Genius cloud mining center and cryptocurrency profit calculator
Miner-land with Instant Daily BTC Payout

  • Soldier
    15.99 USD
    or 50 Points
    • 12 Months
    • You get: 1 Point
    • Affiliate Reward: 5 Points
    • 150 Satoshi Daily Profit
    • SHA-256 Algorithm
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  • Major
    69.99 USD
    or 200 Points
    • 12 Months
    • You Get: 5 Points
    • Affiliate Reward: 20 Points
    • 700 Satoshi Daily Profit
    • SHA-256 / Ethas Algorithms
    • Get Started
  • Captain
    599.9 USD
    or 2,000 Points
    • 12 Months
    • You Get: 60 Points
    • Affiliate Reward: 200 Points
    • 6,250 Satoshi Daily Profit
    • SHA-256 / Ethash / Scrypt Algorithms
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  • Lord
    2,499 USD
    or 8,000 Points
    • 12 Months
    • You Get: 280 Points
    • Affiliate Reward: 800 Points
    • 28,000 Satoshi Daily Profit
    • SHA-256 / Ethash / Scrypt Algorithms
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How does the cloud miner center work?

  • 01. Registration
    To register, you need to enter some information including your full name, your mobile number, your email, and your country. Then, you reach the user panel and you can choose your Avatar and complete your profile with further information.
  • 02. Subscription
    To subscribe to our crypto cloud mining plans, you need to choose them in your cart. Then, several payment methods are provided for you. You can pay either by acceptable cryptocurrencies (at the moment BTC) or other fiat currencies (at the moment Visa/Master Card).
  • 03. Mining
    Then, our cryptocurrency profit calculator starts working right after your subscription and you can monitor your heroes' performance from your cloud miner center panel. You can add to your hashing power by increasing your army by hiring more powerful heroes to find the best coin to mine in 2021.
  • 04. $$$
    Once the amount of BTC you received, reached the minimum amount required for withdrawal, you can transfer your BTC to your bitcoin wallet. You are also recommended to reinvest your balance in the Minerland cloud miner center and strengthen your power.
  • 1
  • 2
    Select Mining Plans
  • 3
    Mine Profitable Coins
  • 4
    Withdraw or Re-invest your balance

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