Everything about WhatsMiner m32 and its profitability

  • 29 June 2021
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Today, there are many ways for bitcoin mining. Miners use ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) which are efficiently designed for mining purposes. We mentioned some top ASIC mining machines on the market like Antminer t19, Antminer s17 pro, and Avalon miner 1246, to help you become a profitable bitcoin miner. To help you decide, we will talk about one more ASIC device, WhatsMiner m32, its current price, hash rate, and profitability.

With so many jumps on the mining bandwagon, these devices have become expensive and difficult to purchase. In most cases, in addition to the ASIC unit, you need to buy a good quality PSU (power supply) for maximum performance.

An important point when buying an ASIC miner should be how soon your original capital is likely to return. This is determined by the hashing power of the machine – the number of BTCs it can generate per day – minus the cost of electricity and maintenance, the mining pool fees, and the current mining difficulty.

While these numbers are useful, you should also use a profitability calculator like the one available at Coinwarz to estimate your BTC returns before ordering and using it. Note that there are some running expenses including electricity costs and the mining pool fees. A good profitability calculator lets you calculate your ROI (return on investment) accurately.

The exchange rate between Bitcoin and Fiat currencies is quite volatile, so one strategy is to cash in quickly by registering on a BTC exchange like Binance, CoinEx, or Luno exchange.

Everything about WhatsMiner m32 and its profitability

ASIC Miners

About MicroBT Company

MicroBT, founded in 2016, is a technology company based on Blockchain and artificial intelligence. They focus on integrated circuit chips and provide relevant system solutions and technical services. They adhere to integration to provide high-quality products and services. MicroBT is now a certified nationally advanced technology company.

Given the massive demand for cryptocurrency mining rigs, according to Chinese media and Asian journalist Collin Wu, the company’s market value could exceed “tens of billions by 2021”.

As a chip design and manufacturing company, they have a completely independent design and technology process. The main technologies include algorithms, integrated circuit microstructure optimization, low power technology, advanced system chip packing system, and cooling technology. These core technologies and engineering methods have been successfully validated and used in the mass production of chips and their Blockchain server products.

According to the company’s strategy and development plan, MicroBT is planning to discover and expand its core R&D capabilities to other high-performance computing areas such as artificial intelligence through independent R&D and strategic cooperation.

MicroBT, one of China’s largest mining rig manufacturers, is preparing for an IPO this year in the US stock market. microBT is a relatively new player but the second-largest bitcoin mining rig manufacturer in China. The company has gained a good market share with its Whatsminer series in a very short time. IPO’s plans of Whatsminer include publicity on the NASDAQ. US public listing plans have been underway since 2019.  However, legal issues with Bitmain have delayed the listing.

About MicroBT Company


Last year in September 2020, microBT opened its overseas plant to meet the growing demand of its non-Chinese customers. Whatsminer has become the second-largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining machines and is preparing to participate in the NASDAQ to raise more funds to buy Samsung chips and build more machines. Chinese Crypto blogger Colin Wu unveiled the news but did not mention a timeline.

Once publicized, the market value may exceed tens of billions of dollars. MicroBT founder Yang Zoxing has previously served as director of cryptocurrency design at Bitmain. He is also the main idea behind the most powerful S9 mining chips from Bitmain.

Whatsminer M32-70 Connect the mining hardware with the plug and play

WhatsMiner M32-70 is a popular mining machine. This is a newer introduction of M32 that was first produced in December 2020. It comes with a 3500W – 220V power supply built on top, eliminating the 9 pin cables and makes it easier to plug into your outlet.

M32 is the same size as the company’s flagship Miner the M20S. Its inside-out fan system produces peak hashing power while keeping the computer cool. It makes Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash mining easy and almost anyone can do it. All you need to do is plug in power and internet, find what IP address the box was assigned, and then put that IP address in a web browser to login to the graphical interface. You will be mining Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in less than 30 minutes and making money using WhatsMiner M32S.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer:  MicroBT

Model: Whatsminer M32

Release: July 2020

Size: 230 x 350 x 490mm

Noise level: 75db

Fan(s): 2

Power: 3348W

Interface: Ethernet

Temperature: 0 – 45 °C

Humidity: 5 – 95 %

Whatsminer M32-70 Connect the mining hardware with the plug and play


WhatsMiner M32-62T

WhatsMiner M32-62T is released by the Chinese company Pangolin Miner and was in 2020. The manufacturer’s website not only provides detailed information about the miner, but also a great tutorial video on setting it up. This includes connecting the device via Ethernet and configuring the mining pool settings via the M32 web interface.

