Avalonminer 1246 profitability

How much is Avalonminer 1246 profitability?

  • 9 March 2021
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Avalonminer 1246 profitability is appropriate for users who want to earn money from cryptocurrencies. The Model Avalonminer 1246 from Canaan Company for Bitcoin mining uses algorithms SHA-256. So it has a maximum hash rate of 90 Th/s for an electric power consumption of 3420 Watts.

Avalonminer 1246 profitability

Avalonminer 1246

Above all the Avalonminer 1246 profitability in recent three months in 2021 is shown in the chart below:

Avalonminer 1246 profitability

Avalonminer 1246 profitability chart

On the other hand the Avalonminer 1246 profitability based on income and Electricity per specified periods in recent three months is shown in the table below:

Period day month year
Income $28.94 $868.24 $10,418.93
Electricity -$4.60 -$295.49 -$3,545.86
Profit -$9.85 $572.76 $6,873.07

Also to calculate the Avalonminer 1246 profitability accurately, firstly consider that the cost of electricity consumption may vary from country to country.

For more information about Avalonminer 1246 profitability, in the following table the Algorithms that are usable in this miner is shown:

Algorithm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
SHA-256 90 Th / s ±%3 3420 W ±7% 0.038 j/Gh $19.09 / day

Avalonminer 1246 works in high-efficiency mode with 90 Th per second. In addition Canaan Creative introduced a new model of the AvalonMiner 1246 mining machine in September 2020. Therefore the company claims that the 1246 model has a 30% better efficiency than the previous model.

The power of the AvalonMiner 1246 can reach 90 Th/s, while the processing power of the A11 series is on average 60 to 68Th/s.

How do we calculate the Avalonminer 1246 profitability by the Avalonminer 1246 profitability calculator?

Avalonminer 1246 profitability can be calculated using Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 profitability calculator software. So it calculates the profit of ASIC Miner. For example you can find ones via the https://minerstat.com/hardware/canaan-avalonminer-a1246 website. By entering the amount of the necessary parameters, you can use this software calculator for calculating profits. So the following parameters can be selected for calculating AvalonMiner 1246 profitability:

  • Firstly Hashrate 90 TH/s
  • Secondly Power consumption 3420 W
  • Thirdly currency USD
  • Electricity costs 0.1 USD / kWh
  • Reward calculation in average and median.

In the information contained in the Avalonminer 1246 profitability calculator, the following items based on the Asicminervalue website are considered:

  • These parameters are based on the hash rate of the whole network and the conversion rate of BTC to USD.
  • Use of 1 BTC equals $46907.1 in the calculation.
  • Avalonminer 1246 price is about 3000 dollars.
  • Most importantly the block bonus is calculated at 6.25 BTC.
  • Block rewards and hash rate changes in coming times are not assumed.
  • In addition the price of electricity used in the production of these criteria is $ 0.1 per kilowatt-hour.
  • Certainly the value of network hashes is different over time. So these outcomes for the Avalonminer 1246 profitability are just an estimation based on present values.

Avalonminer 1246 profitability

Avalonminer 1246 series

What are the specifications of AvalonMiner 1246?

In short For calculating the AvalonMiner 1246 profitability we should know about the specifications of this miner . Following is the table of the specifications of Antminer s15:

Manufacturer Canaan
Model AvalonMiner 1246
Release January 2021
Size 331 x 195 x 292 mm
Hash rate 90 Tera hash /s
Weight 1200 g
Chip name A12
Noise level 75 db
Cooling 12038
Number of Fans 4 x 12038
Power consumption 3420 W
Voltage 12 V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 – 35 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

What are Canaan products and miners?

Canaan Company is one of the famous manufacturers of miners. Moreover the Chinese company was founded in 2013. In short Canaan manufactures blockchain servers and microchips for ASIC devices. Canaan miners are among ASIC devices. So this devices are devices whose hardware and software are designed and manufactured in such a way that they have maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Miners need algorithms to extract virtual currencies. Canaan miners use the SHA-256 and are able to extract popular currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin cach.

Canaan Miner is produced with SHA-256 in different models and has a high variety. After that miners 2018 and Miners 2019 are among the best-selling miners of the Canaan brand in the market. Then users can choose them according to their budget. In addition Canaan manufactures its miners under the name Avalon. On the other hand the company offers newer models of its miners every year. More over the higher the processing power of a miner than the power consumption, the more profitable that miner is. So the newer products have better processing power.

You can see the price of Canaan miners below and check their specifications:

Model Algorithm Hash rate Power consumption
AvalonMiner 1246 SHA-256 90 Tera hash /s 3420 W
AvalonMiner 921 SHA-256 20 Tera hash /s 1700 W
AvalonMiner 920 SHA-256 19 Tera hash /s 1710 W
AvalonMiner 851 SHA-256 14.5 Tera hash /s 1450 W
AvalonMiner 852 SHA-256 15 Tera hash /s 1500 W

Why is AvalonMiner 1246 one of the miners’ choices?

It is good to know there are several companies in the field of miner production. For example Bitmain (producer of Bitmain AntRack), Canaan, Ebang and Cheetah. But a particular brand cannot be considered the best miner in the market because the main competition is between energy consumption and hash rate miners.

Also it is better to know the AvalonMiner 1246 was available from January 2021. Although the performance of this model is lower than Antminer S19, its price is a little cheaper. That is to say the AvalonMiner 1246 price is around $ 3,000. So for those who want to mine bitcoin by personal miners, it is worth having it in their choices.

So in the following mining pools, it is used:

Firstly SlushPool is located in Asia/ Japan,

Thirdly Poolin is headquartered in Hong Kong,

Also AntPool is located in Asia / China,

And finally ViaBTC has several servers in Asia and Europe.

Avalonminer 1246 profitability

AvalonMiner 1246 efficiency

What are the types of cryptocurrencies that AvalonMiner 1246 mines?

We should say this miner uses the SHA-256 to mine cryptocurrency. So the different cryptocurrencies that you can mine with this miner are as following:

  1. Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  2. Acoin (ACOIN)
  3. Curecoin (CURE)
  4. eMark (DEM)
  5. Bitcoin (BTC)
  6. Joulecoin (XJO)
  7. BitcoinCash (BCH)
  8. Peercoin (PPC)
  9. Unbreakable (UNB)
  10. Terracoin (TRC)

So AvalonMiner 1246 profitability in mining the above currencies is proper and acceptable.

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