Cryptology crypto exchange review and features

Cryptology crypto exchange review and features

  • 10 April 2022
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Cryptology crypto exchange is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges in 2021. The designers made sure to create an easy-to-use service with impressive features. Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or an expert, you will never face any difficulties.

Cryptology crypto exchange Overview

Most people around the world have shifted their focus to cryptocurrency. The main thing that attracts them is the exceptional financial opportunities presented to investors. Anyone interested in joining the space can do so by registering with a reliable exchange.

Anyone interested in getting into the crypto market needs to understand that the exchange they choose is just as crucial as the knowledge they have. Being successful in the cryptocurrency sector does not only require financial skills. The exchange platform you choose also plays an important role.

So it’s reckless to use a mediocre service that doesn’t offer the standard trading features you need to excel in the cryptocurrency space.

Along with mediocre platforms, there are scammers and fraudulent companies. Such services pose a serious threat to investors. If you are not careful enough in your research, you may fall for the rogue platforms and lose your money. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that you are opting for a legitimate exchange service.

Cryptology crypto exchange is among the most reliable exchanges that you can find. It is popular with investors thanks to its reliable services. The platform is a crypto exchange and trading service. In addition, clients can earn passive income from digital assets using the Earn tool.

The company that operates the trading platform is located in Seychelles. It can be accessed by people from different locations around the world except in Japan and the United States.

Cryptology crypto exchange supported coins

On Cryptology crypto exchange, traders and investors can instantly buy or sell currencies like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), etc.

Cryptology is constantly working to expand its marketplace and add new coins to the trading list.

Also, the Cryptology crypto exchange supports DeFi!

The platform supports the most perspective projects and offers its users the opportunity to become part of the innovative DeFi system.

Cryptology has decided to add the most widely used and verified DeFi tokens to its platform: Synthetics, Maker, and Yearn.

Cryptology crypto exchange Supported Countries

The Cryptology crypto exchange is available worldwide except for the United States and Japan.

It was recently announced that Binance is leaving Germany, Holland, and Italy. However, Cryptology will not leave any countries shortly and will continue to offer its service in these countries as well.

Advantages of Cryptology crypto exchange

  • No verification is required. Cryptology crypto exchange cares about the security and privacy of its customers. All transactions are anonymous and are not verified.
  • Deposits without fees! Cryptology focuses on no-fee deposits on futures wallets.
  • Leverage up to x100 for futures trading.
  • High level of security. Cryptology is as safe and secure as possible. It uses encryption keys, AWS, constant access tests, and KMS.
  • Safe trading. Cryptology crypto exchange has a reliable infrastructure. It is protected by anti-cheating AI. Working on our platform, you can be sure that your money is reliably protected.
  • New Cryptology users have the opportunity to buy Bitcoin with no fees and use it to trade DeFi tokens.

The cryptology app is handy because:

  • You can use it as an e-wallet,
  • You can log in with any device anywhere in the world,
  • The interface is simple for instant crypto buying and selling,
  • You will find all professional trading tools in one place and
  • You can work with the most popular trading pairs.

Cryptology Fees

First of all, Cryptology is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where fees can go as low as 0%. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to enter the cryptocurrency space without significant early losses. Also, if you are a new user you can get a $100 bonus. Current fees are around 0.002 for makers and takers. If you trade any other crypto available on the platform, the fee depends on the trading volume.

They also have a 2.65% fee on credit and debit card deposits, up to a minimum of $25, RUB 1000, or €20. Fees of 0.45% apply to SEPA deposits with a minimum amount of €1. Verified users can also use transfers for at least $25 or €25 without any fees whatsoever. Different users from different countries may charge different fees. But this is the staple of dollars, euros, and rubles.

Cryptology exchange Cash withdrawal

Withdrawing fiat money is only available for institutional accounts and SEPA accounts with a minimum withdrawal of €50 and a fee of €7. Cryptology crypto exchange is available worldwide except for the United States of America and Japan.

Purpose of use

Cryptology has two leading cryptocurrency exchange trading platforms, the Spot Exchange and Futures Trading. Both are easy to use, so their reliability makes perfect sense.

On both platforms you have some features like trading history; Chart provided by TradingView; order book; order form. It is important to mention that the order form allows you to choose between buying and selling at the market or at a limited price. The only difference between the two platform features is that you can set the leverage you want in the future trading platform.

