Serum Price Prediction 2021 and beyond

Serum Price Prediction 2021 and beyond

  • 13 October 2021
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Today, investors are eager to know the latest Serum Price Prediction 2021, 2025, and beyond. SRM seems to be looking for a very potential investment in the case of in-depth analysis. To begin this article, we begin with the basic concepts of serum and how it works, and end with a specific Serum Price Prediction from various media. Let’s begin.

This Serum Price Prediction 2021 is based on technical analysis only. Below, you will see the key metrics we have considered when analyzing and forecasting SRM prices.

Various cryptocurrencies have reached a new date during this 2021 bull. In contrast, some cryptocurrencies also fell in price. As a result, many digital currency traders are concerned about whether it is time to hold or sell their digital assets. This is also the situation that crypto traders can experience in SRM.

However, the cryptocurrency market is stabilizing recently, and many cryptocurrencies are losing their previous profits. Will SRM experience the same price fluctuation? We will find out soon in this article about SRM 2021 price analysis.

What is Serum (SRM)?

Sam Bankman-Fried, an experienced ETFs trader, founded Serum. He also started a cryptocurrency trading company, Alameda Research, shortly after leaving Jane Street in late 2017.

Sam launched the FTX Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange in 2019. He has also been a longtime member of the DeFi Association. Some consider him the leader of the famous SushiSwap DEX community.

Sam and the rest of the FTX Exchange team were discussing whether or not to develop the DeFi protocol. They wanted to build a DEX, but they knew it would not be possible in Ethereum because of the network features they wanted. Because of its efficiency, the serum team selected a Blockchain after analyzing several Blockchain, Solana (SOL).

The serum is one of the most important projects on the Solana platform and works with ETH and BTC. Unlike other DEXs, Serum orders book-based trading, which is similar to centralized cryptocurrency trading.

The current TPS Blockchain is below the Solana 50-65000 transactions per second, so it can do that.

Currently, Serum DEX has approximately 30 cryptocurrencies, all of which are traded against the USDC. Using the Serum Academy guidelines, anyone can build their DEX for more trading pairs.

More than 18 DEX serums are currently available, and you may be able to access Serum DEX using the Coin98 mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones.

In addition, the maximum amount of SRM at launch was limited to about 10 billion, with approximately 175 million tokens in circulation, rising to 181 million tokens after IEO.

Serum (SRM) Current Market Status

At the time of writing this serum price analysis, SRM is trading at $ 7.18 and its 24-hour trading volume is $169,551,038.

Currently, the top cryptocurrencies for SRM are Binance, Upbit, CoinTiger, FTX, and OKEx. Now, let’s move on to the next part of this 2021 SRM technical analysis.

How does Serum (SRM) work?

It is important to remember that Serum DEX is still under development and its performance is determined by its future position in Project Serum. The three main processes that support serum DEX are:

  • Solana’s SPL token standard
  • Serum’s interoperability protocol
  • Serum’s SRM Cryptocurrency token

SRM is a type of cryptocurrency that can be deposited to pay fees. This allows SRM holders to save up to 50 savings on all transaction costs. In addition, 90% of all SRM tokens are intended for long-term storage or locking. This is done to ensure the long-term durability of the team.

SRM cryptocurrency

In the Solana blockchain, SRM is an SPL token, and in the Ethereum blockchain, it is an ERC-20 code. It is primarily used to place DEX serum in the DeFi Project Serum ecosystem.

Stack SRM is essential for running a DEX serum validation node, and can also reduce DEX trading costs. A MegaSerum (MSRM) can be obtained by converting one million SRM tokens.

MSRM holders receive more benefits, hosting a validation node is required, and MSRM is also available as an ERC-20 code. SRM is used to manage DEX serum and future DeFi protocols in the Project Serum environment. SRM coins can be purchased and burned at 68% serum cost.

Serum USD and Serum BTC

Serum USD is a stable, decentralized (complex) coin with no breakpoints that follows the SPL and ERC-20 tokens for USD. Also, Serum BTC is a functional (packaged) token that has a price that is related to the original asset or form of BTC. It is also a Solana-based BTC token that is completely decentralized.

SRM price analysis

Flashback: SRM Historical Price Analysis

Serum (SRM) is a game-changer coin that rebuilds the decentralized derivatives market and the DeFi network. It offers a user-friendly UI, and cross-linking, as well as a complete limited DEX order book.

Serum (SRM) started trading in several exchanges on August 11, 2020, including Uniswap, Binance, and others. The price of SRM reached $ 1.25 in the first 30 minutes of the news release. Later, on the morning of August 12, 2020, it will try to break the $ 2.00 barrier.

