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What are the usages of Awesome Miner software?

  • 27 April 2021
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The Awesome Miner software is used to simultaneously monitor different miner devices in mining or cloud miner centers. It was produced in 2014 by IntelliBreeze as a Swedish software corporation. At first, Awesome Miner worked as a crypto mining controlling application for the Windows operating system.

The Awesome Miner software can monitor all types of Antminer, Baikal, Innosilicon, Watsminer, and all types of installed mining rigs. When you have a set of multiple ASIC miner devices and crypto rig mining, it is important to monitor the temperature and hash output parameters, as well as error handling and device sharing status.

Because each device has its user interface and IP, it is very difficult to monitor and control them at the same time. And this version of the monitoring software can connect and monitor all the internal parameters of the above devices.

The Awesome Miner software is powerful for managing and monitoring the mining of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, which provides centralized management for them. The Awesome miner uses the results of multiple mining pool statistics simultaneously to automatically switch between multiple pools, algorithms, and mining software.

Awesome miner

Awesome Miner

What are the characteristics of Awesome Miner?

Other features of Awesome Miner software include the following:

  • Display ads on the desktop to warn about mining issues,
  • Send notifications by email,
  • Supports multiple miner engines including Cgminer, Bfgminer, Sgminer, and multiple Claymore miners,
  • Support for popular mining algorithms including SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum and Zcash,
  • Monitor the status and temperature of GPUs, FPGAs, and ASIC devices,
  • Display CPU, GPU, memory and storage information,
  • Large GPU overclocking,
  • Configure settings for remote systems without dependence on running mining software.
  • View information, exchange rates, and perform profitability calculations for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and all other popular coins.
  • Detection and identification of failed devices, slow mining processes, stopped and disconnected miners, and automatic restart miners.

What miners does the software support?

The monitoring software of Awesome Miner can connect and monitor all the internal parameters of the following devices:

  • Bitmain Miners in all the versions of S7, S9, Antminer S15, L3, L3 +, L1RTC, R4, T9, D3, A3, B3, X3, V9, Z9 mini, E3, DR3, and S11.
  • For special versions of the Antminer firmware, Awesome Miner is entirely free of charge with all specifications and for several miners.
  • Innosilicon miners include A2, A4, A4 +, A6, A8 +, D9, and A9 Zmaster.
  • All built models of Baikal are supported.
  • Also Watsminer Mining Miners in versions of m3, M1, and M10 models.
  • Avalon Miners include 714, 741, 821, 921, and 841.

What is the best software for managing one rig?

We are currently seeing the development of new bitcoin mining software every year. Of course, only a very small number of them are known for their outstanding features and ease of use. If you only have one rig, we suggest the following software:

  • CGMiner is at the top of the list of best software because it is an open-source application that can be used on any laptop and almost any mining rig. CGMiner is written in C Plus language and is a bitcoin miner that supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many other operating systems.
  • Also the simplest bitcoin mining software is MultiMiner, which is desktop software with the necessary features to extract bitcoin. For Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems, MultiMiner allows you to switch mining devices such as ASICs and FPGAs between different digital currencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin.
  • BFGMiner is written in C and is an FPGA / ASIC-based miner. This software can set the clock, monitoring, and remote control. BFGMiner can identify and mine multiple cryptocurrencies, which is why advanced users consider it the best option. Beginner users make the best option for themselves due to the friendly MultiMiner graphical user interface (GUI), the ability to automatically identify the hardware, ease of use, and mining.

But if you want to manage multiple rigs you need more powerful software. In this case, look to launch Awesome Miner software with the following specification.

What are the specifications of the Awesome Miner?

Among the mining software, we select Awesome Miner as the best-centralized monitoring. The program is compatible with mining algorithms. It allows enthusiastic miners to manage several mining rigs and cryptocurrency mining pools together from a single control panel.

  • It holds up the great-scale mining with a GUI interface that helps users to monitor multiple mining pools and miners devices one operation.
  • Managing multiple rigs such as ASIC and FPGA,
  • Awesome Miner with centralized mining features supports more than 25 mining engines such as cgminer, bfgminer, xmrig, srbminer, and sgminer.
  • Awesome Miner is also compatible with mining algorithms such as SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum, and Zcash.
  • The full Miner dashboard lets you control the temperature of all ASIC and FPGA devices from one place.
  • This application is written in C ++ language.

How does mining software compare?

The following table compares mining software according to their most prominent features:

Mining Software


particular characteristics


Best totally

Open-source application with cross-platform or hardware adaptability


Best for Customizing

Support for active clocking and several cryptocurrencies


Best Easy Usage

GUI, automatic hardware observation, and mining specification

Awesome Miner

Best Centralized handling

Monitor multiple rigs and pools with one control panel

What are the abilities of Awesome Miner?

The special abilities of Awesome Miner are as below:

  • Ability to act in a particular great scale cryptocurrency cloud mining service,
  • Able to be changed in up scales such as to 200 thousand ASIC miners and 25 thousand miners with GPU or CPU processors card,
  • Rich specification and flexible to perform duties in high requesting operations,
  • Ability to Maximize interest and Minimize out of action,
  • Financial gain changing based on real-time income and electricity consumption,
  • Observation of mining matters with an automated improvement of most effective Antminer firmware,
  • Also higher proficiency about 10% for Antminer S9, and 40% for Antminer S17,
  • Having better power proficiency,
  • More features for easy to start,
  • Beginning bitcoin mining into one minute,
  • Finally automatic configuration of all famous mining pools at a moment.

