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Monero CPU mining is one of the most popular methods for Monero mining. cryptocurrencies in Monero (XMR) the market, whose privacy and anonymity of transactions have made it very important. Monero can mine using graphic cards (GPU) and CPUs. There is currently no specific device (ASIC) for Monero mining.

Before December 2019, cost-effective Monero mining was only possible with a graphics card, but with the December update, only Monero CPU mining profitability is possible and the graphics card is no longer cost-effective.

Monero CPU mining can be done with home system CPUs, but you should not look for much profit. Monero CPU mining is no longer a hobby. Today, to make Monero CPU mining profitable and professional as a job, you need to provide powerful hardware and prepare many requirements.

The Proof-of-Work algorithm of Monero changed from CryptoNight to RandomX in early December 2019. This algorithm is optimized for Monero CPU mining, and graphic cards Monero GPU mining will no longer be cost-effective.

Before this, the Monero CPU mining upgrade had not been very profitable and had not been considered professionally for a long time, but Monero reintroduced CPUs into best crypto mining.

In general, the following steps are required for the Monero CPU mining process to be profitable:

  • Provide a powerful hardware system or the same rig mining,
  • Create a Monero wallet to receive mine,
  • Start mining by joining the mining pool.

Monero mining

What is Monero mining Hardware?

For cost-effective Monero mining, you need a computer case with a powerful CPU. Computer cases for mining are also called rig mining.

You can buy a ready-made mining rig or assemble the parts yourself. In general, a computer case for mining should have the following components:

  1. Powerful CPU; The main part of the Monero rig is the CPU. You need a powerful processor. Intel and AMD are the largest CPU manufacturers in the world. If you want to do professional mining, it is better to use the new Ryzen series processors from AMD. However, Intel processors can also use for Monero CPU mining.

    Each CPU has specific processing power, also called the hash rate or hashing power. By having a hash rate of each processor and referring to the cryptocurrency profit calculator, you can calculate your approximate profit from cloud mining.

Ryzen series processors from AMD
  1. Chassis or case frame;
    The chassis is a means of mounting pieces of Rig on it. You can make the chassis ready or make it yourself. The chassis should be such that the parts are screwed well on it and are not unbalanced.
  2. Proper power supply;
    The electricity consumption of your Rig, plus other components, will not exceed 350 watts, but it is best to use a quality power supply such as a Green for Monero CPU mining to prevent damage to the components.

Power supply

What are the other hardware devices for mining?

  • Graphic card;
    you do not need a graphic card to mine with a CPU. A regular, inexpensive graphic card that is compatible with your motherboard will suffice.
  • SSD drive;
    you need memory to install the operating system and run the Monero CPU mining A 120 GB SSD drive is enough for you. Be sure to use an SSD drive for more convenience, less space, and faster access. It is not suitable for ordinary hard drive mining, but it has no problem with home system mining.
  • Required cables;
    you need suitable cables for different connections in the Rig. New parts have the necessary cables themselves.
  • Motherboard;
    Finally, for preparing the Monero CPU mining, you need a good motherboard to connect the parts. Be sure to research your motherboard carefully and make sure it is new and compatible with your other hardware.

120 GB SSD drive

What is the specification of an internet connection for XMR mining?

Monero CPU mining does not require high-speed internet, but it is important to have a stable and uninterrupted connection. Disconnection and connection make the mining process difficult. The best type of internet connection for mining is ADSL.

You need a simple and durable modem for an Internet connection. With the “Ethernet” cable, you can connect your modem to the motherboard network card. Mining does not consume much volume and has a maximum of 5 gigs per month of internet consumption.

What are the final steps in preparing for Monero CPU mining?

  • Assembling the parts;
    After preparing the parts, mount them on the motherboard and case. It is almost simple. You can ask professional users. There are many videos on YouTube that you can use.
  • Installing operating systems and drivers; you can use Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to run Monero CPU mining It is recommended to install Windows 10. Because you do not have a DVD driver, you must install Windows from a flash drive. Run Windows on the flash with ISO software.

    Connect your system to a monitor and turn it on. You can install Windows via USB boot. Install the required graphic card as well as network card drivers on Windows.

Now your system is ready for Monero CPU mining.

What is the official Monero digital wallet?

Once you have started Monero CPU mining, you need to save your reward coins in your wallet.

The best and safest wallet for Monero is its official wallet, the Monero GUI Wallet, which can be downloaded from the official Getmonero.org website.

Note that the “Monero GUI Wallet” is a complete node and downloads the whole Monero blockchain. The size of the Monero blockchain is about 70 GB and it will take you several hours to download it. For this reason, most users use other wallets that do not need to download the whole blockchain.

So if you do not want to download the whole blockchain of Monero, you can use other wallets that are much more convenient.

