Crosstower crypto exchange review and features

CrossTower crypto exchange review and features

  • 17 April 2022
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As the world moves heavily towards e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, there is a need for platforms that can ensure secure trade execution. Founded by capital markets veterans, the CrossTower crypto exchange aims to provide all clients with a safe and legitimate source for trading their cryptocurrencies. While several sites are delivering good experiences for cryptocurrency traders, CrossTower brings new and exciting offers to its existing and potential customers. However, there are always concerns about any platform – whether it is legitimate or safe to use. According to CrossTower reviews, before investing, it is necessary to look at the salient features of the platform and everything it has to offer traders.

What is CrossTower crypto exchange?

CrossTower crypto exchange is a multi-asset trading company and meets the required standards in trading, allowing investors to exchange their cryptocurrencies through the platform. The idea of ​​building a platform for cryptocurrency and other digital assets with a structure similar to Wall Street trading led to the launch of CrossTower.

Applying risk management tools through innovative blockchain technology has helped the company to offer excellent cryptocurrency trading options to its users. The company and platform have attracted multiple investors and traders to their website since its inception. Their partnership with world-renowned liquidity providers and strong market makers has brought the buyers and sellers tremendous success in their trading endeavors. CrossTower crypto exchange provides connectivity access to multiple stock markets, enabling investors to protect and manage their digital assets with competitive trading fees.

As a trading platform, CrossTower offers a one-stop solution with a minimal percentage of the trading fee for every exchange made through it. The platform offers the traders sub-account support with the best trading tools and efficient products like Bitcoin funds to attract more investors.

CrossTower Bermuda Ltd’s digital asset business has multiplied since its inception in early 2020 due to excellent reviews from cryptocurrency traders. The platform has multiple crypto-to-crypto trading options including Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ChainLink, and many more. Also, CrossTower’s hosting environment is completely secure. It is hosted by a data center that is ISO 27001 compliant and SOC-2 (Type-II) with the best cybersecurity professionals to monitor and audit the practices. CrossTower Exchange is also PCI compliant and follows all protocols set by the regulators of the jurisdictions they operate.

How does CrossTower work?

When a person registers with CrossTower crypto exchange as an individual or institution, the site provides detailed exchange rates of all cryptocurrencies across all capital markets. Investors can then start trading on the platform as an individual or institution. It is advisable to understand the CrossTower exchange rates provided under the Fees option before proceeding to trade on the platform.

CrossTower crypto exchange features

Platform Verification offers you the following features:-

  • CrossTower Global helps traders securely exchange their cryptocurrency through their website.
  • Their competitive pricing or taker fees and using proficient blockchain software for CrossTower crypto exchange to offer investors the best digital asset trading platform.
  • CrossTower offers several products to its investors including various crypto exchanges, bitcoin funds, and other such products that are in demand in the bitcoin market.

Is CrossTower crypto exchange regulated?

With an operating license from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, the platform follows all guidelines and cybersecurity regulations, as well as the rules implemented by local authorities worldwide. This shows that the cross tower exchanges are regulated and comply with all norms.

According to the website, the engine can support more than 10,000 exchanges in a second, making it easier for traders to access and order the exchange. CrossTower crypto exchange acts as a secure liquidity provider, creating a one-stop-shop for all trading-related activities, including checking account balances, withdrawals, deposits, and more, to make it easy for traders and investors. While the US clients can trade according to their market rates and requirements, the other international traders can trade, trade, and invest according to their needs through the CrossTower crypto exchange.

Live pricing of market orders and exchange rates also helps users to successfully peek into the options markets and reorganize their order books with the market data available on the site. The multi-screen and customization options help traders manage all information about their digital assets in one place that is personally accessible anytime, anywhere. High-security transactions and nominal fees also make it an attractive option for traders.

CrossTower crypto exchange reviews: pros and cons


  • Get a comprehensive overview of the market at any time of the day.
  • Minimal Trading Fees.
  • Compliance precautions are in place.
  • Lessor no withdrawal fees.
  • Easy withdrawal options.
  • Referral program for registered users.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly.


  • Registration required.
  • Multiple choices in crypto might confuse a first-time user.

The registration process at CrossTower crypto exchange

Aside from processing the market orders, the platform review has a lot to offer for registered users. They offer a registered trader the benefits of exchange rates and nominal trading fees. Steps in registration include:

  • Registration with email and password.
  • Click on the confirmation link.
  • Selecting the Individual or Institution option.
  • Start trading with the displayed exchange rates.

