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The core idea of MinerLand as a top cloud mining website started at the end of 2019 where our founders were working in the IT and bitcoin mining field. Then, they began to commence a global cloud mining business in the midst of 2020. They came up with the idea of mining arbitrage as a valuable service. This has stemmed from an article named “The Decision to Produce Altcoins: Miners’ Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets” by Adam Hayes, University of Wisconsin. They then developed the first mining arbitrage platform using AI. And established supplying hashing power from decentralized mining farms in the entire world. Blockchain technology was so interesting. So, They wanted to establish their own AI cloud mining system and acting beyond the boundaries of human abilities. The AI calculates ROI for a certain number of coins and chooses the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine at a time and switches the mining facilities in your favor. Our motto is “believe in Genius” and we do believe in the AI mining arbitrage and aim to be among the best bitcoin mining websites in 2021.

The moment you decide to become our customer is the beginning of your money-making journey with a top crypto mining platform. If you have a job or be a business owner or even no occupation, you still can benefit from MinerLand as a top cloud mining service provider. Only with a few clicks and a minimum amount of investment, you become a bitcoin miner. You will be given the most advanced cloud miner center with a panel with which you can monitor your mined BTC and transfer it to your bitcoin wallet daily.
Our user-friendly platform provides you with the value for money hashing power along with a high rate of ROI. Besides, our cryptocurrency affiliate program brings you extra income as a free bitcoin generator. The more individuals are added to the system by you, the more points you obtain in the system. Points are transferable in the bitcoin cloud mining packages. For more information please visit the FAQ page.