Do Europe take the lead in crypto investment?

Does Europe take the lead in crypto investment?

  • 28 October 2020
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According to Cryptocurrency market news and analysis of the Minerland, most high-level investors in Europe have invested or will continue to invest in cryptocurrencies.

According to the new official survey of several professional European investors shows that 36% of them have already bought cryptocurrencies. The Telegraph News Advisory Division has compiled and published a 70-page research report. This analyzes the approach of professional investors to digital assets. Several Cointelegraph researchers and reputable cryptocurrency companies have contributed to this report.

The report, entitled “Analysis of Institutional Demand for Cryptocurrencies,”. It examines what coins well-fixed investors have already bought or plan to buy in the coming months. The report also describes the dimensions of legal investment funds and popular structured financial products. Those that have been established or launched to attract investors from the traditional financial world.

What are the characteristics of European investors in the field of cryptocurrency?

The total assets of the 55 participants in the survey amounted to 719 billion euros. This is almost equal to twice the total value of the cryptocurrency market. According to the survey, 36% of these people already invest part of their portfolio in Blockchain-related products. They do it either by directly investing or investing in futures contracts. Directly for example cryptocurrencies, stable coins, securities tokens, mutual funds, structured financial products.

Of the remaining 64 percent who have not yet entered the cryptocurrency market, 39.29 percent have expressed a desire to enter the market. As a result, by collecting 36 and 25.15 percent, we find that 61.15 percent of the professional investors participating in the survey have either already entered the cryptocurrency market or intend to enter it soon.

What is the favorite cryptocurrency of investors?

Due to the report, survey results show that investors are more interested in bitcoin and ether than any other cryptocurrency. Among investors who have already devoted part of their portfolio to cryptocurrencies, 88% and 75% have bought Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. The best  Survey results also indicate that institutional investors are doubly interested in investing in securities tokens.

Besides, 39.29% of investors planning to enter the cryptocurrency market in the future said they were more interested in security tokens than Ethereum and other coins. There still is no data about their investment portion in cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms though.

Many investors have also purchased digital assets for speculation. They hope to take the lead before Wall Street activists enter the cryptocurrency market with big money. Leaving aside the fear of losing, the entry of institutional investors into the field should be very exciting and encouraging for having digital market participants.

When does the explosion of cryptocurrencies occur?

It is enough for the huge volume of assets of the professional investors. Those wor are active in pension funds, university endowments, and insurance companies. Is it sufficient for them to flow into the cryptocurrency market to witness its explosive growth?

Rumors have long been circulating that institutional investors are considering entering the cryptocurrency market, and now the results of an academic survey and the entry of several reputable companies in the field, including “Microstrategy“, “Stone Ridge”, and “Square” have confirmed these rumors.

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