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How to make an NFT Art: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

  • 14 December 2021
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The art of NFT has been making headlines across the industry for months. So it’s no surprise that many want to know how to create NFT art, how to sell, buy, and what not! Some are doing it for money and hoping that, like Beeple, they will fail to sell their record $ 69 million (unfortunately, this does not happen every day). Others, on the other hand, are fascinated by all that NFTs have to offer and simply want to be part of this growing community of artists, collectors, creators, and so on. In this article, we will tell you how to make an NFT art in a complete guide for beginners.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to create your own NFT art but do not know where to start, this guide is for you. From NFT sales benefits to NFT market selection and pricing for your NFTs, we’ve covered it all!

But, first of all; what is NFT? How to make money with NFT?

What is NFT?

NFTs, or irreplaceable tokens, are unique digital assets that represent digital or real-world objects stored in a Blockchain. These are irreplaceable, meaning that they cannot be exchanged, as we do with Fiat or digital currencies. In slang, consider them a unique work of art – say Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. No matter how many copies of this work of art there are, there will only be one original that Da Vinci painstakingly created, with a certificate of authenticity.

NFTs are very similar to such traditional artifacts, but, instead of the real world, they exist in the digital realm. These are unique, they cannot be copied or removed. In addition, since the details of ownership and transaction are stored in the Blockchain, anyone can easily verify the authenticity of a piece. So learning how to make an NFT art can be very rewarding for you.

As an artist or creator, there are many benefits to selling your art as NFT. For one, you can claim a percentage of the royalties each time NFT art is sold in the future. Second, unlike the traditional art market, you do not have to trust a third party to sell your work or go to auction houses and art galleries to display your work. With NFT Art, you can do it alone with a few clicks and save a minimum of money. In addition, through NFT markets, you will have access to buyers from all over the world.

Now that we have got the basics down, let’s dive right into everything you’d need to know how to make an NFT art:

  1. Choose the right Blockchain
  2. Set up a crypto wallet
  3. Buy crypto
  4. Create NFT art
  5. Price your NFT
  6. Select the market to list your NFT
  7. Mint your NFT

How to make an NFT art: What you need to get started

Because NFTs are authenticated in the blockchain, digital artwork alone is not enough to create your NFT. Here’s what you need to get started:

Choose your blockchain wisely

Blockchains are at the heart of NFTs. Therefore, before you use NFT, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different blockchains. Ethereum, for example, is the home of most NFT and DeFi projects and has dominated the industry. However, due to more network activity, the cost of gas in the Blockchain is much higher. In addition, while Ethereum has superior and more reliable security features, it consumes more energy and has less scalability.

Polygon, meanwhile, is an Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution that offers low gas fees, fast transactions, low power consumption, and higher scalability. Immutable X is another Layer 2 solution that offers scalability and gas-free transactions. Similarly, Solana is fast, scalable, and allows for cheaper transactions. However, its core network is currently in beta and less decentralized than Ethereum. Tezos also offers gas-free deals and is popular for music projects.

The important thing to note here is that each blockchain has its token standard and only supports specific wallets and NFT markets. For example, if you create your NFT art on the Tezos blockchain, you will not be able to sell it in markets that do not support Tezos.

Set up a crypto wallet

The first thing you need before you know how to make NFT art is an e-wallet in which to store your NFTs and digital currencies. An important factor to consider when choosing a wallet is whether it is compatible with your NFTs and the NFT market you use for your NFT business.

Generally, crypto / NFT wallets are classified as software or hardware wallets. While the former is a digital wallet that stores your NFTs online, hardware wallets are physical wallets that store NFTs offline and make them more secure. Some of the most common wallets are MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Enjin, and Coinbase. If you want to know more about these wallets, you can check out our detailed guide to cryptocurrencies.

Buy crypto from an exchange

In most NFT markets, you have to pay a “gas fee” to multiply your NFT. These are the costs that are paid to extractors to process and validate transactions on the Blockchain (here it is stated that these gas costs are the cheapest time). So, to cover this cost, you have to buy some cryptocurrency from an exchange. However, make sure it matches the blockchain and market you are using.

Additionally, if you are selling NFTs through Polygon, you may need to use a bridge. It is a connecting bridge that allows the transfer of assets from one blockchain to another. It is a common mistake to send your password to the wrong address. If you do, your passwords will be lost almost forever.

How to make an NFT art

Now that you have all the essential items to mint your NFT, it’s time to create your NFTs. With all this info, it might seem like creating NFTs is a daunting task. But it’s easier than you think. Let’s look at the different ways how to make NFT art.

How to make an NFT art with No coding skills?

