Compound crypto exchange review and features

Compound crypto exchange review and features

  • 18 April 2022
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Founded in 2018, Compound crypto exchange headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is a mechanical money market protocol that allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest or borrow other crypto assets against them. The approach to borrowing and lending crypto assets with Compound made smooth and easily accessible to anyone around the world.

However, read this Compound Finance review and know all the details of this lending platform.

In the traditional financial system, users lack any opportunity to generate interest in cryptocurrencies that are stationary in a digital wallet. Due to the proliferation of decentralized finance (DeFi), the mechanism of lending and borrowing crypto assets to earn interest is becoming a new normal in crypto investor life.

Despite being a highly unpredictable commodity, cryptocurrency has turned the world upside down in a short space of time with incredible benefits. Until now, there has been a lack of a decentralized financial system that could facilitate the process of monetizing crypto assets. The gap filled by Compound, which has recently become the largest lending protocol in decentralized finance.

What is Compound crypto exchange Finance?

To bring revolutionary improvements to the crypto market, Compound Finance launched in 2018 by a California company Compound Labs Inc. with the main goal of using unbacked cryptos locked in digital wallets to generate incredible profits and a regular passive to generate income.

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform based entirely on the Ethereum blockchain protocols. The platform has several 11,544,302,975 supported assets and is reaping interest in 18 markets.

Initially, Compound was centralized but later outgrew its image after its native governance token COMP was issued, marking the first step in Compound’s transformation into a community-managed decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

By using the Compound protocol, clients can simultaneously lend or borrow around 12 Ethereum-based assets such as BAT, ZRX, and WBTC and reap tremendous benefits from them without any official harassment. The platform launched an advanced crypto-economy called yield farming, which recently improved users’ ability to borrow.

It makes it easy for users to lend and borrow crypto assets without the bland interference of a broker/middleman. The process is beneficial for both lenders and borrowers as each side earns higher profits from their crypto. Lenders can earn interest on their crypto assets; meanwhile, the same crypto-assets can use by borrowers to get loans without the inconvenience of going to the bank.

Using Compound frees the user from tedious documentation processes such as No Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML), or credit reports as no such verification scores are required to use it. Not only do the platform users have the potential to source high-interest rates, but they are also rewarded with COMP tokens for borrowing or lending crypto assets.

How does Compound crypto exchange finance work?

Compound Finance is the best crypto lending platform with a fairly unique working methodology where a lender does not mean lending money directly to a borrower but rather lending assets to a “pool of liquidity” that can be used by the borrowers to lend assets.

The liquidity pool is based on a chain of smart contracts from a Compound crypto exchange. A smart contract is an automated contract that contains the terms of the buyer-seller agreement in the form of digital algorithms used to execute an agreement without the involvement of an intermediary. This system is preprogrammed to attract a borrower to the preferred cryptocurrency.

According to Compound Review, setting up the platform’s smart contracts is useful for other purposes such as B. To carry out the process of automatic interest payment from borrower to lender and determine the interest rates using computerized algorithms that calculate the supply and demand conditions of Compound Finance protocol at a given point in time.

The Compound’s smart contracts generate interest rates in a fully automated manner and follow the rule of thumb, meaning that greater demand for an underlying asset would automatically result in inflated interest rates for both lenders and borrowers.

These fluctuations in interest rates according to the demand and supply of assets provide lenders with an incentive to lend more while keeping borrowers from becoming over-indebted. Collateral realization can occur when a user borrows more than the allowed value due to a price drop. There is no time limit at Compound. Users have the freedom to forfeit or refund their collateral whenever they wish.

Properties of Compound crypto exchange

  • The main feature of Compound Finance is that it offers the user a platform to monetize the cryptocurrency dormant in crypto wallets/accounts. Users can lend their assets to a liquidity pool, which in turn will use by borrowers. Also, it offers borrowers a hassle-free way to access credit without facing the inconvenience of going to the bank.
  • Based on compound verification, a unique feature of the platform is that by using algorithmically calculated interest rates for smart contracts, the system offers a smooth and easy-to-manage platform that eliminates unnecessary annoyances one can encounter in a traditional financial banking system.
  • Another exclusive feature of the Compound crypto exchange is that it rewards both lenders and borrowers with COMP tokens to ensure increased lender and borrower participation on the platform. The main reason behind this system is to keep the customer base stable and engage lenders and borrowers with increased enthusiasm for the compound protocol.
  • Yield farming is another feature of Compound that helps users maximize their returns in COMP tokens by participating in the platform’s ecosystem as both a lender and a borrower. This feature can only be accessed with the help of a platform called InstaDapp, which allows a user to interact with numerous DeFi platforms from a single point of reference.
  • It offers a user over 18 markets to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies. The gateway and treasury products offered by the platform help customers by providing top-notch cash management tools. This leads to simplification in accessing the crypto interest rates while eliminating mechanical complexities such as cybersecurity, interest rate volatility, and compliance.

Compound crypto exchange Finance Review: Pros and Cons


  • Higher interest rates compared to traditional banking.
  • No KYC, AML, or credit score will require to use the platform, giving users a liberating experience.
  • One of the older and most trusted in the DeFi space.
  • Users will reward with the Compound’s native tokens: COMP. It used as a governance token and a profitable asset.
  • No restrictions on multiple uses of the asset pool.
  • The Compound crypto exchange is a decentralized autonomous organization governed by the community.


