Helium Price Prediction Is HNT a Good Investment

Helium Price Prediction: Is HNT a Good Investment?

  • 12 October 2021
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In this article, we will review the Helium price prediction in 2021 and beyond to answer the question of whether HNT is a profitable investment or not?

Today, many people seek financial advice and invest in the cryptocurrency market as it offers a way to build wealth in the future. However, the cryptocurrency market is vast and volatile as prices rise and drop constantly. According to CoinMarketCap, there are 7,812 cryptocurrencies in the market with a total market cap of $324.716 billion (as of January 20, 2021). While some of these cryptocurrencies are very well known, others are still largely anonymous. However, many of these less-known cryptos have a bright future ahead. As a result, with the knowledge of their fundamentals and awareness of crypto experts’ outlooks regarding their future, you will be able to invest well ahead of your competitors to benefit the most.

Helium is one of the new additions to the crypto market that is on the growing stage. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about Helium price prediction, continue reading this article. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll learn about the project, the team behind the crypto, and the most recent Helium price predictions made. Then join me, and let’s start.

What Is Helium?

Helium, or Helium Network (HNT), was launched in July 2019. As time goes by, the world becomes increasingly digital. Through a vast network of computers and devices known as the internet, the digital universe grows. Helium (HNT) is a decentralized blockchain peer-to-peer network that provides wireless high-speed internet coverage through Hotspots. In other words, the Helium network simplifies connecting anything to the internet via a Blockchain, wireless network, and open-source software. Helium network provides a more viable alternative to current internet access.

With the Helium LongFi global united network, you will have stable internet access, meaning you can connect wirelessly from anywhere in the world. Helium aims to provide future IoT (Internet of Things) communication, identifying inadequacies in the current infrastructure. Helium offers robust and secure device connectivity for a fraction of the cost. According to Helium, the wireless connectivity options of today are unsuitable for the next generation of technology. Thus, the Helium secure and open-source technology enables developers to build low-power, Internet-connected machines quickly and cost-effectively. The Helium network aims to empower people network, and currently, there are more than 8600 hotspots installed in 1800 cities.

The HNT Coin

HNT is the native coin of the Helium network that was launched in July 2019 in the market. First of all, note that you can mine HNT. The HNT mining is also called hotspot mining. Hotspot mining is straightforward as there are no complications. To start mining HNT, all you need is a Hotspot device and a good internet connection. You have to download a mobile application on your phone and activate the hotspot.

The hotspot will enable the data transfer, and you will earn HNT coins. In general, mining periods of 30 to 60 minutes unlock HNT coins distributed according to a changing growth plan. Helium uses a proof-of-coverage (PoC) mechanism, which rewards users for contributing to the mining and ensuring stability. HNT is designed as hotspot rewards for providing wireless coverage for connecting devices. Moreover, all major exchanges, including Binance, FTX, gate.io, Hoo, etc., offer the opportunity to purchase Helium coins directly.

The Helium Founders – Who Are They?

Helium was founded in 2013 as a protocol by three co-founders, Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning, and Sean Carey, to make it easier to establish connected devices. However, its mainnet was finally launched in late-2019. The Helium engineering and marketing teams are highly experienced developers and marketers with years of experience in large projects and brands. Helium’s team now consists of members who the company says have expertise in “radio and hardware, manufacturing, distributed systems, peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies.”

The Helium Founders - Who Are They?

The Helium Team

A Review of Helium Price History

Source: TradingBeasts (Helium Price Performance at a Glance)

HNT Price Performance in 2020

One of the easiest methods to predict the future price, like Helium (HNT), is to look at its prior price history on a chart. According to CoinMarketCap, HNT held a cost of $0.2721 in mid-2020. The coin price fell as low as $0.25, setting an all-time low in its price history. Over the year, HNT saw a steady increase in its price, reaching a trading value of $1.29 by the end of the year.

Source: CoinMarketCap (Helium Price Movement in 2020

HNT Price Performance in 2021

The price of the HNT coin remained stable throughout the first weeks of 2021 until the end of January, when its trading value almost doubled, reaching the cost of $2.49. Its price growth continued in February, setting a new all-time high of $4.60 per one coin. The HNT coin went quiet for a week or two, just for it to surge again during March.

This year’s bullish run proved highly fruitful for the coin, during which the HNT experienced a 1300% increase in its price, reaching an all-time high of $23.01. Currently, HNT is the 74th most expensive virtual currency as of October 10, 2021, at $19.500.

Helium Price Prediction in 2021

Helium Price Prediction in 2021

Helium Price Prediction in 2021 and Onwards

Now, let’s look at some Helium price predictions and see what analysts think of HNT’s future. Are you ready? Then, let’s start.

WalletInvestor Helium Price Prediction

WalletInvestor Helium Price Prediction

According to their forecast system, HNT is an excellent (one-year) investment. Then, if you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns, HNT can be a profitable investment option. The Helium price prediction for 2026-10-03 is $113.980. Therefore, with a five-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +483.2%. As such, your current $100 investment may be up to $583.2 in 2026.

Based on the WalletInvestor Helium crypto forecast, a long-term increase is expected. Accordingly, the Helium price can increase from $19.544 to $39.262 in one year. Thus, the long-term earning potential shows a 100.89% increase in one year. WalletInvestor thinks that the Helium (HNT) future price will be $113.980. Since this virtual currency has a positive outlook, they recommend it as part of your investment portfolio.