For the simple art of NFT, you do not need any coding skills and you can easily create them in multiple NFT markets. OpenSea and Rarible are your best choices for this. While OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT market, Rarible is the sixth-largest market in terms of sales volume of all time. Both platforms allow anyone to create a variety of NFTs – digital art, music, collections, and more.

Additionally, they support adding features as well as reopening content to your NFTs. Reopening content is content that the buyer can only see (or unlock) after the NFT has been sold and acquired ownership. This includes high-resolution files, behind-the-scenes videos, concert tickets, signed merchandise, and more.

Another feature that makes both sites very attractive to developers is laziness. In Lazy minting, you do not multiply NFTs the moment you create them, as you normally would. Instead, it is multiplied at the time of purchase. This means that the buyer will pay the transaction fee instead of you. Rarible introduced the feature last month, saying, “We are excited to further reduce the barrier to entry for NFT makers from around the world.”

NiftyKit is another great code-free way to set up an NFT art collection. This is a SaaS platform (software as a service) that you can cut directly on Ethereum and Polygon.

How to make an NFT art with some other ways

Is it necessary to be an artist to create NFT art? Not at all! If you are not an artist but still want to create NFT art, you can hire an artist and a developer to do the work for you. This may surprise you: Why do you need a developer?

Well, for the simple art of NFT, you do not. You need a developer to make an NFT art, which is becoming increasingly common. Collections like Superlative Secret Society, 0n1 Force, Animetas are all productive NFTs. Here, developers use algorithms to create a unique collection of artwork from source art and a set of constraints. This way you can create tens of thousands of combinations.

In addition, if you have a project with sophisticated smart contracts, that is, contracts that have complex terms of purchase, you will need the help of a developer. If you want to create interactive games or forums, like Bored Ape Yacht Club or Galaxy Fight Club, you need a developer.

How to create a listing for your NFTs: Which marketplace is best?

Now that you have your NFT art ready, it’s time to cut it and put it up for sale. To do this, you need an NFT market that supports the blockchain you want. Here are some of the best NFT markets for creating NFT art:


OpenSea, the first peer-to-peer marketplace, has the most mainstream following. So far, it has generated $10.4 billion in sales volume (at the time of writing). As of now, it supports blockchains Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn. As mentioned before, it allows code-free minting, and is user-friendly, especially for newcomers.

Here, you can sell your NFTs through a fixed price list or auction. For auctions, you can choose between two types: selling at the highest bid price or selling at the lowest price. In the first, the highest bid price wins the NFT, and in the second, the price goes down until someone buys the piece.

How to create a listing for your NFTs: Which marketplace is best?


Rarible is another popular NFT market with sales of about $ 264 million to date. If you do not use the lazy beating feature, you will have to reimburse the beating costs. It allows code-free minting, offers a simple and attractive user interface, and provides good customer service. Here, you can sell it to get offers or set an “instant selling price” where NFT is sold at a fixed price.

How to create a listing for your NFTs: Which marketplace is best?


If your blockchain of choice is Solana, you can check out SolSea, a fast-growing NFT open market in Solana. Here you can cut and list NFTs with low cost and high transaction speed. It also claims to be the first marketplace that allows developers to insert copyright-licenses while creating their NFT. While it does not currently support auctions and tenders, this feature is under development.

After You Create Your NFT, it’s Time to Mint

Each market will have its steps to produce NFT. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Create a digital file of your NFT art and make sure the file format is supported by your target market.
  2. Create a market account, connect your wallet and click on create option (top right corner for OpenSea and Rarible).
  3. Upload your file, give it a name and description, and add features and lockable content (if any).
  4. OpenSea also lets you select the Blockchain on which you want to cut NFT. In Rarible, you can choose how to sell NFT and add a price while creating NFT. You can also do this later.
  5. Finally, click Create and everything is ready!

One of the great things about NFT is that it’s not just about art – almost anything can be an NFT! Music NFTs, like those from Grimes and Steve Aoki, is very common. Video highlights, memes, collections, gifs, and even feature-length tweets and movies are sold as NFT.

You can also order other people’s work and sell it if they let you. It is even said that Meta Bots collections have stolen the works of Robotos artist Pablo Stanley. Of course, do not steal art. Whatever you do, make sure you either own the copyright to the piece or get permission to use it.

How to make an NFT art: Conclusion

The NFT market is still relatively young, and there are many potentials for growth.

A few years back, the entire NFT market was not worth more than £30 million. However, in recent months, with the hype around non-fungible tokens getting higher and prominent figures and institutions like Mark Cuban, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and many more joining the trend, the market is currently sitting at over £300 million.

Getting in early could eventually give you an edge over other artists, and this article has provided an overview of how you can start.

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