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For knowing about Antminer T19 profitability, we should get familiar with this device. ( We have also already fully explained the Antminer s15 profitability). The Antminer T19 was introduced by Bitmain on June 1, 2020. The purpose of the Bitmain Company is to summarize this device:

  • Bitmain wanted to make up for its loss of revenue due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and limited trade. That’s why the device is cheaper than the S19 series.
  • After many breakdowns of about 20 to 30% of the failures that occurred for users in the S17 and T17 series, according to Bitmain, the S19 and T19 series will not have the previous problems, and Antminer T19 profitability is more.
  • According to the company, the defect that was in the previous generation was resolved.
  • Bitmain hopes that users will be able to experience the great S9 and T9 devices in this new version and use the Antminer T19 profitability
  • The company says the Miner T19 can process 84 trillion per second, consuming 37.5 joules of energy per charge.
  • Miner T19 with 84 Th / s processing power consumes 3150 watts per hour which is equivalent to 14.5 amps so Antminer T19 profitability is more.
  • In terms of design and generation of chipsets, this device is similar to the Antminer S19 and Antminer S19 Pro miners, only slightly cheaper.
  • This device is much more efficient than T17 and as mentioned, the predicted failure rate for it is 4 to 5%.
  • With the updated firmware, the boot speed of the device has increased significantly which affects Antminer T19 profitability.

Antminer T19

How much is Antminer T19 profitability?

Bitmain Company has used many features to make Antminer T19 profitability more. Model Antminer T19 from Bitmain mining uses the SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 84 Th per s for an electric power consumption of 3150W.

According to F2pool, the global Bitcoin mining network, the new model of Bitcoin miner, the T19, earns a maximum of $ 3.17 per day. That’s compared to $ 3.96 a day for the Antminer S19. In this calculation, the average cost of electricity is $ 0.05 per kilowatt-hour.

The Antminer T19 profitability in recent three months is shown in the below diagram:

Antminer T19 profitability chart

The Antminer T19 profitability based on income and Electricity per specified periods in recent three months is shown in the table below:

















To calculate the Antminer T19 profitability accurately, consider that the cost of electricity consumption may vary from one area to another.

For more information about Antminer T19 profitability, in the following table the Algorithms that are usable in this miner is shown:











What is the Antminer T19 profitability calculator?

Antminer T19 profitability can be calculated using “Monitoring software” that calculates the profit of ASIC Miner. You can find ones via the website. By entering the amount of the necessary parameters you can use this software calculator for calculating profits. The bellow parameters can be entered for calculating Antminer T19 profitability:

  • Hashrate 84 TH/s
  • Power consumption 3150 W
  • Currency USD
  • Electricity costs USD / kWh
  • Reward calculation in average and median

Antminer T19 profitability calculator

What are the specifications?

For calculating the Antminer T19 profitability we should know about the specifications of Antminer T19. For higher Antminer T19 profitability, it must have a higher Hash rate and lower power consumption. This is especially true for Antminer T19. Of course, miners with higher hash rates are usually more expensive.

The Hardness of the Bitcoin network has greatly increased. This bitcoin mining device is the latest device designed to reduce network Hardness and maximize Tera hash per second. Following is the table of the specifications of Antminer T19:




Antminer T19


June 2020


195 x 290 x 400mm

Also known as

Model 240-Ca

Hash rate

84 Th / s


14200 g

Noise level

75 db

Number of Fans



3150 W


12 V


Ethernet 10/100 M


5 – 40 °C


10 – 90 %

Where to buy Antminer T19?

Bitmain has announced that it will start selling the T19 on June 1, 2020. However, to stop the accumulation of miner devices and ensure the performance of more personal buyers, Antminer T19 is sold with a limit of two miners per customer.

Bitmain Company has introduced reputable and trust sellers of Antminer T19 in different countries with free shipping and PSU included as follows. So you can have more Antminer T19 profitability.

CoinMiner in the USA, Miners.EU in the Netherlands, Sesterce Mining in France, CoinMining Central in the United Kingdom, ProMinerz in Switzerland, Miner Bros in Honk Kong.

The Antminer T19 is more efficient than its predecessor, the T17. Antminer T19 has an “upgraded operating system” that will “speed up”. So Antminer T19 profitability is more.

This new miner comes when Bitmain ceded the stage to its rival, Microbt. This version will also be offered at the same time as the planned reduction of Bitcoin on May 11, which will reduce the miner income by 50% to 6.25 BTC per block. This 50% has led miners to look for more efficient mining equipment. Users are seeking Antminer T19 profitability for earning more profitability.

According to Coinshares, Bitmain may have lost 10 percent of its dominant market share in 2019, as Microbt, the maker of the Whatsminer Miners series, continues to sell more powerful miners worldwide. This trend is likely to continue in 2020.

Antminer T19 sellers

What kinds of cryptocurrencies do the Antminer T19 mines?

Antminer T19 uses the SHA-256 algorithm to mine cryptocurrency. So Antminer T19 profitability is appropriate. The different types of cryptocurrencies that Antminer T19 can mine are as following:

Above are the minable coins that Antminer T19 profitability in mining them is appropriate and acceptable.

