What’s in it for me as an investor?

It does not matter what you do for a living and in what currency you make money. Minerland provides you with access to a smart mining facility as a profitable passive income. You purchase points in the form of plans on our platform. These points are transferable to hash power and a certain amount of them bring you an estimation of profit.

How can I estimate my profit?

The SHA-256 mining algorithms depend on certain elements including price, difficulty (the more the miners, the more the level of difficulty for mining will be) and maintenance fees (a dynamic cost which will be deducted from your daily profit for the purpose of maintaining mining facilities). the profit estimation of each plan will be shown to you on the plans page. As said, profit estimation depends on some dynamic parameters and may vary from time to time.

Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

Yes, You can purchase any of the plans you want. You may have two soldiers and a captain at the same time. Each plan is a separate contract and is mentioned in your dashboard. To make it simple, your balance is an accumulation of your plan’s income.

How can I withdraw my profit?

Your income is calculated in BTC. Simply, go to the withdrawal page in your panel and paste your Bitcoin wallet address. Your balance will be in your wallet within 24 hours. There will be no transfer charge unless the regular spread of Blockchain.com. Your balance must meet a minimum quantity which will be announced in the notification section of your dashboard. To access your transaction history, you must download the application.

What does Re-investment mean?

Re-investment means instead of withdrawing your balance, simply exchange it for points to be added to your hash power for mining purposes. There will be a minimum amount for such an exchange which will be announced through notifications in your dashboard.

What’s in it for me as an affiliate?

The Minerland’s affiliation program is a win-win deal. You can make up to 5% commission on each purchase with your affiliation code. Your commissions are considered as points in your dashboard meaning you literally mine crypto without any investment! In order to become an affiliate, you have to install our mobile app on your device and build your network with it.

Can I have a refund?

Yes, you may know almost all of the cryptocurrency cloud mining companies do not refund your investment because of the ASIC servers and process expenses. We hope you have a very enjoyable experience and stay with us. However, in case of not being satisfied with our service, there will be a 50% refund only within the first month of your contract.

Where are the mining facilities?

Minerland provides the hash power from private mining facilities in Georgia and a few other countries. Disclosing the location of these mining farms brings potential risks to the suppliers and our business due to the Supplier Non-Discloser Agreement rule in our contract. However, Minerland guarantees you that the mining facilities are well equipped with the latest technology to decrease the potential volatilities and to provide a sustainable profit for you.

Is there the risk of losing money?

No, Your investment transfers to hash power and your balance will be positive from the first day of your contract. We employ complicated analysis to provide you a portfolio of crypto coins that are profitable. However, there may be situations that the mining fee becomes greater than the profit. In such a situation, we sustain mining processes for a limited time and continue the mining process as soon as the profit becomes greater than the fee.

What coins does Minerland mine?

SHA-256 Algorithm Our mining facilities are dedicated to SHA-256 Algorithm coins which are based on proof-of-work protocol such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum, Z cash, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, etc. We use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system to shift your hash power to the most profitable coins at the moment. The artificial intelligence which is used for this purpose has not been patented yet and we are not allowed to disclose the specific secretes of the software to you. However, you still can enjoy the sweet results of this platform.