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Blockchain.com crypto exchange review and features

  • 10 March 2022
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Blockchain.com crypto exchange was founded in 2011 to become a leader in the cryptocurrency economy. The company was originally called Blockchain.info and was supposed to track all bitcoin trades. In 2012 it was renamed Blockchain.com. The platform believes in a future where cryptos will power a fully digital financial system. To this end, they have crypto trading services, a blockchain e-wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, lending services, as well as various data creation systems for the blockchain economy. This Blockchain.com review offers you all the features and services.

What is Blockchain.com’s crypto exchange?

Blockchain.com crypto exchange is an online cryptocurrency exchange with instant matching engines and margin trading facilities to ensure the fast, accurate, and profitable buying and selling of cryptos. Blockchain.com also has its blockchain digital wallet that offers up to 13.5% interest on funds. This exchange also has a blockchain explorer feature with Adjustable analytics and candlestick charts and graphs. Traders can track portfolios of industry leaders to find out which trades and which currencies are currently the most lucrative.

How does Blockchain.com crypto exchange work?

  • Users and traders can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain.com crypto exchange at an impressive speed.
  • Users can fund their accounts with different fiats such as USD (US Dollars), GBR (British Pounds), EUR (Euro), and TRY (Turkish Lira).
  • The most common cryptocurrencies like BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and many more are supported.
  • Investors can trade over 40 different currency pairs through the platform.
  • The exchange displays live prices for various currency pairs and traders can place market orders, stop orders, or limit orders to exchange these currencies.
  • Investors can also increase their profits 5x by using margin trading systems.
  • Trading prices are generally lower than other cryptocurrency exchanges according to industry standards.
  • It also provides detailed charts and analyses of the best blockchain portfolios to help its users make informed decisions.

Features of Blockchain.com

As per the review, the platform offers the following features:-

Saved and loaded

Blockchain.com is said to be very secure. All trades and funds are protected by multiple layers of security. But Blockchain.com crypto exchange’s reviews vary widely when it comes to this feature. Some users mention multiple security breaches.

Low trading fees

The Blockchain.com cryptocurrency exchange also has very low cryptocurrency trading fees, low-interest rates for cryptocurrency lending, and high-interest rates for digital/web wallet funds. Merchants can use their debit card, credit card, or use bank transfers to fund their digital wallets and buy cryptocurrencies.

Displays real-time crypto prices

The platform allows clients to constantly view crypto prices in real-time and browse all top blockchains. This type of data creation keeps the platform relevant to traders.

Customer service system

It also has a very strong customer service system that offers 24/7 problem-solving. But Blockchain.com crypto exchange’s reviews are once again very polarized on this issue. Some customers mention a particularly helpful customer support team, while others complain that their questions weren’t even answered.

Tracking of funds

Traders can track their funds. One of the exchange trading views is an order book. The trading wallets are also equipped with a display function to show the total balance of the blockchain wallet.

Services or products offered by Blockchain.com

As per our review, the platform offers the following services:-

It offers a secure and non-custodial e-wallet that can store a user’s entire digital currency portfolio and make in-app purchases of cryptocurrencies.

While our Blockchain.com review offers low trading fees along with margin trading to increase one’s profits. Various trade orders, fiat to crypto trades as well as the crypto to crypto trades are all available.

They have a blockchain explorer system. They have a system for creating accurate and reliable blockchain data. Charts and portfolios of the best blockchain wallet portfolios are available for all customers to read and make informed decisions.

BitPay is a payment solution service that allows providers to integrate Blockchain.com cryptocurrency payments into their service.

Blockchain.com Crypto Exchange also has a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS, giving traders easy access to trading facilities while on the go. This app makes crypto trading easier and more accessible for common people and amateur as well as professional investors.

Blockchain.com crypto exchange Review: Pros and Cons


  • Four different fiat currencies are supported.
  • Traders have access to a non-custodial wallet.
  • The Blockchain.com crypto exchange is now available in 25 different languages.


  • Only 40 different currency pairs can be traded. Many popular cryptocurrencies are not available.
  • Some Bitcoin reviews have reported issues with blockchain wallet security.
  • The customer service system is not the most trustworthy.

Blockchain.com registration process

  1. To start trading, clients must first register and open an account.
  2. Users must enter their country of residence.
  3. Then they need to enter their email id and create a password.
  4. However, traders wishing to buy or sell through the platform must create a “gold account”.
  5. To create a Gold level account, users must respond to submit their proof of identity and some personal information.
  6. Once the details are verified, clients will receive a confirmation email informing them that their account is ready to start trading.
  7. Traders can then use their login and are ready to buy and sell their chosen cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain.com crypto exchange trading

Users must have a gold account with verified personal information to use the buy and sell features. Customers can trade through the website or use the cryptocurrency wallet app (through the App Store).

When buying cryptos through the platform, all coins are instantly deposited into the user’s digital wallet. But this blockchain wallet is the main wallet without custody.

Platform clients also have a separate trading bitcoin wallet from which they can perform crypto-to-crypto swaps.

The main non-custodial wallet also has features for in-app crypto-to-crypto swaps. The trade view includes an order book and market order, stop order, and limit order options.

Traders can customize the type of charts they want to display. Candle charts are available from all the top portfolios.

