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Cloud mining comparison is essential to choose the right company in cloud mining. Since the release of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency mining has undergone many changes. At present, the large companies that operate in the field of crypto mining lease parts of their mining hardware power to ordinary people. These companies are known as cryptocurrency cloud mining services. They do not require special equipment for mining. In cloud mining comparison we see the companies earn their money in the following ways:

  • They use some of their hardware capacity that is important how we explain in Most important things in Bitcoin mining hardware comparison and power for bitcoin mining then use the profits for themselves. For this reason, many of these companies are among the whales that own large quantities of bitcoins.
  • They provide a platform for renting their production equipment and thus receive a good profit from their customers.
  • They receive all the equipment rental costs from the customer at the beginning of the work.

Cloud mining comparison

Why is cloud mining comparison Necessary?

Instead of buying hardware mining devices, you can sign a mining contract and rent these devices. These types of devices are generally assembled by engineers or developers in places with low electricity costs, such as North China, East Asia, Georgia, and so on. Therefore, leasing part of the mining capacity for a specified period is called cloud mining.

Users should pay attention to cloud mining comparison because the number of cloud mining is high, and they should choose the cloud that has a safer profit.

A maintenance fee is also a cost to support the operation of the cloud mining system. This fee is determined through the hashing power that the user orders and the items mentioned in the contract. These fees are received periodically or at the beginning of the contract. So in cloud mining comparison, you should pay attention to the amount of maintenance fee.

What do users need?

In the discussion of cloud mining, the user no longer needs to provide mining facilities. These facilities include items such as the purchase of extraction equipment, payment of rent, payment of electricity bills for cooling devices, as well as maintenance costs. The users by cloud mining comparison choose a company and rent all these items monthly or annually from a company. The company is also obliged to pay all or part of the bitcoin mining or any other cryptocurrency to the user during the rental period.

On the other hand, this has paved the way for profiteers. They are some people who try to get the capital of users by launching fake sites and disappear after a while.

In this article, for easier cloud mining comparison we have tried to introduce the top companies in the field of cloud mining in the world. These companies are active, and it seems that we can trust them to participate in crypto mining.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining service

What are the top companies?

Here are the companies that have been at the top of cloud mining comparison in 2021.

Hashflare was launched in 2013. The company allows you to mine various currencies on its website, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash. Unfortunately, from 2018, the company will not allow users to withdraw bitcoins. Of course, from 2018 to the end of 2020, the company’s bitcoin transactions have not been confirmed yet.

In cloud mining comparison we see that Hashflare has sold all the contracts of mining plans. The users have to wait for the addition of new equipment to accept new customers. To access the company’s website, you can visit “www.hashflare.io.”
The following is the advantages of Hashflare:

  • It Provides different cryptocurrencies for mining,
  • Simple registration without the need to provide identification documents,
  • Simple and user-friendly user interface.
  • Offer limited contracts,
  • Shutting down equipment when prices are falling sharply,
  • Currently has difficulty withdrawing bitcoins,
  • Fast capacity filling.


Bitcoin Pool is superior in cloud mining comparison. Bitcoin Pool site is provided directly for Bitcoin. Their advertising is based on the fact that they have the highest bitcoin payment rate among the other competitors. Registration on this site is simple. You can see the process of your activity and the amount of your mining through the mobile app.

At least the plan presented on this site is larger than other sites and is a grant. So to buy the cheapest plan on this site, you will need at least $ 2,500 to $ 3,000, which is offered as a six-month contract. You can refer to mining.bitcoin.com to enter the website of the company.

  • Act formally and legally,
  • Has mobile software,
  • Has the highest payment volume among other companies.
  • Closing all current sales plans,
  • Unsuitable for small investors due to the high price of plans,
  • Receive daily maintenance costs.

IQ Mining is one of the best cryptocurrency cloud mining services in cloud mining comparison. It has been operating since 2016. This site, with a history of 6 years of activity in this field, has gained a good reputation for itself. This site has three types of cloud mining algorithms.

These algorithms are:

  • SHA-256, SHA-256 Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum,
  • SHA-256 Pro Mining,
  • Stable Coin Mining.

USDT contracts are only valid for one year, but other contracts are available for one year, two years, and five years and also permanent contracts.

  • The contract purchase price at IQ Mining is very low at $ 6.
  • It has a Diamond Club membership for professional investors. They can buy it for a minimum of $ 50,000.
  • IQ Mining has an exciting referral program.
  • It constantly sends various gifts to its users.

IQ Mining

What are the other top companies?

Genesis Mining in cloud mining comparison is one of the best cloud mining operators. It has been operating since February 2014. It uses Icelandic geothermal energy. The company is located in British Virgin Island and is one of the oldest cloud mining companies for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The site previously offered cloud mining for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and ZCash, but now only cloud mining for Bitcoin and Dash is available. It has four types of contracts called Gemini, Ferox, Graviton, and Custom. The contract amount is from 208 to 21000 dollars.