  • Higher interest rates compared to traditional banking.
  • No KYC, AML, or credit score is required to use the platform, giving users a liberating experience.
  • One of the older and most trusted in the DeFi space.
  • Users are rewarded with the Compound’s native tokens: COMP. It is used as a governance token and a profitable asset.

Connection registration process

According to our Compound crypto exchange Finance review, the platform offers the user four wallet options to access the Compound application. First, the user needs to attach the compound to one of the four wallets. After completing the connection process, you will be taken to the landing page which will be divided into three segments:-

Supply Market Section: Left Side.

Rental Market Area: Right Side.

Supply Balance/Borrow Balance Section: Upside.

In the very top corner, you get a dashboard icon to manage borrowing/borrowing, and next to it a voting icon to participate in managing the compound.

After completing the registration procedure, one can start lending or lending and borrowing at the same time, since only lending will not allow until some balance adds to the platform to assess the customer’s credit limit.

When a transaction is completed, the user gets the stock balance on the right side of the dashboard, which initiates earning interest.

COMP token details

The COMP token is an ERC-20 asset that authorizes the governance of the Compound protocol. To encourage user engagement with the platform and decentralize the governance process, Compound Finance introduced the COMP token as a native cryptocurrency in 2020.

There are different methods to get COMP tokens; they can be bought through an exchange or earned through lending or borrowing on the Compound protocol.

The users who choose to lend and borrow digital assets will reward with a portion of the daily minted COMP token distributed to them proportionally based on the amount invested in the assets and the interest rates at that time. One can also buy COMP through the liquidation process on about a dozen exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Poloniex.

As mentioned, Compound is a decentralized protocol managed by custodians of the native COMP token. COMP token holders have special privileges in voting, governance, setting interest rates, and developing additional protocols. This system helps keep the platform uniformly decentralized.

What cryptocurrencies does Compound crypto exchange support?

The following assets support by Compound V2:-

  • Ether (ETH)
  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
  • Dai (DAI)
  • United States Dollar Coin (USDC) from Coinbase
  • 0x tokens (ZRX)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • USD coin (USDC)
  • ChainLink Token (LINK)
  • TrueUSD (TUSD)
  • Uniswap (UNI)

What is the compound finance blockchain loan interest rate?

Here is a list of Compound crypto exchange Finance blockchain loan interest rates:

What Is the Compound Finance Blockchain Lending Interest Rate

Some of the benefits of using the Compound app are:-

  • The registration process can be conveniently handled via the app.
  • Users can choose any digital wallet from the four options available in the app.
  • Lending and borrowing have never been easier than with the app.
  • Credit management is also becoming simpler and easier.
  • Refund of payments due is also an additional feature that one gets by using the app.

Compound Finance Loans

To borrow an asset directly from the platform, another supported asset would need present as collateral. To determine the maximum limit of an asset that a user can borrow, the collateral would evaluate. The next step in obtaining a cryptocurrency loan from the Compound crypto exchange protocol is to enter the market specific to the asset considered collateral.

Using automated algorithms embedded in the contract, an authentic median price would calculate by comparing multiple highly volatile exchanges. The cToken contract determines the sum of a customer’s current credits in addition to the interest charged on them. To know the current interest rate on the borrowed asset, one would need to add the borrowing rate to the account’s loan balance. Learn about other crypto lending platforms that also offer BTC lending.

If under any circumstances, the user borrows beyond their allowable limit, the account will consider insolvent. Also, This process will call liquidation and one should avoid such mistakes to avoid unnecessary losses.

The Compound crypto exchange roadmap

Unlike other cryptocurrency initiatives, Compound does not have a concrete roadmap. As stated by Compound Labs Inc. CEO Robert Leshner, it designed as an experiment to overcome the flaws of the fiat money market. Its community will determine the future aspects of the Compound crypto exchange.

Also, more assets will add over time. A general idea of ​​the roadmap can glean from a post that outlines three goals that the Compound will expect to achieve, namely:

  • Facilitating multiple DeFi asset systems
  • Encourage any asset to have its collateral factor.
  • Achieving the status of a smoothly functioning decentralized autonomous organization.
  • Date Wise roadmap of the compound
  • Compound launched on the web: September 2018
  • V2 released in May 2019
  • Reduction of admin privileges: October 2019
  • Community Governance Initiative implemented: April 2020
  • Token distribution started: June 2020
Compound Customer Support

No Compound crypto exchange review is complete without the platform’s customer support details. The site run by the community members and the users themselves through direct participation through a public forum dedicated solely to customer interaction.

If the users have a problem with the handling of the work, they can open a new topic in the site feedback category where the discussion will take place. Any critical or urgent issue can resolve by contacting Compound Finance administration through the staff page.

Compound Finance Review: Conclusion

With smart contract systems, the Compound crypto exchange has become a major player in revolutionizing the legacy financial system. It is one of the most frictionless, highly secure, and easily accessible DeFi protocols out there. Although the smart contract system will regard. It is a bit too volatile so the risks need to keep in mind when investing in the platform. The limited number of assets available on it may increase over time. Compound Finance is one of the oldest and most tested lending and borrowing platforms in the ecosystem of Decentralized Finance.

Also, The top-priority goals of the organization are:

To transfer authority of the fundamental protocol to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization governed by the Compound’s community.

One can call it the start of a new era of finance where Compound and other platforms like it are in reality the starting steps on a long journey to a world where finance which decentralized and secure with a high level of transparency coming into hands with upgraded privacy meanwhile being available virtually to everyone worldwide.

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