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Mining with home rigs is possible again and we provide the best crypto mining rig in 2020 to mine Bitcoin and Ether. Thus, you need to find the parts of your own rig at home.

In this period of the Covid-19 virus outbreak and a commonly unsteady political and social situation, cryptocurrencies have revealed notable steadiness. Furthermore, the financial recession played into the hands of the business. This happened by not only absorb expert cryptocurrency traders but also stimulating mining as an approach to making passive income.

It is not shocking that countries facing tough political and economic circumstances have observed a boom in the acquisition of GPU cards recently. In the Abkhazia area that the entire crypto-related activities have been unlawful since 2018, inhabitants paid over $500K on mining facilities in sixth months.

Another element that has worked to further spread mining is robust cryptocurrency prices. Bitcoin price has grown by nearly a third, while Ether price, the best cryptocurrency for mining, has reached a $150 to its value and the decentralized passion has meant that gas fees have reached unseen points.

Therefore, the best crypto mining rig in 2020 and an investigation of whether it needs to be completed at all, assumed all the related jeopardies.

What the Best mining rig parts are?

The best crypto mining rig in 2020 comprises a computer with several graphics cards without a monitor. Computer cases are packed with GPU cards, a power-generating entity, a motherboard, and a cooling system. Once a monitor is joined, you can convert it to a normal computer that you can simply use.

The rig is linked to the internet and the blockchain network that operates automatically. They conduct monetary transactions using the power of the graphics cards. Precisely, a mining rig contains:

  • A regular motherboard, which has the ability to connect to several connectors for GPU cards.
  • A hard disk drive (HDD) with a memory of 100 to 250 Gig. This keeps the crypto wallet, through an Ether wallet typically embracing 25 GB and a BTC wallet demanding 50 GB or more.
  • Numerous GPU cards, that are the most significant components of a rig since they are the foundation. They describes the cryptocurrency that a user will mine,the revenue and its timeline.
  • A power-generating part. A rig with four GPUs often requires more than a power unit. Typically, miners have a few 750-watt units joined together.
  • A power adapter for GPU cards. Video cards are connected to the motherboard using exceptional extension cards namely “risers.” There are lots of diverse kinds and models of risers, however, the PCI-E 1x version 006 is the most common.
  • A power switch.
  • A cooling structure having several coolers to deliver added airflow.

Another vital part is the frame for the rig. Making the frame out of wood or aluminum would be better for the system. For instance, a seven-GPU rig will be roughly 21 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 12 inches high.

Assembling a mining rig

After buying the entire rig apparatuses, the time is to assemble it, that is a relatively simple duty for someone who is well-experienced with computer hardware. Moreover, there are ample instructive videos on YouTube.

When a rig is prepared, you should install some software. For example, installing a code for mining special crypto. Another method is to find a mining pool, which is a common approach to mine crypto, as it’s becoming tougher to do so independently because of the increasing difficulty of crypto mining. Also, some equipment is accessible for remote control such as TeamViewer and WatchDog that spontaneously restarts the system if the program freezes.

About GPU cards

As a regulation, a rig should contain four to seven video cards. This number is recommended which will not go further than the structure of a constant process, although there are exceptions. Miners are able to link 10 to 15 GPU cards to one motherboard, but seven is the ideal number as Windows 10 OS can identify solely this amount of cards. However, there is a key answer to it that sets the mining software on the Linux kernel. With this regard, you need to select the right motherboard, such as an ASRock Pro BTC+ series or alike.

Knowing which GPU cards provide you the best crypto mining rig in 2020. However, it is not so straightforward, as the answer solely depends on your budget. Literally, it makes little sense to buy the most lavish, powerful GPUs for the price of two to three slightly weaker ones. As there is a better chance the latter ones will deliver much profit because of their low power consumption and initial expenses.

The uppermost revenue is now reachable with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon VII cards. It is even more profitable to create a mining farm with super cards. For instance, AMD Radeon RX 580 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super cards.

Also, you can flash the AMD RX series GPU cards by altering the working time of the RAM, downvolting its core, and overclocking. Programs such as MSI Afterburner and Sapphire TriXX can help the assembly of these manipulations, which will endorse GPU cards attain ultimate performance through the mining process.

