Is it worth investing in Ethereum 2.0 in the current situation? 

Is it worth investing in Ethereum 2.0 in the current situation? 

  • 6 November 2020
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According to cryptocurrency market news and analysis of the Miner-land, after a long wait, the Ethereum 2.0 deposit agreement was finally launched and implemented, and from now on, Ether holders will have the opportunity to share in Ethereum 2.0.

During the first half-hour of the launch of the Ethereum deposit agreement, investors invested more than $ 1 million into these contracts. About 8 hours after the official announcement of the Ethereum Foundation to launch a deposit agreement, more than 14,000 Ethers have been invested in Ethereum 2.0.

At the prices announced on 5 November, the approximate dollar value of 14000 Ethers reached $ 5.5 million.

The Ethereum team and several members of the blockchain user community have cited 1 December as the target date for sharing this amount of Ether. These Ethers must be applied to contracts seven days before the launch of Ethereum 2.0 Phase Zero.

Is investing in an Ethereum Deposit Agreement the right decision?

We are now witnessing the initial public offering of the largest non-government economy that the world has ever seen.

For instance, the more stocks invested, the faster the annual return decreases. With an online investment of 5 million Ethers, the annual return reaches about 7%. If 10 million Ethers invested, the annual return will fall below 5%.

Many members of the Ethereum user community have been waiting for Ethereum 2.0 for a long time. Over 5 November, the price of Ethereum has risen 5 percent to $ 402.

What is the reaction of large companies to Ethereum stock services??

According to the Cointelegraph, six major digital currency companies will participate in an Ethereum 2.0 shareholding pilot project using the Consensys Codefi platform. These companies include Binance and Huobi exchange offices.

With the implementation of Ethereum 2.0, a network of validators will reward in exchange for providing network security. Validators must share at least 32 Ethers in the network.

Some people who plan to invest in the future want to give part of their rewards to the exchanges. So they can provide security services and asset management in return. It has led to the creation of third party services for equity investment.

Why are third party services for equity?

Personal validation has some problems which can lead to the loss of credentials. These include theft or loss of withdrawal keys, improper transfer of funds to Ethereum 2.0 deposit agreements, hardware failures, and lack of internet connection.

By using the Consensys Codefi platform, authentication keys will store in a secure online signature box. So it has several layers of protection to verify transactions to exclude uncertified use.

The enthusiasm for equity services has made the rise in the price of the RPL token even more noticeable. The price of this token increased by 950% from mid-March to mid-May, from $ 0.30 to $ 3.2 Of course, it returned to the level of $ 1.90. This token is for the Rocket Pool. This pool aims to help people who have less than 32 ethers but want to participate in Ethereum Shares.

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