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The collapse of Tether? Tether cryptocurrency is a fixed-price coin that has relative transparency and can attract various charges. Until today, the cryptocurrency market has faced various challenges and problems, but Tether has always had a stable price and has not fallen. USDT or Tether provides a wonderful indicator of the market. Since traders can only work with new mints of stablecoins, the USDT support team will burn some of it now and then to increase the value of this stablecoin.

Tether cryptocurrency is a great alternative to dollars in your crypto transactions. This stablecoin has reduced the demand for dollar savings in organizations active in the field of cryptocurrency. However, Tether has always maintained its price due to holding a series of special negotiations, not because of the support of its producer iFinex. With a little research on the structure of Tether, we can discover a danger.

The nuclear problems that could lead to the collapse of Tether should worry everyone:

  • Lack of transparency
  • Prerequisites related to trust and concentration
  • Accusations of Bitcoin price pumping

The Collapse of Tether can impose heavy consequences on the market. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will be directly affected by the Collapse of Tether. Some time ago, the Terra stablecoin went through the same process and suffered serious damage because Luna Ponzi had collapsed. A segment of the market that tends to be professional can go wrong. How the market is managed and its performance in centralized exchanges and control algorithms can transfer liquidity to Bitcoin. This issue can create a security shield against the outflow of liquidity for Bitcoin whales.​

New resources for Tether cryptocurrency

To prevent the Collapse of Tether, the support team of this cryptocurrency is launching new resources. These resources can influence the market price and increase the value of Bitcoin. Then when the value of Bitcoin is at its highest, people can pay back the Tethers they borrowed. These resources can act as a system for providing loans. Of course, you should also note that they do not last long. Because instead of developing and growing the infrastructure of these resources, Tether is based on pure speculation. These conditions make anonymous guarantees and vague guarantees enter the market. As a result, a giant with glass foundations is created, which is ready to fall and collapse at any moment.

In this topic, we intend to talk about the centralization factors that include the manual intervention of Tether managers in the market. This issue should be opposed in the entire cryptocurrency market because the systems that support stablecoins are not particularly different from the old financial and credit systems. Tether currently maintains its original price of $1, but manually making changes to it can bring various results for this stablecoin.

In 2022 we noticed that a huge amount of Tether cryptocurrency coins were burned. This process was done to prevent Tether from falling.

Valid concerns by experts in the world of cryptocurrency

Today, the Tether cryptocurrency has faced fierce opponents. Opponents who can bring it to the point of collapse of Tether. Apart from crypto fans, hard-headed logical critics are also looking to counter Tether. In these groups, some people support the old financial systems, but most of the time, the ideas that these opinions are based on are reasonable. Opinions that have started to oppose stablecoins and Tether feel that this market is as dangerous as Ponzi markets.

Bennett Tomlin is considered one of Tether’s hard-headed critics. This person is someone who understands the implications of access and censorship like decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Principles that the Tether cryptocurrency does not include

To better investigate the conditions of the Collapse of the Tether, should be investigated better. You must know that the Tether cryptocurrency is not considered a decentralized blockchain. Rather, this system runs on blockchains, some of which are decentralized. Tether is considered a smart contract that provides developers with options. They can detect any amount of USDT in different wallets and block them completely. Of course, you should also pay attention to the fact that keeping the keys of an Ethereum or Tron wallet and using Tether does not destroy trust.

We should note that Tether is not resistant to censorship. So the probability of the Collapse of the Tether is not zero. People who have access to smart contracts can easily block the tethers of different people. Usually, managers and development teams have access to the smart contract.

In this tweet, Paolo Arduino mentioned the issue of the centralization of the Tether cryptocurrency. Because he wants to check a convergence point before Tether crashes. The tweet was able to reduce Wall Street’s concerns about the controllability of Tether tokens and their censorship. In this case, Tether will consider one of the biggest enemies of banking facilities. But it acts as an ally of the cryptocurrency world. Tether and other stablecoins can be a mirror image of the old financial systems. Of course, regulation is a keyword in this tweet because Tether was managed by the US financial authorities for a long time. Until now, Tether did not explode because an agreement was reached with the American authorities. But what does this agreement include?

Tether: We are constantly working with different regulators!

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the SEC has yet to do anything about Tether’s crash and only impose a small fine? In 2021, Tether was fined $41 million by the CFTC for confusing the public about its core reserves. Tether has not seen a significant drop in price since the US authorities allowed it to grow. But recently, the SEC has taken on the task of controlling and managing the coins in the market. This organization needs more transparency.

Tether’s crash may not be so close. As a centralized network run by a small party, the Tether cryptocurrency follows exactly the path of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto mentions the removal of trust in his Bitcoin whitepaper. This feature provided Bitcoin’s long-term durability. Eliminating middlemen and controlling the network is very important for the success of a cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. Bitcoin was able to eliminate trusted third parties from its money and assets.

The high cost generated by operations related to intermediaries is considered an additional cost in the world of cryptocurrency today. Maybe these costs are the cause of the Collapse of the Tether. Because P2P electronic networks can completely make all bank payment networks obsolete. If anyone is looking for the reason why the government opposes the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and tries to steal its network, they can read this text again. Banks still oppose forks that could compete with future CBDCs and try to undermine them. Any decentralized financial alternative will consider a threat to the old financial systems.

Investigating the future of the Tether cryptocurrency

From the market situation, The future of Tether is in the hands of the regulators. If the Tether cryptocurrency had no value to its regulators and administrators, the US financial authorities would have shut down its activities and moved forward with the process of collapse of Tether. The CFTC slapped Tether with a $41 million fine. Officials allowed USDT to survive and operate as a centralized entity in a harsh environment. Since Tether smart contracts allow the freezing of the network’s coins, this system is of great value to financial agencies. Of course, it is interesting to note that Tether was forced to accept various transactions. In 2016, after the Bitfinex exchange was hacked, about 120,000 bitcoins were withdrawn from the accounts of the users of this exchange.

Let’s check the hacking management process by this exchange. At first, he created a new token and made it available to users on his exchange. In this way, Bitfinex invested in itself. The hacked bitcoins in 2016 were worth something like 70 million dollars. Of course, this number has reached 2.4 billion dollars in 2022. This exchange is one of the stablecoin Tether operators. Because its parent company is iFinex.

In 2018, after some effort, the hackers identify, and the US Treasury Department discovered the bitcoins. Currently, the exchange claims to have paid users’ fees with its token, while their bitcoins are held by the US Treasury. This event is very important and can have a reference to the future of Tether. Because these bitcoins can become a pressure tool for Tether.

The collapse of Tether happens when the US government decides!

The future of Tether cryptocurrency and the possibility of the collapse of Tether is in the hands of the US government. Blockstream has started a PR campaign with Tether and the said exchange. He is the most important supporter of Tether. But this system claims that it only cares about Bitcoin and that other currencies are unimportant. There seems to be a contradiction in the narrative here. The SEC can terminate Tether at any time it chooses. Undoubtedly, at the right time, this organization will finish Tether. But this stablecoin will survive as long as it serves the authorities.

Unlike conventional decentralized networks, the Tether cryptocurrency is only a smart contract that will manage by its design team.

Considering this cryptocurrency, Tether will not face any problems until it proves its worth to the authorities. In the future, USDT will become a tool to support legacy financial institutions. If the authorities identify it as useless, they will terminate its operation. This process may involve long events. Events that cause public protest. Usually, the authorities exercise their power in this situation. It is interesting to note that financial institutions tend to escalate unpleasant situations.

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