Cryptology Registration

Registration is very simple and is similar to registering on other platforms on the Internet. You need to provide some basic information (your first and last name, email address, and password) and agree to the platform’s terms of service. After registration, you can choose between two types of accounts. If you select the personal account, only the trading account will be available to you. While opting for the institutional account, you can also opt for the Global Wire account. The difference between them is Trading Account: It allows you to deposit both fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

However, you can only withdraw cryptocurrencies from it. Global Wire Account: This allows you to deposit both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. However, the advantage is that you can withdraw both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. You can only withdraw fiat money using the account you used to deposit. You can deposit fiat money with Visa and Mastercard. But Global Accounts can only withdraw via bank transfer.

Cryptology crypto exchange Verification

There is a two-step verification process that you can go through on the Cryptology crypto exchange: Basic Verification: This gives you a limit of $10,000. You just need to upload a picture of a document (passport, driver’s license, or ID card) along with a selfie next to that document. Full Verification: You upload proof of address. With this verification level, you have an account without any restrictions.

Cryptology Earn

Cryptology crypto exchange Earn is a new feature added to the platform. It is a service that provides passive income to the user. You can earn income from cryptocurrencies and some stablecoins that are also available on the platform. The user must use bank cards to make these investments. The feature also gives the user some tools to monitor their funds, reinvest them and withdraw them when needed.

Earnings depend on which cryptocurrencies the user chooses. It can be a 15% annual return on stablecoins like USDT and DAI, or 8% on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Since there are numerous investment opportunities, the return percentage can of course vary greatly. These are just some examples.

How cryptology helps beginners and professionals

Today, traders should check out this platform for the following characteristics:

  • Intuitive and simple platform. When you register or just browse or trade, you only access quick operations. You don’t have to worry about your coins crashing or your account loading the information for hours.
  • 0% fees. Cryptology crypto exchange is a good choice if you don’t want to run into fees or hidden charges.
  • Available in many countries. It is common to register and find out that the platform is not supported in your country of residence. However, with Cryptology crypto exchange, you most likely avoid such practices. It is available worldwide except in the US and Japan.
  • Leverage. There is trading leverage, a risky but worthy one.
  • Lots of pairs to choose from. Overlook crypto market tendencies and start trading different pairs.
  • Easy payouts. Fast payouts will make you want to join the platform. You won’t have to wait long and you won’t encounter any hidden fees.

Futures with spot exchanges

Are you looking for extremely intuitive Spot Exchange and CME BTC futures? Cryptology crypto exchange is here for you.

To participate in the exchange, consider the following rules: an order book, a TradingView chart, as well as trading history. Then you need an order form that unlocks the ability to buy and sell with the platform.

There is little difference in BTC CME futures. Just know that it comes with leverage.

Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals

Now let’s move on to the most annoying topic – the notorious fees.

All verified traders who want to trade BTC futures have to pay 0.002 trading fees. At Fiat, there is a 2.65% fee when you top up your account using a debit/credit card. The minimum deposit is $25.

If you are from Brazil and want to trade, the fees can vary from 1.7% to 3.6%. The minimum deposit is $1.

SEPA top-ups in EUR operate with a fee of 0.45%. The minimum amount is €1.

Bank transfers are available for fully verified customers. You will not encounter any fees. However, the minimum deposit is tied to $25.

Finally, considering institutional accounts, the withdrawals are possible with fiat and via SEPA. A fee of €7 applies. The minimum withdrawal is €50.

Where is it supported?

You may have heard that the Binance exchange platform has decided to leave several places, including Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. As for Cryptology crypto exchange, they have nothing similar in plans and will continue to be maintained there. Today it is also available in many other countries with two exceptions – the USA and Japan.

Offered pairs

Cryptology pairs for futures and spot exchange are the following:

  • Futures. You can find such pairs as BTC/USD, and BCH/USD, among others. There are currently around 12 pairs for futures trading on the platform.
  • Spot exchange. You can find BTC, USDT, USDC, TRX, ZEC, and LTC. Again, around 12 pairs are available for future trading. Use US dollars, EUR, and RUB for fiat trading.
Advantages and disadvantages

As with other trading platforms, you will come across pros and cons anyway. Check the main ones below:

  • Responsive support team. We had the opportunity to receive qualified assistance from their representatives. The wait was only 10 minutes and they were quite friendly and professional;
  • You can get $100 with your first account top-up;
  • Minimal fees for withdrawals and deposits alongside 100x leverage (rules apply);
  • Order sizes start at $0.10;
  • Available worldwide except USA and Japan.
  • Spot Exchange does not support margin trading;
  • Fiat withdrawal is not available.

Cryptology crypto exchange is a very easy-to-use crypto exchange platform that offers many benefits for both newbie and experienced crypto traders and investors. With this rating, you can judge for yourself how simplicity can help you, even if you’re a pro.

A crypto exchange should have the features of Cryptology, I tried to evaluate the pros and cons of a crypto exchange with no fees for futures trading.

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