Antminer s15 profitability

How much is Antminer s15 profitability?

  • 3 March 2021
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Antminer s15 profitability is suitable for users who want to earn revenue from cryptocurrencies. The Model Antminer S15 from Bitmain Company for Bitcoin mining uses algorithms SHA-256. As a result it has a maximum hash rate of 28 Th/s for an electric power consumption of 1596 Watts.

Antminer s15 profitability

Antminer s15

The Antminer s15 profitability in recent three months is shown in the chart below:

Antminer s15 profitability

Antminer s15 profitability chart

The Antminer s15 profitability based on income and Electricity per specified periods in recent three months is shown in the table below:

Period day month year
Income $8.84 $265.14 $3,181.63
Electricity -$4.60 -$137.89 -$1,654.73
Profit $4.24 $127.24 $1,526.89

To calculate the Antminer s15 profitability accurately, consider that the price of electricity consumption may vary from region to region.

For more information about Antminer s15 profitability, in the following table the Algorithms that are usable in this miner is shown:

Algorithm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
SHA-256 28 Th / s ±%2 1596 W ±7% 0.057 j/Gh $4.24 / day
SHA-256 17 Th / s ±2% 850   W ±7% 0.05   j/Gh $2.92 / day

Antminer s15 works in high-efficiency mode with 28 Th per second and energy-saving mode with 17 Th per second. In these two cases, the amount of power consumption, efficiency, and profitability of the device will be different.

The energy efficiency of Antminer s15 is a definite value and its unit is joules per Giga hash. This value refers to how much power efficiency, or rather hash rate, per joule of energy consumed by the device.

How do we calculate the Antminer s15 profitability?

In the information contained in the Antminer s15 profitability calculation table, the following items based on the Asicminervalue website are considered:

  • These figures vary based on the hash rate of the entire network and the conversion rate of BTC to USD.
  • Bitcoin mining equipment criteria based on a network hash rate 176,046,130,056 GH /s.
  • Use of 1 BTC equals $46907.1 in the calculation.
  • Equipment costs may vary.
  • The block bonus is calculated at 6.25 BTC.
  • Future block rewards and hash rate changes are not considered.
  • The price of electricity used in the production of these criteria is $ 0.12 per kilowatt-hour.
  • The amount of network hashes varies over time. These results for the Antminer s15 profitability are just an estimate based on current values.

It is good for you to read about ASIC Miner profitability ranking in 2020 for more information.

What are the specifications of Antminer s15?

For calculating the Antminer s15 profitability we should know about the specifications of Antminer s15. Following is the table of the specifications of Antminer s15:

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model Antminer S15
Release December 2018
Size 176 x 221 x 279 mm
Hash rate 28 Tera hash /s
Weight 7000 g
Chip name BM1391BE
Chip size 7 nm
Noise level 76 db
Number of Fans 2
Power 1596W
Wires APW8 PSU included
Voltage 16 V-18 V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %

How does Antminer s15 Work?

Antminer S15 uses a new 7nm processor. Antminer S15 is durable and energy-saving. Emphasis on “High performance, longer life, and power-saving” features is one of the advantages of this device. Antminer S15 works in both standard and power modes.

For the security of its products (such as Bitmain AntRack miner), Bitmain has always included how to connect to the network via the Ethernet network port and has eliminated the wireless connection due to the risks involved, as is the case with the Antminer S15.

The parallel fan design in the Antminer S15 has modified the heat waste system. The assumption of a new heat waste structure in this miner to reduce wind speed and reduce airflow resistor has significantly modified thermal efficiency. So this results in reduced maintenance costs in long-term operations.

The Antminer S15 uses two cooling fans. It adopted the integrated miner, miner plus power supply design.

Why is Antminer S15 one of the miners’ choices?

Nowadays, due to the widespread use of cryptocurrencies, interested people are looking for a suitable tool. Antminer s15 profitability, which can be used to mine cryptocurrencies, is suitable for this purpose. For people who are thinking about progress and revenue generation in the field of cryptocurrencies, Antminer s15 profitability is obvious.

With the introduction of Antminer S15, Bitmain Company has created a surprise in the field of bitcoin mining, which has made bitcoin mining easier due to the increase in the hash rate of the device. This device works in two modes of high power consumption and energy storage. That consumes 1596 watts of power in high-frequency mode, but with an output of 28 watts. So it can be said that it consumes optimal electricity and energy-saving mode.

It consumes 850 watts of energy. The hash rate of it is also 17 Th per second, which is recommended to be used in this mode as well. By considering these items in the energy storage mode the Antminer s15 profitability is suitable:

  • Reduce the power consumption,
  • Reducing the temperature of the device,
  • And reducing its sound in the working state.

The device is made with a power supply, so there will be no need for an additional PSU.

Antminer s15 profitability

Fans of Antminer S15

What are the benefits of Antminer S15?
  • Power supply
    The Antminer S15 is made with a power supply.
    • It facilitates transportation due to the power supply
    • It will no longer have the hassle of connecting power cables to the device.
    • So there is no need to worry about buying an extra PSU, although you do need a compatible power cord.
  • Connect to the network through the Ethernet network port. Bitmain has always provided how to connect to the network through the Ethernet network port for Antminer S15 security.
  • Long-term mining,
    It belongs to the new era of 7-nanometer miners. The Antminer T15 is powered by a 7nm Bitmain chip, an integrated chip with more than 1 billion transistors that improves CPU performance and Antminer S15 profitability.
  • Two modes of choice freely,
    • High-efficiency mode is designed for miners who are looking for performance.
    • The Energy-saving mode is designed for miners who prefer to consume less energy.

Antminer s15 profitability

Antminer s15 efficiency

What are the types of cryptocurrencies that Antminer s15 mines?

Antminer S15 uses the SHA-256 algorithm to mine cryptocurrency. The types of cryptocurrencies that you can mine with this miner are as following:

  1. Crown (CRW)
  2. Acoin (ACOIN)
  3. Curecoin (CURE)
  4. eMark (DEM)
  5. Bitcoin (BTC)
  6. Joulecoin (XJO)
  7. BitcoinCash (BCH)
  8. Peercoin (PPC)
  9. Unbreakable (UNB)
  10. Terracoin (TRC)

So Antminer s15 profitability in mining these currencies is appropriate and acceptable.

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