While the hash rate is lower than Bitmain Antminer products, this unit is also more expensive, but you can gain your return on investment in less than 100 days.

While the device consumes a lot of energy, the M32’s internal fans dissipate heat quickly, and its noise level is comparable to that of rival miners.  It also has the advantage of a PSU with a simple setup.

WhatsMiner M32-68T specifications

The MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T is an SHA-256 mining machine that can mine Bitcoin with a hash rate of 62Th and power consumption of 3348W. This device had an efficiency of 0.054j / GH.  It has a noise level of 75db and dimensions of 230 x 350 4 490 mm.

This device has two fans that help maintain the temperature of the device in optimal conditions. The operation of the device is efficient in the temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. Also, the humidity range of the device is in the range of 5 – 95%. The noise level of this device is 75db.  Unlike previous versions of the product and Bitmain products, this volume is considered as a high noise level, so it is not suitable for residential areas.

Power consumption MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T Miner

Power Consumption MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T indicates that this device is designed for high power consumption. Also, power consumption reveals that the device needs a large amount of power supply to operate.

This device works with 3348W power consumption.  It has a high consumption compared to other miners in the market.  The miner consumption of electricity shows that the cost of electricity for this miner will also increase. This only affects the profitability of the mining machine. Product profitability can be affected by the power consumption of the device.

Profitability MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T

The profitability of the MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T is low for miners.  Its approximate profitability is $ 0.42 per day, – $ 12.47 per month, and – $ 149.68 per year.

MicroBT WhatsMiner M32-68T mines bitcoins using SHA-256 algorithm.  It can also mine other coins.  Some other mineable coins are Acoin (Acoin), Curecoin, Joulecoin (XJO), Unbreakable (UNB), Peercoin (PPC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), eMark (DEM).

How to set up Whatsminer M32 Bitcoin Miner?

1) Installation

The first step is to connect your PSU (power supply unit) to your MicroBT Whatsminer 32. You can use special PSUs that are either built for bitcoin mining or even built for servers.

After about 30 seconds of turning on the device, the yellow light on the network port is usually on and the green light is blinking. Press the IPFOUND function for more than 5 seconds on the Miner Control Panel, the two LEDs on the right flash several times, indicating that the device has transmitted a single IP and MAC address to the network.

2) Mining pool

Enter the Miner console

You must first open a web browser and enter the miner IP address. An interface appears that forces you to enter login information. The default username and password are both “Administrators”.

Mining Pool

After entering the configuration page – CGMiner Configuration and type the pool settings in one of the three pool configuration boxes as follows:

URL: layer + tcp: //btc.luxor.tech: 700

Worker: [LuxorUsername]. Username The username can be anything but do not use special symbols or characters as the username may be invalid.

After choosing the username, choose a password.

After entering the pool information, press Save and Apply. You can restart the control panel to ensure the configuration is effective.

3) Monitor the revenue and performance of the machine

Once you start hashing, get yourself a beer! It takes about 5 minutes for your miner to appear on our statistics page. To find your user, simply go to the miner’s tab.

Enjoy your new Bitcoin MicroBT Whatsminer M32 miner!

Growing demand for Crypto mining machines

Bitcoin cloud mining activity has recently reached a new record based on market standards.  Data from BTC.com shows that the mining difficulty set a new record in the first 2021 adjustment.  The mining difficulty has reached its all-time high of 20.65 trillion. In general, the world of cryptocurrency has been very vibrant in the last few months, especially in the manufacturing industry. On December 16, 2020, Bitcoin.com reported that the price of the latest mining rigs had risen by 35%.

500.com Ltd reached an initial agreement to acquire the mining machines from an unnamed non-US seller. The transaction allows the company to acquire mining machines, including models such as the M32 from the MicroBT, the T17, and the S9 from Bitmain.

The United States, on the other hand, is slowly emerging as a favorable destination for BTC mining, following the latest crackdown on Chinese authorities last year. Large cryptocurrency mining giants are preparing enterprise-grade bitcoin mining pools in North America. In addition, other players are aggressively buying new mining rigs as demand increases.

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