Monero rank

What are the best Monero wallets?

For saving your income from Monero CPU mining you can use other wallets as following:

  • Monero Web Wallet, the best Monero online wallet is available through MyMonero link. Of course, this wallet also has a desktop and android version that you can use.
  • The best Monero desktop wallet, Exodus wallet is the best desktop wallet for saving Monero CPU mining. Of course, there are other options for the desktop, such as Guarda and Atomic.
    But the Exodus wallet has a very convenient and understandable user interface, and everyone can use it easily. Apart from Monero, this wallet also supports about 100 other cryptocurrencies.
  • The best Android wallet, Moneroju Wallet is an open-source wallet with a good user interface and security credentials. This wallet does not need to download a full node, but you can have your node if needed, and this feature built into it.
  • The best iOS wallet, Cake Wallet has been reviewed by users and members of the Monero team and has a very high reputation. The transaction fee in this bag is determined each time according to the network status.

Now that you have your Monero wallet, you are ready to start Monero CPU mining. But first, we recommend that you take care of your CPU and do not use it improperly.

Exodus wallet
How to start Monero CPU mining?

After preparing the Monroe system and wallet, we get to the most important part of the training, which is getting started. For Monero CPU mining you should follow these steps:

  • Joining a mining pool, the mining pool is a virtual place where miners gather and everyone tries to mine a block. In this method, each miner benefits based on her processing power of Monero CPU mining. Without joining the mining pool, your chances of becoming a block miner will be very low, and only large mining farms will operate independently.
  • Setting the Operating System, the best operating system for Monero CPU mining right now is Microsoft Windows 10. Do not use older Windows operating systems. You need to do a special setup on Windows for better mining. All you have to do is enable “Huge Pages” in Windows.

Monero chart
How to choose a mining pool?

The best way to choose a Monero mining pool and any other currency is to visit “MiningPoolStats.stream.” Just select your currency after entering the site or search for it in the left box. A list of the best pools for that currency will show to you in order of their share of the network hash rate. On the right is the price and degree of difficulty of the network, which is a great blessing for miners.

It is recommended to choose a mining pool that has a strong user interface and is very simple and straightforward to work with. Note that a hash rate above each pool does not mean a higher profit. A higher hash rate only means that more blocks found in the mining pool and as a result, your payments will make sooner.

It is better to use a Monero CPU mining pool that you have no problem connecting to.

Has rate in Monero CPU mining
How to select and configure Monero CPU mining software?

XMRig software is the famous software for processors in Monero CPU mining. Fortunately, working with it is very simple. After entering the download page on the GateHub site, download the GCC-win64.zip version (for 64-bit Windows) and save the zip file in a folder after opening it. You must create a configuration for XMRig software to run.

Some software claims that Monero CPU mining can be done. Minergate, for example, is a mining pool for many cryptocurrencies that can be mined with one click to start mining operations.

Just visit Minergate.com and download and install its software. After opening the software and entering an email, you can start crypto mining for example bitcoin cloud mining with a click. Of course, in using this software, one should be very careful and research so that they do not steal hashes.

What is important for considering in Monero CPU mining?
  • The RandomX algorithm introduced in late 2019, and since then many methods and settings for increasing processor hash rate published by Monero users and miners.
  • CPU overclocking is critical to accessing higher processing power and can easily damage your CPU.
  • Follow the trial and error on this algorithm performed by experienced miners. Use them after you are sure of their results. Many older Monero miners often share their experiences on Reddit and the Moneromining subgroup.
  • Miner software (including XMRig) usually has many settings for more efficient use of your CPU. In the beginning, it is better to  satisfy with the mining with the initial settings of your processor and do not rush.
  • You can refer to the cryptocurrency profit calculator to see the profitability of your processor. Note that this profit is relevant to the day of calculation and may change in the future due to rising or falling network stiffness or currency prices.

RandomX algorithm
  • New processors consume less power than high-end graphic cards, but you have to add power to the motherboard, RAM, and other components.
  • In the future, with the addition of various farm servers, the difficulty of the Monero network could increase dramatically. It is enough for every business that has several powerful servers to decide to spend some time of the day for Monero CPU mining. But at the moment, the network is very good and promising.
  • Monero was able to remove all FPGA logos, botnets, and equipment from the network, and Monero users quickly backed the network. Currently, the overall hash rate of the network is around 500 MHz, which is a very good figure.
  • we recommend that you do not buy expensive processors for this algorithm of Monero CPU mining, as these processors will not be as profitable in the event of network stiffness or any other problems with Monero. Although, their profitability is still not very interesting.
  • In this case, like the graphic card, you cannot easily choose another currency to mine.
  • You can subscribe to a cryptocurrency cloud mining service to earn Monero, without buying hardware systems.
  • You can use the experiences of others in the comments section of social networks.