BKEX crypto exchange review and features

BKEX crypto exchange review and features

  • 14 April 2022
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Founded in 2018 in the British Virgin Islands, BKEX crypto exchange, a global crypto-asset financial exchange, focuses on absorbing and mining high-value digital assets, providing an innovative global station for users around the world, as well as multiple investing and trading services under one variety of cryptocurrencies.

BKEX crypto exchange has served many users in over 100 countries and in addition to cryptocurrency trading services, it also offers derivatives trading, mining pool financial services, spot trading, Seed Incubator Pro, ETP with constant leverage, and much more.

BKEX is considered the king of the blockchain and financial industry. The development team consists of developers from China and many other countries. However, read this BKEX review thoroughly and learn more about this crypto exchange platform.

What is the BKEX crypto exchange?

BKEX crypto exchange bills itself as a leader among top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges. BKEX is also promoted as the first “Sunshine Trading” platform with a large market share. This means that their exchanges are monitored and their financial transactions are audited by third-party organizations. Judging by the ratings and reviews of BKEX on most cryptocurrency forums, BKEX is moving in a better direction. However, they still have many areas that can be improved.

How does the BKEX crypto exchange work?

  • Users must first register and open an account on the BKEX exchange.
  • BKEX crypto exchange accepts fiat money deposits. Traders can buy cryptocurrencies by depositing fiat currencies.
  • Traders can fund their BKEX accounts by transferring cryptos from an e-wallet.
  • The BKEX account is now ready to buy, sell or exchange supported cryptocurrencies.
  • The BKEX exchange trade view is designed for ease of use, and as order books, users search the buy and sell price of different cryptocurrencies.

Key features of BKEX crypto exchange

  • BKEX bills itself as the sunshine trading platform.
  • They are said to be using cold storage wallets that require multi-signature authentication.
  • BKEX also claims to be very stable with a high-speed matching motor.
  • They also advertise access to large pools of liquidity.
  • BKEX crypto exchange is said to have a professional technical support team with years of experience.
  • The BKEX exchange also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • The BKEX crypto exchange is considered to be a Sunshine Exchange platform that uses cold storage wallets. The digital assets are stored in a multi-tier buffer wallet with a multi-signature authentication requirement.
  • BKEX also uses a separation technology that separates cold wallets from hot wallets.
  • The BKEX exchange offers both quasi-real-time and real-time risk control systems and is considered to be extremely stable with a lightning-fast matching engine.
  • BKEX crypto exchange is a global fiat trading exchange that offers OTC trading in both fiat currencies such as Thai Baht (THB), USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, RUB, and others, and cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, and others offers much more. It supports more than 1000 currency pairs.
  • BKEX advertises easy access to large pools of liquidity.
  • BKEX enables multiple trading and offers a professional, efficient, and experienced customer support team available 24/7.
  • It aims to establish long-term strategic cooperation with SlowMist along with other top international security companies.

Services offered by BKEX crypto exchange

Spot trading

BKEX crypto exchange is known for offering top-quality spot trading services in 1000+ currencies including 700+ USDT pairs and 20+ BTC pairs and 10+ ETH pairs.

Contract trading

BKEX contract trading includes more than 600 contract masters worldwide. The available tradable currencies are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIL, EOS, XRP, DOT, UNI, LINK, DOGE, and 1000 SHIB. Contract trading on BKEX has a two-way open and investors can reset their profit or stop-loss prices.

Smart pool

Smart Pool at BKEX crypto exchange offers Current Mining, Flexible Mining, Regular Mining, and New Coin Mining. Traders can enjoy mining finances and high earnings with a single click.

Current Mining – It allows flexible transfers in and out of the exchange. It is standard coin mining with 22 pools like USDT, BTC, ETH, UST, DOT, EOS, and others.

Flexible Mining – It includes flexible transfers, revenue growth, and easy mining processes with 13 pools like SQUID, DOT, USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, and others.

Regular Mining – BKEX offers high yields and currently, the exchange is in the 8th round with an APY up to 35%. Mining currencies for round 8 are USDT, EOS, FIL, BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOT.

New Coin Mining – It allows users to mine high-quality crypto coins.


BKEX is a leading blockchain exchange that offers one-click staking, easy mining, and flexible unblocking. Users can wager in the following currencies – BRG, MILO, CMCX, DOT, LQR, and SHIELD.


Recently launched by the BKEX crypto exchange, ETH 2.0 offers an ultra-low threshold, high returns with APY up to 20%, no staking risk, and high liquidity that allows users to participate and exit whenever they want. Note that tokens acquired through unlocking can be used by users for further trading.

Hash Rate Mining

BKEX crypto exchange Hashrate Mining is a cloud mining service that has simplified mining processes, especially for early miners. It has already delivered multiple stages of purchasing YH IPFS Super Mining Service and Chia Cloud Mining Service.


Funds listed on crypto exchange BKEX include Taihe Stable Fund A, Taihe Stable Fund B, and JDI High Growth Fund with a net worth of 7.4553.

Seed Incubator Pro

BKEX Seed Incubator Pro offers the highest quality crypto-asset subscription services. The Seed Incubator Pro promotes the development of the crypto and blockchain industry and provides better financial services for high-value projects and Blockchain entrepreneurship. It selects and carefully determines the premium quality projects and also disqualifies those who violate the rules reserved for BKEX Global and Seed Incubator.

