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In this article, we will focus on Tron price predictions to help you make a better assessment of whether to invest in the coin or not? Here, we will bring you the most recent market analyses and opinions about Tron price predictions provided by reliable and recognized experts and analysts around this topic.

Therefore, if you want to know whether TRX will rise or drop in value in 2021 and the next five years, you are in the right place to get a more informed decision after reading this article. Then keep reading to find out how TRX will change in value from 2021 to 2025?

An Analysis of Tron Price from 2017 to 2021

One of the best ways to start building a Tron price prediction for 2021 and beyond is by reviewing the coin’s previous price movement. Taking such a step can reveal potential barriers and guide us on how TRX may respond in the future through cloud mining.

Tron launched in September 2017 as a non-profit project to compete against giant intermediary platforms such as Netflix, Apple, and YouTube by decentralizing the web and creative digital content. In other words, Tron founders envisioned a system that would connect digital artists directly to their audience and eliminate the mediator (or third party). Theoretically, artists will keep more of their earnings, as no commission to pay, and customers will access their favorite content at a lower price. Thus, a powerful underlying idea and emerging demand for the coin support its increasing value in the coming years.

Tron’s Price Movements from 2017-2020

Soon after its release, Tron caught the attention of many investors, leading to remarkable success in a matter of months. Tron started trading at $0.001 and experienced its first price rise just months after its launch. Tron reached its all-time high of $0.30 in January 2018, and prices soared by over %500 in just four days. This growth represents a %29,900 increase in less than four months. For instance, if you had invested $100 when TRX launched in 2017 and held them until TRX hit $0.30 on January 5, 2018, you could have gained $30,000 worth of TRX tokens.

However, this growth was short-lived, and by February 2018, TRX dropped to $0.035. There was another price surge in April 2018, when prices increased once more, reaching just over $0.09. But again, this did not last, and TRX plunged to a low of $0.01 by the end of the year. The Tron price pattern in 2019 was not very exciting for investors. In 2019, TRX failed to crawl any higher than $0.038. Tron price also did not perform well in 2020. The only significant spike occurred in September when prices reached a high of $0.04.

Source: CoinMarketCap (Tron Price Movement 2017-2020)

Tron Price Analysis in 2021

TRX started the year at around $0.03, and its price started to increase slowly in the following months. In February 2021, TRX made small gains reaching nearly $0.061 -a growth equal to almost 120% at the beginning of the year. Then, the Tron price declined slightly.

However, as the trend for NFTs and Dapps started to grow in 2021, Tron prices rallied again in April, peaking at just over $0.141, representing a growth of over 400% compared to January. From July 5 to July 20, the Tron price crashed from $0.067 to $0.050, losing almost $0.020 in its overall valuation. As of late July, TRX has an average price of $0.06 and it is fantastic for Tron cloud mining.

Tron Price Performance in 2021

As of writing this article, on August 4, 2021, Tron holds the 26th rank in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, it is trading at $0.06483, up 2.13% from its previous close, with a live market cap of $9,016,983,479 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,658,838,741. Tron has a finite supply of around 100.8 billion TRX, of which the circulating supply is about 71.66 billion TRX.

Tron Price Predictions in 2021 and Beyond

To the best of our knowledge, the price of TRX has not yet surpassed its previous all-time high. However, that does not mean that Tron price might not re-enter its bullish trend in the near and long run. Now, we will study the opinions and predictions of well-known crypto experts and the technical analyses of leading platforms to determine how they estimate Tron price in the future.

WalletInvestor predicts that Tron price may increase by %200 in the following months of 2021. For the long term, they anticipate that the price of TRX can increase by more than %400.

Source: WalletInvestor (Tron Price Prediction)

Previsioni Bitcoin also expects that the price of TRX can have a revival in the coming months of this year. According to Previsioni Bitcoin forecasts, Tron Price can reach $0.18 once again in 2021.

Source: Previsioni Bitcoin (2021)

Crypto Academy also predicts an increase in the price of TRX in the future. According to Crypto Academy, TRX can hit close to $0.25 by the end of 2021. Crypto Academy has predicted the following figures for Tron Price in the coming years:

Tron Price Prediction For 2022

TRX may go as high as $0.50 midway through 2022.

Tron Price Prediction For 2023

TRX might reach an average of $0.60 in 2023.

Tron Price Prediction For 2024

TRX can increase slightly up to $0.75.

Tron Price Prediction For 2025

TRX may fluctuate from $1.75 to $4 during the bullish run of 2025.

Tron Price Prediction For 2026

TRX might hit as high as $10 in the long run.

Source: Crypto Academy
How do other crypto evaluation platforms predict Tron Price in the future?

TradingBeasts expects a moderately bullish Tron Price trend. They predict that TRX will increase steadily over the next few months, reaching $0.073 by the end of 2021. For the coming years, TRX will continue with fairly consistent growth throughout 2022 and 2023 before closing 2024 at a potential peak of $0.11.

