Introducing the Hash Ribbon Indicator

  • 28 August 2022
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The Bitcoin Hash Ribbon indicator tries to identify the periods when Bitcoin miners may give up in the mining process and fail. It is assumed that such periods may occur when the price of Bitcoin is at its lowest and therefore may be a good opportunity to buy.

What is the Ribbon Hash Indicator?

Before defining the Hash Ribbon Indicator, let’s first briefly define the indicator and show you what the indicator is. Indicators are charts that are used in technical analysis and will be drawn with the help of parameters such as price, time, transaction volume, and their combination with mathematical functions.

The Hash Ribbon Indicator Indicator is an indicator that tracks Bitcoin. There may be periods after the Bitcoin price increases and then retreats, some miners will continue to operate in the short term to continue the mining process.

This indicator does not time the lower price. Rather, it shows periods when Bitcoin mining rigs are shut down due to challenging market conditions, causing the hash rate to drop. These periods can often be areas of lows in the price of Bitcoin.

For a long-term strategic bitcoin investor, these periods can be good times to accumulate bitcoins and thus create a buying opportunity.

What is a hash ribbon?

The Hash rate or hash rate is calculated based on the number of blocks extracted in Bitcoin mining by miners.

Hash rate is the speed at which a person can operate the Bitcoin code. A higher hash rate means that your ability to mine the next block increases.

The Hash Ribbon will give the investor a signal that the price will rise based on the changes that occur in the hash rate of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Hash Ribbon Chart

Bitcoin hash ribbon indicator includes orange, green, and white lines and its movements will be as follows:

  • 30DMA move below 60DMA: Hash rate drops and miners give up = orange horizontal lines
  • Movement of 30 DMA to above 60 DMA: end of miner submission and continuation of mining activity = green horizontal lines
  • Return of 30DMA above 60DMA and price increase = return to white color and buy signal.

A return from green to white vertical lines on the chart indicates an opportunity for long-term strategic investment. This shows us that the miners have given up and the Bitcoin price has once again started its upward trend.

Introducing the Hash Ribbon Indicator

How to use the Hash Ribbon indicator to buy and sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin difficulty is adjusted approximately every two weeks. A block will typically be processed once every 10 minutes on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Bitcoin Ribbon Hash Indicator uses simple daily moving averages (DMA’s) to detect when the hash rate is in a downtrend. It will also use them to identify when the hash rate is starting to break out of a downtrend, which can be very useful for investing in Bitcoin.

The first thing that should happen for the buy signal to be activated is for the miners to give up on the mining process and stop it. This process starts with the crossing of the 30-day DMA below the crossing of the 60-day DMA and will indicate the beginning of the miner submission period. When the 30-day DMA crosses the 60-day DMA again, it indicates the end of the miners’ submission period and the beginning of the mining process, and a buy signal is likely to be near.

The last segment of the Hash Ribbon indicator is the 10-day and 20-day moving averages. When the 10-day SMA crosses the 20-day SMA, it indicates that it is time to buy.

Final Word

The Hash Ribbon Indicator is an indicator that tracks Bitcoin. This indicator shows periods when Bitcoin mining rigs stop due to challenging market conditions and miners limit their activity. Buying when the miners have given up and the hash rate is recovering is a great strategy. Due to the impact of negative sentiment and price action in bear markets and when miners surrender, the best time to buy Bitcoin is usually somewhere in the middle of the “miner surrender” period.

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