BKEX crypto exchange buyback and burning records

The BKEX crypto exchange uses around 70% of its processing fee to regularly buy back and burn BKK records. The burn cycle is currently happening weekly.

BKEX crypto exchange new sheik plan

BKEX has developed a new Sheik plan that allows users to join the plan and enjoy huge discounts of up to 50% on BKK purchases, as well as high spot trading commissions and super contract processing fees. It also offers various exclusive gifts and VIP interests and rights for Sheik members.

KEX Perpetual Swap Contract

BKEX crypto exchange Perpetual Swap Contract includes the following:

  • A double-fixed pricing mechanism that increases the difficulties associated with price manipulation.
  • It is anchored to spot market prices.
  • It offers flexible leverage with a maximum leverage of 100x.
  • Also, it has an automatic position reduction mechanism to protect traders’ interests.
BKEX crypto exchange Review: Pros and Cons
  • Low trading fees.
  • A large number of listed cryptocurrencies.
  • No deposit fees.
  • Allows for an extensive range of pro trading options such as Spot, ETP Financial Smart Pool, and derivatives trading.
  • The simple user interface has a separate mobile app.
  • US citizens are not allowed.
  • There are restrictions on withdrawals.
  • KYC certification is required, otherwise, you can only withdraw less than 2 BTC.
BKEX crypto exchange Account Registration Process

To register with BKEX, users must first provide their email ID or phone number and then create a password. Users are asked never to give this password to unreliable people.

BKEX crypto exchange does not require mandatory KYC certification. So if you don’t want certification, you can still trade, deposit, and withdraw. However, you cannot send bonuses through the app, you cannot participate in Seed Incubator Pro, and you cannot withdraw more than 2 BTC cumulatively in 24 hours.

For authentication, the KYC process requires them to provide their personal information and verify it by submitting photocopies of their IDs for Basic Identity Authentication, while for Advanced Real Name Authentication users must submit a photo of themselves with the ID. In both cases, the verification process is expected to be completed within 48 hours.

You will then receive a confirmation code on your phone number/email address, which you must enter. Clients can log in, fund their accounts, and start trading at any time.

BKEX crypto exchange Fees
  • Trading or processing fees charged by BKEX are typically low and industry standard.
  • The maker fee is generally 0.15% and the taker fee is 0.05%.
  • For perpetual contracts, the maker fee is 0.02% and the taker fee is 0.05%.
  • BKEX does not charge any deposit fees
  • Withdrawal fees at the BKEX crypto exchange vary from crypto to crypto. For BTC (Bitcoin) the withdrawal fee for a single transaction is 0.0008 and for BCH (Bitcoin Cash) it is 0.0001.
  • BKEX deposit and withdrawal method
  • The only accepted deposit method at BKEX is cryptocurrency. Investors cannot fund their BKEX account with fiat money. The withdrawal method is also in cryptocurrencies, and a withdrawal fee is charged for various crypto withdrawals.
Currencies and countries supported by BKEX

The BKEX crypto exchange supports many cryptocurrencies including all major digital coins and tokens. BKEX is also supported in the markets of a large number of countries worldwide. This cryptocurrency exchange software is also available in multiple languages ​​including English.

Details on the BKEX token (BKK)

BKEX crypto exchange offers a native crypto token called BKK that allows traders to trade on BKEX. BKK holders can use the tokens to get a 25% discount on the processing fee when trading on the platform.

BKEX Security & Privacy

The BKEX site advertises itself as a highly secure platform with multi-signature offline cold storage wallets to protect against digital theft.

The BKEX has introduced an exceptional price protection plan for permanent contracts. BKEX Exchange compensates users in case of extreme market conditions and when they trade at abnormal prices.

BKEX mobile app

The BKEX crypto exchange offers applications on both platforms like iOS and Android. So users can use it anywhere and anytime! This can help customers to use this platform at their convenient time and preference.

BKEX customer service

The customers of the BKEX crypto exchange who encounter problems in trading and completing their transactions can raise a token on the customer service page. BKEX information is also available on various social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more.

BKEX Exchange has 7*24H customer service, and their customer service comes from all over the world and can communicate in different languages, but mostly English.

Additional information on the BKEX

The BKEX platform is accessible from anywhere as its applications can be downloaded from both the Android and iOS app stores. This guarantees comfort for users. Also, the BKEX crypto exchange has a support site in Chinese, and while they operate worldwide, this can prove to be a complex affair for those who don’t speak Chinese.

Their live chat also has English and Chinese messages, but the required options are in Chinese. This is a significant shortcoming for non-Chinese users. The platform should invest in making it useful for everyone internationally.

BKEX crypto exchange Review: Conclusion

Founded in 2018, the BKEX crypto exchange is relatively new. Funding is a feature of this exchange and is suitable for newbies. Other BKEX exchange products such as Spot, Contracts, Mining, and Mystery Boxes meet the needs of professional traders.

The poor reviews from past and current BKEX exchange users show that BKEX still has a long way to go in terms of development. It’s not known as Gemini or Coinbase, but the BKEX exchange has potential. Additionally, despite being a global platform, it is clear that it does not adequately meet the needs of its users. Still, BKEX is a platform worth trying if you want to understand how crypto platforms work and trading opportunities.

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