how to make and sell nft art

How to make and sell NFT art?

  • 15 December 2021
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A GIF file recently sold for $ 600,000 at auction. If this’s a shock, it may be time to rethink your definition of fine art and start exploring the world of digital currencies and NFT. In this article, we will show you how to make and sell NFT art.

Digital art is going through a renaissance, and in this article, we will cover everything you need to start creating and selling your art in the Blockchain.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This is an alien term that I do not like to say out loud, but you can think of it as a digital certificate of authenticity. In real life – Classic artwork, antiques, and other historical items are often sold at auction with a receipt stating that they are genuine.

NFTs do the same thing, but for digital items. They allow GIF files, videos, jpeg, mp3, and almost any other file format to be authenticated as unique. This technology enables a new kind of “ownership” for digital files that were not previously possible. NFTs can be purchased, collected, sold, and even disposed of like physical items. Thanks to Blockchain, they are visible to anyone connected to the Internet with a transparent transaction and pricing history.

The process of turning your work into an NFT is known as “minting”, which refers to the act of creating a new token in a blockchain that is permanently attached to that content. When an artist hits a new NFT, he attaches an internal commission (usually 10-30%) that he will receive whenever the work is resold in the future.

What is NFT?

How to make and sell NFT art: Can my content be NFT?

Maybe. We live in the wild west of the NFTs where almost everything goes. Digital art, songs, memes, recipes, and even entire startups are now listed for sale in the NFT markets. There are currently few restrictions on what kind of content can be “tokenized” and converted to NFT.

The technology is still in its infancy, and this is a great time to test the media for its work as the market and demand for digital art continue to grow. One rule of thumb is to avoid converting copyrighted content or assets to NFT.

How to make and sell NFT art: What do I need to get started with NFT?

You do not need extensive knowledge of crypto to learn about how to make and sell NFT art, but you do need a few tools to get started, such as Crypto Wallet and Ethereum. If these terms are not familiar – no problem. You can set everything up in just a few minutes on your phone.

In this section, I provide step-by-step instructions for setting up an e-wallet, buying ETH, and connecting your wallet to the NFT market.

  1. Set up an Ethereum wallet
  2. Buy a small amount of Ethereum
  3. Connect your wallet to the NFT market

How to make and sell NFT art?

Step 1: Create a digital art file for your NFT

There is no unique technique for creating a work of art that can be used as NFT. It acts as an NFT if the file you create is supported by the market in which you list the content.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for content that you can monetize. Any image, TXT, JPG, PNG, MP3, or GIF can be an NFT in Zora or Rarible. Create a great meme? This could be an NFT. Make a beep in your bedroom? There is an NFT. Make a delicious recipe and save it as an atextt file? N-F-T.

Step 2: Price your art and list it in a market

Downloading my image from Kapwing and adding it to Rarible as NFT was as simple as uploading a YouTube video. Start by clicking the Create button at the top right of the screen in Rarible.

The platform asks you whether to cut your work as a single piece or a set of several items. I decided to make a “banana” one-of-a-kind piece for 0.012 ETH. I paid for the creation of a new NFT, and my piece was released in just a few seconds.

Step 3: Wait for Bids

Once you have listed your art, anyone can find it and recommend it to your NFT. For some reason, most platforms ask developers to reconsider bids and notify you when one arrives. A growing problem that we hope will be resolved in the coming weeks.

How to make and sell NFT art: Step by step to sell NFT art

Are you a digital artist and want to learn how to sell NFT art? Many artists and collectors are now embracing this “collective digital art” approach and making good money.

According to Nonfungible.com, approximately $ 400 million in NFT has been exchanged for NFT markets over the past three years. The market for these digital assets continues to grow and is likely to continue to grow.

How do you grab a piece of the pie as an artist?

Start by reading our guide to understanding what NFT is and how it works. Once you have this knowledge in Kyiv and some very interesting art that you want to sell as NFT, the next step is to find out where you can sell it.

How to make and sell NFT art: Where can I sell my NFT?

  1. OpenSea

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT market in the industry. What you find on the website includes art, virtual world materials, business cards, domain names, collections, sports, and tool tokens.

The platform indexes art from other NFT markets and thus has an extensive collection of works of art that more than 1 million are writing. All items are priced at Ethereum, some at a special price and some through auction.

Although any artist can apply to list their digital art on OpenSea, submissions usually have to go through a team review process before being approved for full public trading on the platform. Artists can also define royalty parameters for their work.

How to make and sell NFT art: Where can I sell my NFT?

  1. Rarible

Rarible is another great platform for multiplying and selling NFT art. At Rarible, each item is priced at Ethereum and is available as a “Buy Now” or auctioned.

However, to get the most out of Rarible as an artist, you must apply and receive a certified badge from the team. The verification process usually takes less than a week and you must provide proof that your work is genuine.