What are the specifications of Mining Pools?

The Bitcoin and other Altcoins networks are decentralized, and thousands of computer systems and mining devices, such as the T19 Antminer, are responsible for generating new bitcoins around the world.

In the following mining pools, Antminer T19 is used:

  • SlushPool is located in Asia/ Japan,
  • NiceHash that  the headquarter is in Maribor, Slovenia,
  • Poolin is headquartered in Hong Kong,
  • AntPool is located in Asia / China,
  • ViaBTC has several servers in Asia and Europe.

What are the differences between T19 and S19?

According to official news,

  • The features of the Antminer T19 include a mining speed of 84 TH / s and a power output of 37.5 joules per TH.
  • The chips used in this device are the same as those of the Antminer S19 and S19 Pro, although they use the newer APW12 version of the power supply system, which allows the device to turn on faster.
  • The Antminer T19 is a cheaper version of the Antminer S19. Of course, the Antminer T19 profitability is lower than Antminer S19.
  • Johnson Xu, head of research and analysis at Tokensight, explained to the Cointelegraph that the Antminer T series are usually the most effective, while the S Series models are the most productive of their generation.
  • According to information from F2Pool, one of the largest bitcoin mining pools, Antminer T19‌ profitability can generate $ 3.97 in revenue per day. While the Antminer S19‌ and Antminer S19 Pro‌ can generate $ 4.86 and $ 6.24 based on the electric price of $ 0.05 kWh, respectively.
  • The Antminer T19s, which consume 3,150 watts of power, are selling lower than S19. The Antminer T19 price is about $ 1,749 per unit. On the other hand, the Antminer S19 price is assumed at $ 1,785 and consumes 3,250 watts of power.
  • The Antminer S19 Pro, the most efficient of the three, is significantly more expensive, priced at $ 2,407. The Antminer T19 profitability is lower than Antminer S19. The reason Bitmain is producing another model for the 19 Series is the chips known as “Binning” chips.

Antminer in mining pool

What are the specifications of “Binning” chips?

Marc Fresa, founder of Asic.To mining hardware Company, told CoinTelegraph:

When chips are designed, they are made to achieve certain levels of efficiency. Chips that fail to reach the desired numbers, such as failing to meet their power or thermal output standards, are usually “Binned”.

Instead of dumping these chips in the trash, these chips are resold for lower efficiency devices. In the case of the Bitmain S19, chips that do not reach the desired level are sold cheaper in the T19 because they do not execute as well as their equivalent ones. So Antminer T19 profitability is less.

Binning chips

Are the Antminer T19 profitability and efficiency considerable?

Regarding the Halving event, Marc Fresa said that the release of the new model of miners has nothing to do with the fact that the devices do not sell well. “The biggest reason why miner devices don’t sell as well as manufacturers want is that at the critical time of Halving, cost of devices can go up and the hardness of the network is steadily declining,” he said. Customers want devices with different technical specifications. Therefore, manufacturers of mining hardware seek to offer products with more variety. Of course, the Antminer T19 profitability is lower than Antminer S19.

In short, it is not yet clear how efficient the 19 Series devices are because they have not yet sold in large numbers. The first series of S19s were sent to various regions around May 12, while the T19 miners have been shipped since June 30, 2020. As mentioned at the moment, “to prevent hoarding”, Bitmain only sells up to two devices per user.

Will the Antminer T19 model affect network status?

Bitcoin hash rate dropped 30% immediately after Halving. This is because the miners of the previous generation lost their profitability due to the increasing difficulty of mining. This forced the miners to reorganize. They started upgrading existing devices and selling their old devices to places where electricity was cheaper.

The arrival of a new generation of ASICs is expected to lead to even higher hash rates. The hash rate is likely to increase when updated devices start to be widely used on the network. Most experts want to know what effect the Antminer T19 will have on the state of the network.

Most experts believe that compared to the S19 series and the M30 series from MicroBT, the Model 19 will not affect the hash rate much due to its lower output. So the Antminer T19 profitability is lower.


What do experts think about it?

Kristy-Leigh Minehan, a consultant and former head of technology at Genesis Mining, said he did not expect the Antminer T19 to have a very large impact on concern because there are likely to be less than 3,500 devices of a certain quality on the network.

Mark Daria, CEO of the cryptocurrency consulting firm Bitpro, in an interview with Cointelegraph said:

There is no good reason to await the new model to notably affect the hash rate. It may be convincing for a miner in a place where electricity is extremely cheap, but otherwise, they will most likely buy the S19 instead. The Antminer T19 profitability is lower than Antminer S19.

Does Bitmain maintain its leadership in miner production?

“Bitmain is facing challenges to maintain its position of power in the future, given its recent domestic issues, and they have begun to look at other options to expand the impact of their industry,” Xu, head of research and analysis at Tokensight, told Cointelegraph. Xu added that Bitmain will continue to maintain its position in the industry early due to its influence on the network.

However, its current issues may allow competitors such as MicroBT to reach out to them.

It should be noted that by 2020, the power struggle within Bitmain Antrack had intensified. MicroBT’s M30 series also surpassed Antminer T19 profitability and Bitmain miners in hash rate correction.