  • Support for several different cryptocurrencies,
  • Uses environmentally friendly green energy.
  • There is no dollar maintenance fee for 24 hours.
  • Tariffs of cloud mining contracts start at $ 208.

Hashnest was established in 2014 with the support of Bitmain Company.  In cloud mining comparison it is mainly engaged in the production of ASIC mining equipment. Although the main company is located in China, many of its bitcoin mining farms are operating in other countries.

Note that if your daily income is less than the cost of your daily maintenance in this system for ten days, this site will cancel your contract unilaterally. To enter this site, you can visit www.hashnest.com.

  • Supported by Bitmain,
  • It has a verifiable Data Center.
  • Rarely offers a volume or plan for rent.


The STHash Company started its operations in Lithuania in 2016 and continued its activities until 2019 in a limited way. Then, with the expansion of its farms, it has started to provide services to the public.

The company and its farms are located in Eastern Europe and Western Russia. In cloud mining comparison the company claims to have set up new offices in the UK following the country’s exit from the European Union. Visit www.sthash.com to enter the above site.

  • Support for cheap plans and low volumes,
  • Offer a small amount of Hashrate as a gift,
  • Has a registered and legal company,
  • Daily maintenance costs are calculated on the plans.
  • Lack of strong plans for large investments,
  • Support for only two cryptocurrencies.

The EOBot Company began operations in the United States in 2013. But in cloud mining comparison we see its owners decided to remain anonymous. This site provides good security facilities for you to register, but you will have access to limited facilities to purchase services.

You can use www.eobot.com to enter this site.

  • It has a cryptocurrency profit calculator.
  • There is not much information about the owners of this company.

Hashshiny Company was founded at the end of 2016. It is one of the best cloud mining companies in cloud mining comparison.

For more information about this company, visit the Hashshiny.io website.

Hashshiny claims to have developed the ultimate cloud mining platform with the most progressive technology.

The Hashshiny app does not mine cryptocurrency on devices but permits users to manage their mining from a distance via the app on its website.

In cloud mining comparison Hashshiny never uses the device’s CPU or GPU for best crypto mining and does not run unrelated background processes.

  • It has a faster and safer mining platform for bitcoin.
  • The application runs on smartphones.
  • The Hashshiny app does not cause probable hardware failure such as battery drain and overheating.
  • This application executes well but the fees make it unrealizable to have a good profit from the investment.


What is the rank of Miner-land?

Crypto Miner-Land in cloud mining comparison is a trusted cloud mining company that started at the end of 2019.

Users who are unable to purchase mining hardware, or do not have the necessary knowledge to repair and maintain the hardware. They can register with a cloud mining company, but they must find a trusted company. They should find reliable mining with cloud mining comparison.

The users who participate in Miner-Land cloud mining do not need to install expensive mining devices. While you are busy with your daily routine, your capital builds bitcoins for you. So you can get a good profit by partnering with Miner-Land. The users can easily save their income in their private crypto wallets.

Information about Crypto Miner Land is available at miner-land.com. You can use the Bitcoin cloud mining contracts that are currently available for purchase. Subscribing to the website is easy, and the process of partnering with Miner-Land is very simple.

First, you become a member of the website, and then you choose one of the contract plans. It has four plans as Soldier, Major, Captain, and Lord. Crypto mining begins for you quickly. Finally, you save your profits in your wallet.

With cloud mining comparison you will find that the advantages of using Cloud Mining Miner-Land are as below:
  • Participating in Crypto Miner plans is cheaper than mining with hardware miners or even other mining clouds.
  • It has the best bitcoin mining app. The mobile application is user-friendly, and you can easily manage your capital in cloud mining by mobile.
  • With affiliation plans in Miner-land, you can get free hash power,
  • Bitcoin cloud mining plans of Miner-land are not expensive from less than 16 to 2500 dollars.
  • Mining starts from the first day you participate,
  • in cloud mining comparison interest payments of Miner-land are made immediately and basis,
  • No specialization is required to partner with Miner-land,
  • The amount of annual profit is high for the subscribers, and the investor’s capital is about 2 to 3 times.
  • Its online support is always available.
  • This cloud mining is younger and less known in cloud mining comparison.
  • They do not have many branches in other countries.
  • Also, they offer limited contracts.
  • And they should support more cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Miner-Land

In cloud mining comparison, we introduced the above items. They have been selected from hundreds of cloud mining sites. The above sites are operating properly based on the recorded reports.

In the past, those who mined bitcoins with video cards and ASICs had good returns in 4 to 6 months. It is now hard to buy mining equipment, as all new ASICs and video cards are purchased by large farms even before they are available in stores.

For ordinary people, the best possible option for participating in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining is to purchase cloud mining plans. Cloud mining companies are still selling their contracts.

For cloud mining comparison, the advantages and disadvantages of famous cloud mining companies are mentioned above. Use the cloud mining comparison, then select the option you have available for participating in cloud mining.