Antminer Z9 Review Everything you should know

Antminer Z9 Review: Everything you should know

  • 9 August 2022
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Antminer Z9 is one of Bitmain’s newest ASIC miners for mining Equihash like Zcash, Zclassic, Zen Cash, and other shit coins. In this article, we will have an Antminer Z9 Review.

Setting up Antminer Z9 is done in the same way as all other Bitmain Asic miners. Enter your pool address and wallet information, and you’re good to go. We connected this miner to Flypool to mine Zcash.

Having hashed setup miner stats almost instantly, it connects to the mining pool much faster than Antminer E3. Which took about 7-10 minutes to start hashing.

Currently, Equihash miners are the only ones that are the most profitable, as the rest of the miners barely cover electricity costs, and in some cases, they don’t. I don’t know how long this will go on. As usual, these asic miner manufacturers make so many miners that the mining difficulty increases so much that there is no mining profit. Probably 0 profit is expected in 1-3 months if prices don’t change.

Antminer Z9 Review

In reality, we can see that the Z9 is the same as the Z9 Mini. Batch 1 of the Z9 Mini has already been shipped. Batch 2 will be delivered at the end of August.

The Antminer Z9 can be considered Charge 3 of the Z9 Mini. Will it be profitable? Looking back at how it usually goes, I’d say no. The Antminer Z9 will likely take a long time to pay off (if at all). Unless, of course, ZCash‘s price turns bullish in the next few months.

We can expect the network hashrate for Equihash coins to skyrocket in September once everyone gets their Batch #1 Z9 and Batch #2 Z9 Mini units. Anyone who got their Z9 Mini back in June will likely have their money back by September. I can’t say the same about those who pre-order their Z9 and Z9 Minis these days.

So if the Z9 Mini is going to be a doorstop, will the Z9?

Antminer Z9 Review: Algorithm

The top coin for the Equilash algorithm is Zcash. There are some security issues with this algorithm as it is not as secure and stable as other algorithms. Although it is not secure, the miner offers several advantages. The algorithm is best suited for mining exotic coins like Hush and ZenCash.

There are several minable coins found under this algorithm. Some of them are Horizen, Komodo, and Pirate, among others. Users can also join reputable mining pools to get a head start. Some of these mining pools are AntPool, NiceHash, Poolin, and SlushPool, among others. If you are interested in this miner, buy it from the manufacturer. You can also buy it in selected stores.

Antminer Z9 Review: Efficiency

There is an efficiency of 23,095 j/Ksol found on this miner. It is one of the few miners with higher efficiency when it comes to the Equilash algorithm. The efficiency comes from greater power consumption. It comes with a power consumption of 970W, three chipboards, and a chip count of 48. Anyone who loves exotic coins has the right features for home mining with this miner. Since the power consumption is low, it is an excellent miner for beginners.

Noise and Tone Skills

It comes with a noise level of 75 decibels, making it environmentally friendly. You can use this miner anywhere and get a profitable result.

Bitmain Antminer Z9 profitability

The miner comes with a win rate of -21 percent and an annual return percentage of -18 percent. It also comes with manageable electricity costs of $2 per day. There is no payback period with this device.

The Antminer Z9 is known as the most powerful Equihash miner Bitmain has ever produced.

It is said to be similar compared to the Z9mini version of sol/s. However, the Innosilicon A9 Z Master is ahead of the two devices in terms of performance.

The Z9 can mine 0.37 ZEC in current difficulties, with a profit of about $55 per day.

Bitmain Antminer Z9 Review


When the Antminer Z9 Mini was announced, many people were curious if there would also be an Antminer Z9 “Maxi”. They were right, although ultimately the Antminer Z9 “Full Edition” or “Maxi” isn’t all that different from the Z9 Mini.

A Z9 Mini hashes 10 Ksol/s with a power consumption of 260 W and a price of 850 USD (for the September batch). The Z9 hashes ~41 Ksol/s with a power consumption of 1150 W and a price of $3319. We can see a 4x increase in hashrate along with a 4x increase in both price and power consumption. This means that the Antminer Z9 is four Z9 Minis stacked on each other.

In other words, when you buy an Antminer Z9, you’re buying a pack of four Antminer Z9 Minis in a box. There is no difference between the two – both models offer the same $/Sol and Watt/Sol.

This also suggests that it might be possible to overclock both miners to the same extent, although we’ll see that once the Z9 ships to people.


Is it a good idea to buy the Antminer Z9? I think it isn’t. In this article, I have not included additional red flags such as the possibility of Zcash forking. The current situation of the crypto market does not help either (it is bearish). Additionally, Bitmain competitors are also releasing Equihash ASICs, with Innosilicon shipping their 50KH/s A9 ZMaster on July 9, with a second batch planned for August.

What could be a good alternative to the Antminer Z9 and similar ASICs? I believe that FPGAs are the future of mining. GPUs might still be viable for a while too, especially if you pair your rig with a few acorns.

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