What is NEO Price Prediction in 2021 and Beyond

What is NEO Price Prediction in 2021 and Beyond?

  • 26 September 2021
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In this post, we will take a closer look at NEO price prediction to find out whether it is a good investment in 2021 and onwards or not?

You may be interested in discovering what NEO is? How much will it be worth in 2021 and beyond? How will the future of NEO look? Will NEO go up or crash in the short or long-horizon? Could the so-called Chinese Ethereum reach its all-time high (ATH) of $198.38 again? Or will Neo continue to fall behind the world’s biggest cryptos? Will the Neo price surge or plunge in the next five years? These are some common questions that you may have in mind, making you confused about what to do concerning the digital asset?

In this article, we will explore some of the most updated predictions for the price of Neo in 2021-2025. Moreover, we will try our best to help you get the correct answers to the questions. We will discuss the most important things you need to know about NEO if you intend to purchase it or make an investment. As stated already, you will get enough information to make the right decision about investing in NEO.

NEO Price Prediction

What is NEO?

NEO is often referred to as China’s first-ever public blockchain or sometimes as the Ethereum of China that launched in 2014. It’s the first open-source blockchain project in China. And also the first major cryptocurrency project approved by the Chinese government. Therefore, even after shutting down several crypto startups and exchanges, the Chinese government and local investors continued supporting NEO. In this way, if NEO is adopted by the masses in China (a country with a consumer-based population of more than one billion people), this will naturally drive demand for the coin northwards. Accordingly, the value of the NEO coin will certainly rise when its demand increases.

The NEO network supports smart contracts and the creation of digital assets for enterprise solutions. In essence, NEO has extended functionality to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). Furthermore, Neo aims to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat currencies. It achieves this by providing a decentralized platform for people to carry out non-digital payments. In other words, it is a platform that aims to enable its users to make decentralized digital payments.

At first, it used to be called AntShares (ANS), but it was rebranded later as NEO in 2017. Neo means new or young in Greek.

NEO is considered a strong rival for Ethereum. Note that the NEO network supports programming languages of JavaScript and C++ and has been designed to be less vulnerable to attacks. This feature is beneficial considering the Ethereum network has suffered two serious hacks in the last few years, the most recent of which took place in August this year. Additionally, NEO has several technological advantages over Ethereum, and these advantages provide NEO with a bright future. In this regard, some commentators even claim that Asian technology will be even more successful than its European rival. After going through various stages of development and evolution, NEO has stuck with its plan to consistently upgrade the protocol to ensure enhanced usability, security, functionality, and decentralization.

The NEO Team

The project’s idea came from Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. Moreover, NEO’s success is due to active scientists who have studied and worked on blockchain for years. NEO’s great team of specialist developers is working hard to promote the platform and increase its acceptance. The team has concluded cooperation agreements with existing cryptocurrency platforms and major international corporations such as Microsoft and Alibaba.

Innovative Team behind the NEO Cryptocurrency

Innovative Team behind the NEO Cryptocurrency

The NEO Coin

NEO is the native coin to the NEO network. Neo network uses two different native coins. One is NEO (the primary coin that we will discuss more in this article) and GAS. Despite some similarities, such as both having a maximum supply of 100 million, the purpose of each is completely different. As such, NEO signifies the ownership of the Neo blockchain. NEO coins are used to add new blocks to the chain and manage the network as a whole. But GAS, as the name indicates, is used to power transactions within the Neo platform. When users hold NEO coins in their wallets, they are rewarded with GAS, which functions much like Ether on the Ethereum network.

The NEO Price History

The NEO Price History

The NEO Price History

One of the easiest methods to predict the future price of cryptocurrencies like NEO is to look back at their price history. In this regard, Neo began trading in 2017, the year that is often described as the year of cryptocurrency. The NEO price was $9.76 on June 22, 2017. Neo ended the year at $72.99 in December 2017.

The year 2018 started on a positive note for NEO. The digital coin first reached its high point back in January 2018, at a striking price of $196.85. On that date, it ranked among the top 20 coins in terms of market capitalization. Increased investor interest along with the growing adoption of crypto and the launch of hundreds (if not thousands) of new assets were significant influential factors in NEO’s explosive boom between 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately, these good times didn’t last long. By May 2018, the crypto dropped below $50. NEO continued to drop further throughout the rest of the year. At the beginning of 2019, Neo was worth less than $10. Although it occasionally hit between $11 and $12, its performance could hardly be described as bullish up until now.

NEO Price Movement from 2017-2020

NEO Price Movement from 2017-2020

NEO Price Movement in 2020

It is notable that following the damage caused by the Coronavirus crash in March 2020, which caused most major cryptocurrencies to drop in value, Neo showed slight but consistent progress in the latter half of the year. It hit $22.99 on September 14. And when the cryptocurrency market underwent a massive bull run at the end of December 2020, Neo did not lag behind. From January 3 to 11, the asset’s price climbed from $14.28 to $25.28.

NEO Price Performance in 2020

NEO Price Performance in 2020

NEO in 2021

The NEO began the year well. In February, the coin surged to $44.23. Through March and April, it participated in successful market bull runs, reaching $109.07. May was even more exciting as its price jumped to $122.45. However, the NEO price dropped to $34.52 in July.