Source: TradingBeasts

DigitalCoinPrice has offered another reassuring prediction. The platform believes that TRX will close 2021 at $0.10 and then steadily increase through 2022 and 2023 until reaching around $0.18 by 2025. Digital Coin Price expects TRX to exchange hands for $0.13 by the end of 2022. It will affect many things such as the acceptance of cloud miner centers.

Source: DigitalCoinPrice

Digitalcoin predicts that Tron could reach $0.59 as early as August and increase to 0.76 by December 2021.

CoinSwitch is also bullish with its Tron price predictions. The platform believes that Tron’s innovative approach and the marketing savvy of Justin Sun could increase the price of TRX, reaching it as high as $0.76 – an increase of well over 1000% in the next five years. The platform believes that by 2030, Tron will have a good chance of hitting the $1 barrier, but whether it can stay there or not is a different story.

According to analysts Anisa Batabyal at CoinSwitch, “Tron is one of the coins having the highest potential to grow and perform, with a popular community of developers. Tron’s adoption rate might grow manifold, and its accessibility might take a higher stand as compared to its competitors. By the end of 2030, Tron might reach as high as 1 USD, considering the volatile market.”

Furthermore, a cryptocurrency research firm known as Crypto Research Report predicts that Tron (TRX) will reach $0.80 by 2025 and $1.3 by 2030.

Long Forecast forecasts a price of $0.093 for Tron by the end of 2021. As you see, Long Forecast is not very bullish about TRX price in the long term and foresees the digital currency with a trading price of $0.085 by the end of 2022. The platform thinks TRX could trade at $0.067 and $0.044 by the end of 2023 and 2024, respectively. Long Forecast thinks Tron could command a trading price of $0.036 by June 2025.

Prime XBTbelieves TRX could rise to $0.54 as the worst-case scenario and $3 as the best-case scenario in 2022. Accordingly, TRX could trade at $1 in the worst-case scenario and $9 in the best-case scenario by the end of 2023. It projects TRX to hit a minimum of $1.31 and a maximum price of $4 in 2025.

Prime XBT

According to CryptoNewsZ, “It is also surmised that Tron price momentum may have a slow but consistent growth over the long term. It entirely depends on the expertise of the dedicated team of professionals working for this Behemoth.” The experts predict the prices of $0.21 and $0.54 for Tron by the end of 2021 and 2023, respectively. CryptoNewsZ forecasts a price of $0.763 for Tron in 2025.

Based upon Gov. Capital Tron Price predictions, Tron could reach the best possible prices of $0.106835 on 31st December 2021, $0.15065 on 31st December 2023, $0.207 (2024), and $0.3082 on May 2026. According to Gov.Capital, $0.2576 is the best possible price for TRX on 31st December 2025.

YouTuber Crypto Addiction predicts that TRX will demonstrate stability and growth in the short and long term due to the partnerships Tron currently has. Therefore, TRX can hit at least $0.55 by the end of this year.

Crypto Addiction

Similar to the former prediction, The Crypto Kingdom also verifies that Tron will become one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market. Due to its partnerships, it predicts that TRX could hit $10 over the long term. Moreover, Coin Price Forecast predicts that successful partnerships could raise TRX at $0.2173 by the end of 2021 in the short term and increase substantially to $1.1370 by the close of 2027 in the long run. Therefore, investing in Tron in the short and long run could lead to high returns, enhancing your portfolio of investments.

As a side note, the core partners of Tron are Poloniex, Samsung, BitTorrent, Swisscom Blockchain, and Opera. These are some of the biggest companies and platforms in the world. Their collaboration with Tron is supposed to make the cryptocurrency even more competitive in the crypto market than it is now. These and potential new partners can surely increase the usage of the Tron network, which can consequently increase the price of TRX in the future.


So, let’s return to our main question, should you invest in Tron in 2021 and the next five years? To put it in other words, will Tron be a good investment or not? The answer is “Yes”. Tron is generally a good investment since its price is predicted to increase in the short and long term.

In addition to Tron price predictions, it has other positive characteristics, including scalability, fast transaction speeds, highly advanced technology, partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the world, efficiency, planned new updates, financial backing, and a high profile, making it a promising cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we should not ignore the brilliant leadership style and professional marketing skills of its founder, Justin Sun who will certainly bring exciting developments in the pipeline.

DeFi wave

Also, do not forget Tron also has a limited supply. Hence, as its supply gets scarcer, the price of TRX will increase. Probably there will be an ever-increasing demand for TRX. And Tron being at the forefront of decentralized will undoubtedly move forward with the DeFi wave. As more people come to realize the value of Tron and leave content sites like YouTube and Netflix, the Tron price will rise.

On the whole, there are many factors indicating that Tron could be a very worthwhile investment. However, looking at Tron’s roadmap, there is still a long way to go until Tron can finally achieve its ideal network. But, the low price of TRX means now can be the ideal time to add it to your portfolio as a long-term investment. Even though this may not offer significant returns in the immediate future, taking this step could be a smart move if there are any sudden, positive developments from the Tron Foundation.

And Finally, yet importantly, as with any investment, you should only buy Tron as part of a broader investment strategy. And you should never invest what you cannot afford to lose.