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Model HS3 from Goldshell Mining 2 algorithms (handshake, Blake2B-Sia) with a maximum hash rate of 4Th/s at a power consumption of 2000W Is one of the popular Goldshell models. In this article, we will review the Goldshell HS3 Profitability.

Goldshell HS3 review

The GoldShell HS3, which is produced by the GoldShell company, uses the handshake algorithm to mine. It only mines the handshake coin and is said to be 20x faster and more powerful than previous miners. The Goldshell HS3 has a power consumption of 2000 W with a noise level of 75 dB. The 75 dB shows that the miner is a very loud and noisy mining device.

It has a voltage of 12V. The weight of the product is 7000 g. The Goldshell HS3 was made to speed up mining. The device is also connected via an Ethernet connection. It works best in a temperature range of 5 – 45 degrees Celsius. The humidity range in which these device works is between 5 – 95%.

The Goldshell HS3 has dimensions of 180 x 280 x 310 nm and weighs around 700 g. The noise level of the device is quite high, but it can be well understood given its profitability. The profitability of the device shows that it has good efficiency. The efficiency shows that the device works well under the conditions required for the operation of the device.

Goldshell HS3 Profitability: Noise level

The noise level of the device is high at 75 dB. This is an indication that the device must not be installed in a residential area. For miners who want to set up their mining device in a residential area, this should not be possible with the device. Also, an increase in the noise level shows that the device would generate enough noise pollution for the environment.

Goldshell HS3 Power consumption

The power consumption of this device is low compared to other devices on the market. The Goldshell HS3 consumes 2000W of power. The manufacturers have made sure that the device has a low power consumption compared to the other devices. This doesn’t affect profitability. It was also designed in such a way as not to affect the profitability of the device.

Also, This device does not mine bitcoin, and therefore profitability might not attract miners. It mines the Handshake cryptocurrency, and the profitability changes according to the price of the Handshake coin in the market.

The device comes with a power adapter. The cost of electricity is also another thing to consider for new miners looking to start mining with this device. Electricity costs are indeed different and can affect the profitability of the device as well. The profitability of the device can be affected by the production costs of dismantling the device.

The efficiency of the HS3

The makers of the Goldshell HS3 have ensured that the device turns out to be one of the most efficient miners on the market. The mining company produced the device with an efficiency of 1j/Gh. This is one of the most efficient miners on the market and this is also the competitive advantage that the Goldshell HS3 has over all other mining rigs on the market. This is important to know that the efficiency of the device shows that less power dissipation is consumed. Also, This means that profitability will not be affected even if the device’s power consumption or hash rate is reduced. This makes the device special on the market.

Goldshell HS3 Profitability

The Goldshell HS3 is considered to be one of the most profitable miners on the market. The device shows that it can have profitability of $4.65/day, $139.46/month, and a profitability of $1,673.56 /year. Note that this is only the estimated profitability of the device and is subject to change. Also, It is influenced by the price of the coin in the market, the hash rate needed to mine it, and the power consumption that the device used to mine the coins.

Goldshell HS5 profitability vs Goldshell HS3

The profitability of Goldshell HS5 is $2,484.48 in one year, which seems unreasonable to invest in it since the device price is $6.8,000. This shows that the ROI is only 20 percent in one year. The initial capital is thus covered within five years. However, this depends on the market situation.

Goldshell KD6 profitability vs Goldshell HS3

Goldshell KD6 profitability is the most profitable crypto mining rig in the world with an estimate of $196 per day. Since this model has been working since March 2021, the USD 133 income is a real amount and not an estimate.

HS3 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Goldshell
  • Model: HS3
  • Also known as HS3 Handshake Miner 2000Gh/s
  • Release: October 2020
  • Size: 180x280x310mm
  • Weight: 7000g
  • Noise level: 75db
  • fan(s): 2
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Ethernet: interface
  • Temperature: 5 – 45 °C
  • Humidity: 5-95%

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