announced that the company bought another $ 50 million worth of bitcoin. The company’s bitcoin assets at the time estimated at 40,000 units, which are now worth about $ 2 billion.

He wrote in his tweet: According to the decision of the MicroStrategy in the quarterly revenue session of the company, the excess liquidity of the company, depending on the market situation and business needs, is spent on buying bitcoins. MicroStrategy liquidity surplus is anything but $ 50 million needed for the company’s current day-to-day expenses.

On 23 February, he told CNBC in his opinion bitcoin will have a market value of $100 trillion in the future. Besides on FEB 24 2021 this company informed that they bought more than 1 billion dollars of bitcoin.

In addition in best time to buy bitcoin, the company plans to offer products based on bitcoin data. After all according to MicroStrategy, new products made to expand the business.

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