Electricity consumption of the best mining rig in 2020

During 10 years, the mining industry has turned from being an intangible subject and quite cheap to an expert, high-tech endeavor that suggests high entry barriers, not only for the facilities but also for its conservation.

After buying mining facilities, paying the electricity expense during its operation becomes the chief cost that directly affects profitability. The energy consumption of a mining rig comprises of some parts as below:

  • GPU cards consume 360W to 1500W for a rig of six to seven cards. it differs depending on its power and mining algorithm,
  • The motherboard, power unit, HDD, and RAM consume up to 100 W.
  • Using air cooling equipment consumes from 20W to several KWs.
how miners decrease electricity costs?

The key parts that consume much electricity are the GPU cards. So, with proper arrangements, electricity consumption can be declined considerably. For instance, in Ether mining, the key is overclocking the video memory. The most ideal operating condition for GPU cards is to trigger the core voltage. Set it to around 830 to 850 millivolts for AMD cards and 650 to 850 millivolts for Nvidia cards. Dropping the voltage on the card, along with decreasing power consumption, reduces the amount of heat. This has a positive outcome on the rig.

Power-generating components are also consuming less amount of electricity if they have a “gold” certificate. They save about 15% less amount of electricity in comparison to regular power units. Another technique is to replace HDDs with solid-state drives. It improves the pace of loading the OS. It also declines the power consumption of every rig by from 5W to 15W. Besides, modern RAM (DDR4 or DDR3L as a substitute for DDR3) and CPUs bring about consumption reduction by another 10W to 20W.

Lastly, miners can also decrease consumption through a little more complex method too. For example, finding more economical electricity tariffs would be a profitable decision. Placing the rigs where there are cheap rates for consumers with electric stoves or electric heating and lesser night-time prices. If probable, miners may even connect to a power plant that produces electricity to discover if it has the excess capacity. Some expert miners can make their own solar or wind farms and use them for mining. Nevertheless, not everyone can have the funds for such an investment.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining

Due to the insecure condition of the economy, some cannot join the crypto mining community. This is because of the high initial expenses. Thus, the solution to this is “hosted mining” where crypto coins or tokens are mined via a remote linking to facilities that have been rented out. Philip Salter, head of operations at Genesis Mining — a cloud mining provider — told Cointelegraph:

“Since mining is becoming more competitive, margins are shrinking and it’s harder for home miners to compete. Miners need to get every drop of efficiency they can, and that means growing the operation (economies of scale) and doing it somewhere where electricity is insanely cheap. […] Mining in the cloud seems like the only viable option for many.”

Hosted mining commences when you choose a provider of computational capability. Then you enter into an agreement with the provider to join its mining facilities. After purchasing an amount of computer capacity so-called hashing power, you will be given access to remote mining of cryptocurrency platform utilizing rented equipment. Hence, you just need a computer and an internet connection to enter cryptocurrency cloud mining. Hosted mining platforms will charge you in accordance with the agreements established between the parties.

Crypto cloud mining advantage

Cloud mining has several pros for miners. For instance, you do not need start-up investment for equipment and assembling them by yourself. Also, no or fewer expenses for maintenance and electricity, the option to disconnect from work at any time, and not requiring superior technical skills.

Certain risks also exist in cloud mining, as in any new industry, many alluring players look for taking over the capitals of users. Thus, when choosing a website, you should spend ample time and wisely research its history and reviews.

Also, cloud mining brings higher income in some cases in comparison to mining using one’s own rig. if the selected platform is trustworthy. In addition, no one will give away a chance for making passive income rather than building the best crypto mining rig in 2020. Minerland cryptocurrency cloud mining provides you the best opportunity in this case. You can rent out Minerland plans for investing in cryptocurrency cloud mining. Moreover, you can make extra money by referring your friends to the platform using the Minerland Affiliation program page.


All in all, now a day, mining sounds like an attractive method of making profits. This needs an initial investment and some time to find out how the system works. In this article we have provided the best crypto mining rig in 2020 to mine Bitcoin and Ether. If for some purpose arranging a personal rig is troublesome, then start cloud mining.