These basic principles show that the serum exhibits positive price behavior. Let’s look at the Serum Price Prediction for 2021 and beyond.

Serum (SRM) Price Analysis 2021

SRM currently ranks 97th on CoinMarketCap. But will the latest updates, developments, and changes in the SRM blockchain help raise the price of cryptocurrency? Let’s go to the charts in this article Serum Price Prediction.

In the daily frame diagram shown above, we can see the pattern of the falling wedge. In addition, this can lead to immediate price failure. Also, the falling wedges slide downwards and have an ascending bias.

Moreover, this bullish bias cannot be analyzed until failure occurs. As a continuation pattern, the falling wedge goes further down, however, the slope remains dominant against the ascending signal. As an inverted pattern, the wedge falls upwards and tilts with a dominant trend.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is above 43, meaning that the SRM is almost over-bought and over-sold. According to these traders should be careful when trading and avoid further losses.

Let’s also look at the simple moving average (SMA) and the exponential moving average (EMA) SRM.

Since the beginning of 2021, the SRM price has seen many upward movements, which is higher than the previous movement. In addition, these are immediately followed by fluctuations, aggregation, and corrections. With this in mind, SRM has a competitive market in 2021 after Bitcoin cloud mining.

Serum Price Prediction 2021

The SRM token traded on August 11, 2021, almost 15 times its IEO price of 11 cents, 12 hours after the serum IEO. Serum prices continued to rise as they were expected to be available by the end of August 2021.

The SRM coin peaked at $ 4 in the days following its introduction. SRM has improved again over the past month, but its support seems to have been close to $ 1.20.

The SRM will continue to grow after this slight price reduction and will soon reach $ 7.55 if the current trend of SRM J. tilt continues. If this trend is reversed, the SRM price could drop to $ 3.75.

Serum Price Prediction 2021

Serum Price Prediction 2022

The SRM price will be around $ 10.78 at the beginning of January 2022, while the average serum price for April 2022 will be $ 11.18. The price will be around $ 13.40 at the beginning of December 2022 and the average price of serum for December 2022 will be $ 13.90.

Serum Price Prediction 2023

The SRM is expected to be priced at $ 15.17 for January 2023, reaching $ 15.62 by October 2023 and $ 18.89 by December 2023.

Serum Price Prediction 2024

The minimum SRM price for January 2024 is projected at $ 22.29 and then reaches $ 22.92 by March 2024. However, the average SRM price in mid-2024 will be $ 26.35.

The average SRM price is expected to be $ 28 by December 2024, which represents a 12% increase in the SRM price.

Serum Price Prediction 2025

At the beginning of January 2025, the price of SRM will reach $ 32.15 and then increase to $ 33.30 by December 2025. However, according to the downtrend, the SRM will drop to $ 38.62.

Serum Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

Predictions of different media often differ in response to the current state of the crypto market.

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor, earnings after 5 years of investment are estimated at 973.87%. In 2025, your current $ 100 investment may be worth $ 1073.87 after five years.

By the end of December 2021, Wallet Investor predicts that the serum price will reach $ 7.92.

Serum Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

Digital coin prices

The price of digital coins is expected to increase by 62.34 SRM, reaching $ 8.37 by August 2021. By December 2022, the SRM price will reach $ 6.17, $ 6.27 by December 2023, $ 6.62 by December 2024, and then $ 10.44 by December 2025.

Coins Kid

According to Coins Kid, during December 2021, the price of SRM will be $ 8.23 and by December 2022, it will be $ 9.17. Over the next five years, the price of SRM will reach $ 21.31.


According to Tokeneo, the high price of SRM for 2021 is $ 12.53 and the low price is $ 0.11.

Gov Capital

Gov Capital is optimistic about the price of serum and is expected to reach $ 12.38 by December 2021. This shows that this asset can be a good addition to your collection because it looks upward in the coming years.

Reddit Community

The Reddit community is very worried about the future of serum and predicts that its price will drop to $ 1.45 by the end of December 2021.


The serum is a big project with a lot of potentials, while many reject it because of the long list of promises and a distorted science fiction scientist.

While the dual IEO seems to have been balanced enough for the SRM token, only 6 million SRMs were sold. To express this, 0.06% of the total supply of 10 billion SRM is used.

Although this may be a vital part of ensuring the longevity of the serum environment, it is nevertheless a red flag whose origin is unknown.

The Serum project is still a long way off and Serum DEX is still in its infancy, but progress is being made. Within a month, the number of DEXs formed above the serum increased from a few to about 20. According to the Serum Price Prediction, serum looks bullish and is expected to reach $ 15 in the coming years.

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