Awesome miner

Mining software supported by Awesome Miner

How does Awesome Miner work in GPU mining?

It utilizes local overclocking to manage the clock, electricity power and voltage, and attributes of fans of your GPUs. Awesome Miner prepares the unique characteristic of executing overclocking activities for both AMD and nVidia GPUs. It doesn’t use any external software.

The overclocking can automatically be used practically at a great scale amongst whole mining farms depend on the common mining algorithm.

Also the Profit switching specification will make the best effective use of the mining for high profitability on both standard mining pools and multi-coin pools. Only with a click, you can start attaching all famous mining pools to get the profit.

So Awesome Miner can examine several algorithms and software related to mining with different criteria. Then it can scale the hash rate and energy for each of them to optimize profits.

What software does Awesome Miner support?

Awesome Miner supports many mining software, including support for more than 50 of the most popular mining software. This software has full flexibility that can be adjusted for adding and locating any common mining application, algorithm, cryptocurrency, and mining pool.

So some of the mining software that Awesome Miner can interact with them are as follows:

Mining software

Mining devices



nVidia GPU

Windows, Linux

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Miner


Windows, Linux



Windows, Linux

Grin Pro Miner


Windows, Linux



Windows, Linux



Windows, Linux

What is the specification of the interface of Awesome Miner?

  • Awesome Miner contains a built-in interface based on the web which is available from any laptop, tablet, or smart mobile phone.
  • Awesome Miner has Multi-user accessibility. It specifies accounts for several users to enter into the web interface.
  • Also the Users can exchange with Awesome Miner through HTTP API or Application Programming Interface. For this relation, they can interact via external programs and get accessibility for monitoring all data about the miners.
  • It allocates authorizations and particular miner access for every user account.
  • Awesome Miner prepares an interface on the web-based on cryptocurrency cloud mining Service or Bitcoin cloud mining Service
  • Also the user can control and observe his mining activities from any device from any place.
  • The mobile devices contain Telegram app alarms for notifying about mining status.

Awesome miner

Awesome Miner interface

How does Awesome Miner support its users?

Awesome Miner is a well-known application in the mining industry. This application has an extensive and active user forum. This forum prepares an opportunity to discuss and exchange views with many experienced users.

Also users can join the forum of the BitcoinTalk forum and find answers to their questions about mining processes and software specifications. The provider team of Awesome can supply the solving of problems to aid the users for their mining management necessities.

What kind of cryptocurrencies does AwesomeMiner support?

The software can control many mining hardware at the same time that includes ASICs and FPGAs. So it carries out more than fifty miners such as cgminer, bfgminer, xmrig, and srbminer.

Also it is coordinated with famous mining algorithms like SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum, and Zcash. The various types of cryptocurrencies that Antminer S17 Pro can mine are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Acoin (ACOIN), etc. Awesome Miner is developed for Windows and Linux, the web form of the application can be available on any laptop or browser. Also it is free software to download and use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Awesome Miner?

Awesome Miner is strong mining software that helps users control several mining rigs and mining pools simultaneously. It monitors all of them from one dashboard. Also it has much good specification that makes it place in the top of the list as the best-centralized management application.

The advantages:

  • It supports more than 50 mining devices or Bitcoin mining servers.
  • Awesome Miner proffers users for high profit and lows out of action.
  • It modifies every trigger and action.
  • Finally, it is accessible from any laptop, tablet, or smart mobile phone.

The disadvantages:

  • It doesn’t support macOS software.
  • It is not suitable for novice users.
How to install the software of Awesome Miner?

The software installation steps for monitoring ASIC and Rig are as follows:

  • First, download the awesome software file from the link https://www.awesomeminer.com/ download
  • Then unzip the files.
  • After that install the software through the wizard dialog.
  • Then uncheck the “launch Awesome Miner” after installation.
  • The default path of the software is as follows:
    c: \ program files(X86)\Awesome Miner
  • After that, if you use Crack, you must copy the file in the Crack folder to the path where the software is installed and replace the previous file.
  • Finally, run the executable file.
How to monitor mining devices with software?

To monitor mining equipment and mining rigs, follow these steps:

  • First, open the AwesomeMiner software.
  • Now you need to add a new miner to the list. Using the Miner Wizard, select the phrase Add Miner and click “Next.”
  • For choosing miner type, select the phrase “Management Miner.”
  • Then find the IP number of the devices to connect the devices.
  • After that enter your modem menu to identify IPs.
  • Then under the interface set up menu, select the LAN section.
  • The IPs of all the devices are displayed in this list.
  • Save IP numbers and their descriptions. For example, the set could include AntMiner S9, Baikal N +, and Rig GTX1050.
  • In the Miner Wizard, in the new external miner section, enter the device specifications and name each one.
  • Then enter the IP address of the device.
  • After the IP is entered, the message “Connection successfully” appears. Press the Next key and enter to the next page.
  • On the page that appears, you can see that the device is connected to the software and all the parameters of the device are displayed.
  • After that follow these steps for each device. The steps for inserting the Rigs are the same as for the miner. So
  • Finally, all devices are connected to the software and all device parameters are displayed. It is also possible to replace mining pools.
  • So

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