How to Create a Ripple Wallet? Step-by-step

How to Create a Ripple Wallet? Step-by-step

  • 17 November 2020
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A Ripple wallet is a safe and secure place to store your XRP. Once you have a ripple wallet, you can easily buy and sell through a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ripple is a fintech technology that acts as a global digital payment and cryptocurrency network for financial transactions. Ripple has the fastest way to pay for digital assets through its global Network called RippleNet. This net was released to the public in 2012.

The founders of Ripple XRP, in support of Ripple, claimed that this currency could be integrated with the existing networks of traditional banks.

Although XRP is considered the third-largest digital currency, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are not many official wallets for Ripple. The official Ripple platform has not introduced a specific Ripple wallet for storing XRP funds. It has left it to XRP traders to choose their favorite wallet.

Ripple’s goal is to store XRP currency through large banks and financial institutions, and the company does not seek to accept the responsibility of small depositors.

Depositors can choose from reputable software wallets such as Toast, Coinomi, Atomic, or Ledger hardware wallets. After depositing and making their wallet, each depositor needs to send 20 XRP units to it so they can complete their transactions.

Each of these wallets can store several other digital currencies, including Bitcoins and Altcoins.
In this article, you will learn how to create several Ripple wallets.

What are the considerations for keeping money in a Ripple wallet?

Unlike other digital currencies, which do not cost to keep in a wallet, keeping ripples in a wallet requires at least 20 ripple units (XRP). This amount of deposit cannot be withdrawn or transferred.

For example, if you add 1,000 ripples to your wallet, 20 Ripples will be non-transferable forever. For this reason, it is better to choose a suitable wallet for Ripple so that there is no need to spend more money to build multiple wallets.

Some companies announced several Ripple wallets for the storage of Ripple coins. However, not all wallets available for Ripple have good credit and security.

How to create an Atomic Wallet?

One of the Ripple wallets is an Atomic wallet. This wallet is a simple, comprehensive, and light wallet that you can easily install on your computer or mobile phone. Then you can save, send, receive, exchange, and buy Ripple with it. The following is the process of creating a Ripple wallet:

  1. Download Atomic Wallet from the link Atomic wallet.
  2. Install the program.
  3. After installation, open the program and click on Create Wallet.
  4. Choose a password for yourself.
  5. Make a note of the 12-word reminder provided by the wallet and keep it in a safe place.
  6. Then you can start working with an Atomic wallet.
  7. Now save your Ripples in it.

Atomic is not just for Ripple and you can create Tether Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Cash Wallet in Atomic.

How to create an Atomic Wallet?

How to create a Toast Wallet?

This Ripple Wallet is downloadable for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It allows you to manage XRP tokens on all of these platforms. It is possible to make a backup, PIN code, and reminder sentence to increase security in this software wallet.

  1. Download the Toast Wallet app for your operating system.
  2. Click Create a New Wallet.
  3. Enter the desired 6-digit PIN code. Then you should define the password. This password is used to encrypt your wallet, so it should be kept confidential and secure.
  4. A Recovery Phrase is provided to you when you have forgotten your password. Write down this 6-letter reminder in a safe place so that you can use it in the future if something goes wrong.
  5. Now click on Add Account and create a new Ripple address.
  6. After creating the address, based on Ripple’s initial condition, you must put at least 20 XRP tokens in your Ripple wallet to activate it.

How to create a Toast Wallet?

What are the cases in choosing an Ripple wallet?

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Ripple wallet are:

  • Ripple Support; when choosing a wallet, make sure that the wallet of your choice supports the Ripple cryptocurrency.
  • Beautiful and simple user interface; Exchanging and storing digital currency can be a bit confusing, especially for beginners who are new to cryptocurrencies. So choose a wallet that is easy to work with and understand.
  • Ongoing development and support; check if your chosen wallet has a good development and support team that is always improving and developing the wallet, as well as being accountable in times of trouble.
  • Wallet security features and backup; how secure is the wallet you have chosen? Is your wallet of choice online or offline? What tools in your wallet used to protect your privacy? Is it possible to back up or restore data in the event of a problem? Be sure to consider all of these when choosing a Ripple wallet.

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