In addition, artists must share links to their social media channels, which have a strong follower and an active community, including approved criteria for receiving the award. Artists with unapproved badges may have difficulty attracting buyers.

Top sellers in Rarible bring in. 100,000 a week and receive a 10% royalty if a buyer resells their art at a higher price. Rarible provides OpenSea integration, allowing artists to use OpenSea to view and manage the assets they create in Rarible.

How to make and sell NFT art: Where can I sell my NFT?

  1. SuperRare

SuperRare introduces itself as a marketplace for the collection and marketing of “unique single-copy digital artwork”. Artists can browse their works by various tags such as 3D, animation, painting, abstract, illustration, surrealism, and more.

Although anyone can sign up for SuperRare to start buying NFT art, it is not the same for artists. At the time of writing, SuperRare is still in beta, and interested artists must submit a form before it is fully released.

Existing creators receive 85% of the amount they sell for each item, and also receive a 10% royalty if their work is resold. In addition, the buyer pays 3% of the transaction fee at the time of purchase, which reaches SuperRare.

Now that you know where to sell NFT art, the next step is to get your work done.

How to make and sell NFT art: Where can I sell my NFT?

How to sell NFT art in 5 easy steps

  1. Create a Web3 wallet

Because NFTs are blockchain-based assets, you need a wallet to create, send, and receive them. You must also provide a wallet so that you can pay the transaction fees associated with your transactions.

Since most NFT platforms are built on Ethereum, you need an Ethereum wallet funded by their primary currency, ETH, to pay for transaction fees.

Most experts recommend using the Metamask wallet plugin in Chrome or any other browser you use. The plugin lets you connect to an NFT marketplace and use related services directly from your PC browser.

When you first install and run Metamask, you will receive a 12-word recovery phrase. Back it up to a secure offline location and copy your ETH address.

  1. Fund Wallet with ETH

Next, you need to buy ETH from an exchange or digital currency broker and send it to your Metamask ETH wallet address.

When using a broker like Bitcoin, all you have to do is provide your address at the point of purchase while they are transferring the coins to your address. However, if you use an exchange, you must withdraw the ETH after purchasing it.

Most platforms let you complete the purchase using your credit/debit card or bank. Either way, make the purchase and send at least £150 worth of ETH to your Metamask address.

  1. Prepare Your Artwork

You have probably already prepared your artwork. If you do not do this, you can create a unique work of art.

Browse the markets mentioned earlier for inspiration on what makes NFT bestsellers. Your NFT can be a video, audio, video, or 3D model with a maximum size of 100 MB.

  1. Submit your work in the NFT market

Visit your favorite NFT cutting and selling platform and connect your Ethereum wallet. This tutorial uses OpenSea.io because it is the most widely used option when writing.

How to do it:
  • Sign in to OpenSea via your Metamask wallet. (Click the blue icon on the top right of the website and then Sign in).
  • Approve the Sign transaction designed to secure your wallet.
  • Select a username, write a short bio.
  • When back on OpenSea, select Create from the top Right and Submit NFT from the dropdown menu.
  • Provide a name for the collection, description (1000 characters), and a logo (350*350).
  • Click Save and wait for a message confirming that the collection has been created.
  • Click Edit on the next page to customize setting such as header image, link to your social media handles, payment currencies and royalties, display themes, etc.
  • To create your NFT, click the Add New Item under Collections.
  • Upload the artwork alongside other necessary information such as an external link and description.
  • Fill in Properties, Levels, and Stats using information such as the year of creation and the edition of the NFT you’re uploading, e.g. 1 of 5. You can upload another edition under the same collection since OpenSea only allows to mint one NFT at a time.
  • Click Create and approve the transaction via Metamask.
  • Next, go back to Edit from the Collections tab and toggle the option to submit your collection for review and approval from OpenSea.
  • Your art will be available to others while pending approval but with the Unapproved Collection tag or warning sign.
  • Once approved (could take a few hours or days), your NFT will have the Approved Collection tag when it appears on OpenSea listings.
  • Choose your pricing model (fixed or auction) and select Post Your Listing.
  • Follow the wallet prompt to sign the transaction via Metamask.
  • Your NFT will become available in the public domain once the transaction is approved on the network.
  1. Promote your content

Social proof is one of the criteria that OpenSea and other markets use to validate content creators. OpenSea specifically requires that you list the number of social media channels you actively manage and make your NFT collection available to the public at least once.

So, aim to let your audience know that you are entering NFT, and let them know as soon as you have your first set. Experts also recommend releasing a free version of NFTs to build your followers and sales record in OpenSea.


The journey to multiplying your first NFT art may not be so smooth. However, it may be worth it, especially if your goal is to reach a whole new audience with your amazing creations.

As more digital artists learn how to make and sell NFT art, the market will grow. Being the first to move puts you in the shoes of others, and possibly a claim in an industry that many believe is far from reaching its potential.

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