Do women participation trending in the crypto market?

Do women participation trending in the crypto market?

  • 13 October 2020
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According to Digital currency market news and analysis of Minerland, the number of women in the world of Crypto and Blockchain has increased dramatically by 2020. The latest reports indicate that the number of women involved in the cryptocurrency market and some exchanges have grown by about 160 percent.

The general public thinks that only men are present in the cryptocurrency market. But CoinMarketCap analysts released a report on April 30, 2020, showing that the number of women in the cryptocurrency industry in the first quarter of 2020 has increased by more than 43 percent.

In what currency do women invest the most?

The operator of Grayscale fund said in a report in December that 43% of investors interested in bitcoin are women. This number has grown by 13% compared to last year and is still growing.

As the global economic situation worsens, many people have started investing in real estate, gold, and cryptocurrencies. Women are said to be more pessimistic about the global economy than men, but by 2020 their confidence in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly. So it shows that many women have found good investment in crypto assets.

Investing in cryptocurrencies has become a future success investment for others. Nisa Amoils, a female entrepreneur, cites attractive investment opportunities in the market are one of the principal motivations for the increase of women’s interest in digital money.

Bitcoin has doubled in value over the past two months since the recent halving of Bitcoin in May. It has caused a great deal of controversy over cryptocurrencies. In this case, the views of men and women were almost the same. In particular, according to Grayscale, about 49.8% of women predicted that limiting the release of bitcoin would push its price up in the future.

Are Encryption transactions exclusive to men?

The two factors have led to more women participating in crypto exchanges:

  • The rise in the price of bitcoin,
  • The attractiveness of digital currency investment.

For example, the global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb told Cointelegraph that the company’s number of female customers grew by 30% in 2020.
Its deputy director of the exchange said that today more women use digital money for investing in protecting their capital and fewer of them trade with their assets.

Is the geographical factor effective in attracting women to the field of digital currencies?

CoinMarketCap information presents that geographical factors can also influence women’s participation in the cryptography industry. For example, the United States and Europe are the regions that their request for digital money is ascending. The demand increases are related to the following reasons:

  • Economic factors such as low GDP
  • High unemployment due to Covid-19 conditions
  • The rise of IT companies
  • Increasing women educated in technology

The number of users of cryptocurrencies in these regions has increased by 50% since the beginning of the year.
Statistics released that it has been an upward trend for European women as well. Women who use digital currencies are mostly between 26 and 45 years old.

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