TradingBeasts Helium Price Prediction

According to the platform, the Helium price is forecasted to reach $17.704 by the beginning of November 2021. The expected maximum price is $22.130, and the predicted minimum price is $15.049. The Helium price prediction for the end of the month is $17.704.

The Helium price is likely to reach $17.907 by the beginning of December 2021. The expected maximum price is $22.384, and the minimum anticipated cost is $15.221. The Helium price prediction for the end of the month is $17.907.

TradingBeasts Helium Price Prediction

Helium Price Prediction for 2021

Therefore, as you see, according to their forecasts, the Helium price is going to decrease. Currently, The Helium price is about $19, but by the end of 2021, the average Helium price is predicted to be $18.087. They think that Helium price prediction for the end of 2022 will be at least $15.728. Its expected price for the end of 2023 is at least ($14.226), and for the end of 2024, it is ($23.007).

DigitalCoin Helium Price Prediction

Source: DigitalCoin (Helium Price Prediction from 2021-2028)

As shown in the graph above, the platform predicts that HNT will be $29.56 in 2021. Moreover, Helium predicted price will reach ($34) in 2022, ($39.91) in 2023, ($50.93) in 2024, ($57.7) in 2025, ($67.5) in 2026, ($79.11) in 2027, and eventually ($87.43) in 2028. Then, according to the data derived from the platform, the lowest price of HNT in the future will be up to $82.59, and its highest price in the future will be up to $96.12. Therefore, HNT prices will increase according to their predicted data in the future. In short, Helium (HNT) is a profitable investment based on their forecasting. According to their technical analysis data and Helium (HNT) future forecast, the coin reflects a promising future.

Crypto Academy Helium Price Prediction

After careful research and analysis, Crypto Academy predicts that the Helium coin might continue increasing, closing 2021 with a trading value of $45. Moreover, they think the HNT coin may continue this uptrend throughout 2022, hitting the $100 milestone and setting new all-time highs. In the long run, they believe that the coin is set to increase to a price between $300-$350. In conclusion, the currency might experience a short downtrend and then skyrocket back up, possibly reaching $600 by 2030.

CoinsKid Helium Price Prediction

According to the platform, the Helium price prediction is expected to increase in value in the coming months of 2021. The HNT is predicted to be around $25.68 in December 2021. The maximum Helium price for December 2021 can be $28.25, and the minimum cost is likely to be $21.57 for December 2021.

Source: CoinsKid (Helium Price Prediction for 2021)


According to CoinsKid, Helium price prediction for 2022 seems to be a bullish trend till April. Prices begin at $26.20 in January, then climb to $28.03 in February, $29.43 in March, and $29.73 in April. In May 2022, the price drops a little to almost $27. The Helium price prediction can be $27.60 in July 2022. During December 2022, Helium may close at $42.84.

Source: Helium Price Prediction for 2022


The price of Helium is expected to start strong at $46.70 in February 2023 and reach a maximum cost of $64.41 in March. After this, there will be a steady rise in Helium price prediction from June to October 2023. The predicted price for December is $62.13.

Helium Price Prediction in 2023

The HNT price is likely to be $96.62 in December 2024. The Helium price prediction for December 2025 is likely to be $113.10.

The Helium Price Forecast in 2025

Gov. Capital Helium Price Prediction

The website uses a custom algorithm based on deep learning. Thus, the asset’s future price is predicted at $74.262942276985 (i.e., a %279.512 growth) after a year according to their prediction system. It means that if you invested $100 now, your current investment might be worth $379.512 on October 10, 2022. As such, this prediction means that this asset can be a  worthwhile addition to your portfolio as bullish trading markets are always a lot easier. In short, Helium has been showing a rising tendency and holds a long-term earning potential.

Source: Gov. Capital (One-year Helium Price Prediction) 

Long-term Helium Price Prediction

 CryptoNewsZ Helium Price Prediction

The forecasting website thinks that Helium (HNT) might jump to almost $20 in September and by December would head straight to the $25 level giving users a good return for relying on HNT coin at least for one year. In 2022, Helium’s share price may reach $25 to $30. The HNT coin may drop to $25 again in 2023. The HNT predicted price for 2024 is $35. This price prediction shows that Helium has full potential to sustain and consistently grow even in adverse conditions.

According to their cryptocurrency forecast, 2025 might mark a benchmark year, as the Helium price may surpass $42. Since no pandemics or recessions are anticipated to shake the foundations of the world economy this year, most of the damage done will be on the road to repair. With a bit of patience and keeping the hopes high in the long term, HNT investors can expect a rebound after the end of 2025. As the adoption of HNT would grow exponentially, by when Helium would be no more a naive entrant in the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but a well-seasoned player. We predict based on our forecast that the HNT price might hit the $50 mark by all means. Therefore, based on their Helium price prediction data, Long-term investment in Helium at the current price levels can be profitable.


According to the above Helium price predictions, it seems likely that Helium prices will rise in the future. Moreover, it has had a successful performance till now. Then, if you are looking to invest in Helium, with a longer-term outlook, it seems a good investment at this point after Bitcoin cloud mining. If the Helium network works as intended and companies and consumers utilize the network, the HNT price can go up a lot. Overall, the project is good in many ways, and the future outlook seems bright and promising.

Although Helium is a good project, many other external factors play a huge role in its success or failure. Therefore, never invest without doing research and always keep an eye on the market as a whole.

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