Blockchain.com staking

It has no staking options. However, they do offer asset-specific lending services. Limit order trades will also accept.

Blockchain.com Fees

Blockchain.com crypto exchange does not charge any deposit fees. However, traders have to pay a very small fee to the mining network.

The platform also doesn’t have a specific withdrawal fee structure. But the customers have to pay for the network costs. There is also a minimum withdrawal limit.

It receives the transaction fee in the form of the maker fee and the taker fee. These fees are low and depend on the customer’s monthly trading volume.

Customers or institutions looking to trade large amounts of cryptocurrencies can request tailored and lower trading fees.

But once an order has been placed and the transaction initiated, it cannot be canceled. Under all circumstances. Visit the website to learn more about the fee schedule in detail.

Blockchain.com Accepted Payment Methods

Traders can fund their accounts with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. It will accept Crypto transfers from other e-wallets. Fiat deposits in supported currencies are also accepted. Traders can deposit their fiat money into their trading wallet via credit and debit cards, or link their e-wallet to their bank account.

According to the review, the platform is available in more than 200 countries around the world. Since 2011, 75 million customers have used its digital wallet service to trade more than $800 billion worth of crypto.

To accommodate the large merchant base, Blockchain.com is available in 25 different languages. Blockchain.com supports four different fiat currencies – EUR, TRY, USD, GBP, It also supports six popular cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, USD Tether, Ethereum, and USD Digital. These supported cryptos can convert into 40 different trading pairs that can trade through the exchange.

Blockchain.com wallet

Blockchain.com wallet

Blockchain.com crypto exchange has a very advanced and well-developed digital wallet system that allows for in-app purchases of cryptocurrencies.

Users can fund their crypto wallets and trades using a debit card, credit card, or by directly linking their bank account to their wallet.

Traders who store their digital assets in one account earn 13.5% annual interest on all their funds.

The blockchain wallet is primarily non-custodial. Each customer has their unique secret key that only they are privy to, and this key is the only method to access a blockchain wallet.

Some new and exciting tokens are often thrown into Blockchain.com users’ digital crypto wallets. Stellar, Blockstacks and Hiro were all airdropped into Blockchain.com wallets.

Blockchain wallet UI shows the total wallet balance and available value for various supported currencies. The trading UI design is simple and easy to use for users of all demographics.

It has a payment processing solution called BitPay that can be integrated by various providers and business owners to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Blockchain.com wallet

How to start with Blockchain.com Wallet

Users need to sign up and create their digital wallets.

Customers and traders with existing profiles can use their email addresses and password to access their e-wallets.

However, new users will need to create a brand new account. Blockchain.com accounts and crypto wallets are automatically linked.

Blockchain.com’s Main Wallet vs. trading Wallet?

The main wallet – It refers to the Non-imprisonment wallet. Funds stored here are not for purchasing cryptos. Once users do trading, they place their funds in their main highly secure wallet, which protects with a secret key. But crypto-to-crypto swaps can also do in-app via the main blockchain wallet.

Trading wallet – It uses by traders to buy their favorite cryptocurrencies. Traders can fund this account with bank transfers or with credit and debit cards. Crypto to crypto swaps is also available on the app by trading these best crypto wallets. When traders buy or sell cryptocurrencies on the platform, funds will automatically credit or debit to their trading wallets.

Users can also transfer their money to an insurance account to access 13.5% annual interest on all their money.

Blockchain.com crypto exchange security and privacy

Wallet investors must first verify their email addresses to place trade orders.

Every transaction is verified by 2-factor authentication.

Cloud backup services are also available.

The main purse does not keep, i.e. nobody; Even the platform does not store any information about the secret key to access the wallet. Merchants advised never to share their private keys with untrustworthy people to prevent data leakage or digital theft. The entire responsibility for maintaining the secrecy of their wallet code rests with the investor personally.

However, there have been several user reviews mentioning issues with the security of digital assets on Blockchain.com crypto exchange.

The exchange’s servers and transaction system also go through multiple layers of encryption and security to protect IP addresses and traders’ personal information.

Blockchain.com Customer Service
  • com crypto exchange has separate customer support systems for exchange and digital wallet-related issues.
  • Customers can submit a request with any of their issues and a customer support agent will get back to them promptly.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • It can also access through various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.
Blockchain.com Reviews: Conclusion

Concluding this Blockchain.com crypto exchange review, we can say that the platform has many excellent features and services, but their reviews are mixed. Users claim to have had issues with customer support not responding to repeated requests. Some merchants have also raised security concerns, along with difficulties executing wallet withdrawals. Despite everything, the exchange is still popular among digital currency traders. They have successfully grown their user base over the past decade.

It’s also completely unregulated. The company is not subject to the supervision of international financial and economic authorities. This adds another risk to crypto Trades through this platform. However, some traders prefer the unregulated, unsupervised nature of crypto exchanges.

During our Blockchain.com review, a frequently asked question in cryptocurrency trading cycles is whether the platform is secure. There is no direct and acceptable answer to this question. There are some security issues with the operation of the exchange, but cryptocurrencies are also inherently risky. In addition, the trust of millions of users who have traded through the exchange from all corners of the world proves the integrity of its functions.

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