Also, the referral program, various investment options, and a diversified fee structure encourages crypto traders to take full advantage of the CrossTower crypto exchange to invest and play in various international markets.

How do I buy and sell cryptocurrencies on CrossTower?

For crypto traders, the CrossTower crypto exchange has made it easy and simple to log into their portal to continue buying, selling, and trading.

The platform review offers various features such as customizable trading interfaces and different order types. While one can start the process of buying and selling crypto right away, it is always advisable to understand the type of orders offered, the discounts available for investors, and other benefits like referral discounts before using the portal to trade. Your order book shows all the details of previous orders, making it easier to track trades made through the portal.

CrossTower crypto exchange Fees

The CrossTower exchange has established a global trading fee with several benefits such as discounts and rebates for individual traders. The latest review of the site shows incredible benefits for individual investors looking to exchange their crypto through the site. The review shows very positive feedback on taker fees and trading fees accepted by the CrossTower crypto exchange. Here is a look at the latest fees charged:

  • Order types are divided into market maker orders and taker orders. And the fee structure varies depending on the type of order processing. The platform charges no taker fees but does charge a 0.05% maker fee, which is well below the industry average.
  • The taker-maker model developed by the site offers individual investors a rebate when trading against the dormant liquidity, bringing significant benefits in such an exchange.
  • The order book provides a comprehensive overview of the fees paid and the rebates. Or rebates earned at the end of the transaction to keep track of the exchange. Also, the taker fee is only charged if the order is executed immediately against dormant liquidity.
  • You will get a buyer discount for the closed trade if the order meets the specifications.
  • As for withdrawal fees, they vary from crypto to crypto, regardless of whether the user is withdrawing BTC, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency.
  • A very comprehensive list of discounts and fees is available on the website for traders to understand before the exchange goes ahead. The evaluation shows that traders have had positive experiences with the portal, especially those retailers who want to make their crypto exchange straightforward. To learn more about the fee schedule, visit the official website.

Accepted CrossTower payment methods

It supports the following payment methods:-

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and Apple Pay.
  • Transactions are operated via Banxa.

Currencies and countries supported by CrossTower

The platform review offers support for BTC and ETH-based trading pairs. Also, USD is supported by fiat currencies. The site accepts currencies from multiple countries around the world. Making it easy to buy/sell crypto or trade through the site. The “Buy with card” option in the payment option will take you to the window where you can select the currency in which you would like to make the payment. The ability to pay in different currencies helps users from many countries to access the facilities offered by the site. The users can check the option before proceeding with the exchange.

How is CrossTower different from others?

Reviewing various transactions made on the asset trading platform shows positive feedback. Feedback on the functioning of this digital wealth management company. Aside from the security it offers, it offers several benefits to investors. Here are some reasons why the site has positive reviews from crypto traders:

  • Buy and sell or trade a variety of cryptocurrencies.
  • Fair cryptocurrency exchange rates and taker fees.
  • Minimal or low withdrawal fees for exchanges.
  • All actions and settings have been subjected to a cyber security expert check.
  • Allows pending orders to be withdrawn or canceled in the event of a plan change.
  • Discounts on buyer fees, different fees depending on the order.
  • Excellent customer care.
  • Separate trading options for US customers.
  • Various payment and currency options including the US and other nations.

Referral program where the referrer can earn 25% of the exchange fees paid by their friends. Or those who used the codes they generated. The referral program has received quite positive reviews. It offers incentives to the existing users who generated the referral code via email.

Security through CrossTower crypto exchange

As a digital asset management company, the site needs to consider several aspects. So this review includes safeguarding the interests of investors and providing adequate support at all times. Thus, it offers a high level of security for every transaction.

CrossTower Customer Support

According to the platform review, it offers 24/7 assistance. It provides buyers and sellers checking in from different parts of the world apart from email support. There are articles on the site that provide instructions on how to contact regarding a specific issue on the site. The articles make it easier for customers to discuss issues with the department concerned.


In summary, the CrossTower crypto exchange has a Wall Street-grade infrastructure. It can do more than 100000 transactions per second which is an excellent feature. Also, it offers customers the opportunity to check prices and trade cryptocurrencies. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and is available in many countries. In addition, the customer support team is very responsive, which makes the platform popular with traders.

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