NEO Price Performance in 2021

NEO Price Performance in 2021

WalletInvestor NEO Price Prediction

According to the WalletInvestor forecast system, NEO is an awesome long-term (One-year) investment. Then, if you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns, NEO can be a profitable investment option. Based on their forecasts, a long-term increase is very likely to happen. WalletInvestor’s NEO price prediction for 2026-09-12 is $207.651. With a five-year investment, the revenue is to be almost +322.3%. Therefore, your current $100 investment may be up to $422.3 in 2026.

WalletInvestor (NEO Price Prediction)

Source: WalletInvestor (NEO Price Prediction)

According to the platform, the NEO price prediction is 80.516 USD in one year. The long-term earning potential is +63.74% in one year. Additionally, the NEO price prediction will be 207.651 USD in 2026. According to their analysis, NEO will not crash in the future. Since this virtual asset has a promising outlook they recommend it as a part of your investment portfolio.

TradingBeasts NEO Price Prediction

TradingBeasts NEO Price Prediction

Based on the platform, the NEO price prediction is $45.255 by the beginning of October 2021. The expected maximum price is $56.569, and the minimum value is $38.467. The NEO price prediction for the end of the month is $45.255.

The NEO price prediction for the end of the year is $45.864. The expected maximum price is $57.330, and the minimum price is $38.985.

Source: TradingBeasts (NEO Price Prediction for 2021)

Source: TradingBeasts (NEO Price Prediction for 2021)

NEO Price Prediction for the end of 2022 is at least ($39.479). The predicted figure is at least ($31.461) for 2023 and ($46.058) for 2024. Thus, according to their forecasts, the NEO price is going to decrease. Now, the NEO price is $49.300, but by the end of 2021, the average NEO price can be $46.122, showing a decrease in value. Accordingly, the NEO price will keep decreasing in 2022. Currently, the NEO price is $49.300, but by the end of 2022, the average NEO price is likely to be $46.446.

Digital Coin NEO Price Prediction

Source: Digital Coin Price (NEO Price Prediction from 2021 to 2028)

Source: Digital Coin Price (NEO Price Prediction from 2021 to 2028)

 As shown in the graph above, the platform predicts that NEO will be $72.88 in 2021. Moreover, NEO predicted price will reach ($86.2) in 2022, ($107.12) in 2023, ($122.57) in 2024, ($141.98) in 2025, ($176.51) in 2026, ($186.93) in 2027, and eventually ($218.33) in 2028. Then, according to the data derived from Digital coin, the lowest price of NEO in the future will be up to $196.49, and its highest price in the future will be up to $242.47. Therefore, NEO prices will increase according to their predicted data in the future.

Trading Education

 As a NEO price prediction forecast, Trading Education has provided the following numbers. This forecast is based on the opinions of industry experts and technical analysts.

Source: Trading Education (NEO Price Prediction 2021-2025)

Source: Trading Education (NEO Price Prediction 2021-2025)

CryptoNewsZ NEO Price Prediction

The market sentiments suggest that the NEO prediction for the future represents a bullish approach. Accordingly, the website predicts that the NEO coin will touch the $140 mark in 2022.

Most probably, the end of 2022 or the year 2023 may not be so great for NEO, especially with rivals playing hide and seek in trading. With all the ups and downs on the market, the NEO price forecast doesn’t seem to have a huge impact.

Their NEO price prediction is $180 for 2024. This forecast shows that NEO has the full potential for continued growth even in adverse conditions to come. So traders and investors can rest assured they will not lose money.

2015 might mark as the benchmark year since the NEO price prediction is likely to surpass $180 by all means. With mass adoption and technical analysis, the NEO price prediction should be around $200 by 2025.

Coin Price Forecast

According to their latest long-term forecast, the NEO price prediction will be $50 by the end of 2021. It then will reach $75 by the middle of 2023. Accordingly, NEO will rise to $100 within 2025, $200 in 2029, and $250 in 2032.

Coin Price Forecast thinks that the NEO price at the end of 2021 will be around $54.72 – with the year-to-year change +279%. Also, in the first half of 2022, the NEO price will increase to $57.21. in the second half of 2022, the NEO price prediction can be $63.06, which shows a %28 increase to the current price.

NEO price would move from $63.06 to $161.34, representing a %156 gain. NEO will start 2023 at $63.06, then soar to $77.25 within the first six months of the year and finish 2023 at $91.16.

From 2028-2032, the website anticipates that the NEO price will rise from $161.34 to $262.41, meaning a %63 increase. NEO will start 2028 at $161.34, then soar to $171.71 within the first half of the year, and finish 2028 at $182.01.

Source: Coin Price Forecast (long-term NEO Price Prediction)

Source: Coin Price Forecast (long-term NEO Price Prediction)


NEO (or China’s Ethereum) seems to have some potential to grow in the future and has seen a resurgence of interest lately. It is one of the major cryptocurrencies with solid fundamentals and very strong community support. Additionally, most NEO price predictions suggest that the altcoin is likely to see significant growth over the coming years.

A review of the NEO price history indicates that the coin is a risky investment. However, in risk also lies opportunity. If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio, then NEO could well be a worthwhile addition – albeit as a long-term holding. Then, you had better monitor the market closely and determine when the time is ripe for you, depending on your financial goals and investment strategy.

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