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The Ipollo G1 Grin has equipped with 30 modes G22 12nm FinFET ASIC chips. This grin chip has a built-in inefficient cuckatoo cycle core. The chip has an area of ​​38x38nm. This chip is the world’s first dedicated chip that supports grins. It is also the only chip. In this article, we will have an Ipollo G1 Review.

The Ipollo G1 uses the four 1438B DC12V 5A fans to dissipate heat from the mining rig during the mining process.

The birth of the Ipollo g1 Grin mining rig has sparked miners’ enthusiasm for the Grins community, and not only that but also incentivized the Grins community. It is believed that the release of the Grins mining machine could eventually lead to the ASIC era.

Ipollo G1 Review

This is a mining device developed and manufactured by the Ipollo company that has two algorithms that it works on. It has a max hash rate of around 160 Gps. The Ipollo device was developed for a power consumption of 2884 W. This power consumption contributes to the efficiency of the device. It is equipped with 30 12nm FinFET ASIC chips.

This mining rig mines efficiently once set up and runs efficiently once set up. It mines with two algorithms (Cuckatoo32+, Cuckatoo31+). The device is scheduled to be launched in December 2020. It has a noise level of 70dB, which is low compared to other ASIC miners with a noise level of 75-82dB. But even this level of noise does not affect the mining process of the device. It comes with an efficiency of 18,025 j/kGps. It works over Ethernet connections.

The only drawback of this device is that it has a fluctuating power consumption. But the manufacturers confirmed the power consumption at 2800W. Due to the fluctuating power consumption, it is advisable to equip the device with a power pack of approx.

When the device inlet temperature is 32 degrees, the mining device air outlet is 46.4 degrees, with a temperature range of 14.4 degrees, which is considered normal.

Ipollo G1 Review: Noise level

The Ipollo G1 review shows that it has a noise level of 70d, and the device has high efficiency, so you can see that the device is also profitable for mining. The manufacturers provide four fans that serve as cooling devices for the device. The four fans also work by dissipating the heat generated in the machine as the coins are mined.

Ipollo G1 Review: Power consumption

The Ipollo consumes about 2884 W of power. For his device, the power supply indicates that the device consumes electrical energy. Although not as high as the other mining devices, the power consumption requires the miner to invest money in the power supply. Profitability is also affected. The device has a defect; its power consumption varies between 2000 – 3000W and is specified by the manufacturers as 2884W. The fact that the power consumption of this device varies is the reason that the power supply required for this device is around 3500W.


  • Manufacturer: iPollo
  • Model: G1
  • Also known as Nano labs iPollo G1 Grin Miner
  • Release: December 2020
  • Size: 158 x 350 x 355mm
  • Weight: 19000g
  • Chipboards: 3
  • Chip name: FinFET
  • Chip size: 12nm
  • Chip count: 30
  • Noise level: 75db
  • Cooling Fan
  • Fan(s): 4
  • Power: 2800W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Temperature: 5 – 40 °C
  • Humidity: 5 – 95 %

The profitability of Ipollo G1

The Ipollo is one of the very profitable mining devices. The device mines Grin and have a profitability per day of $10.72 and it has a profitability per month of $321.61 and a profitability per year of $3,859.34. However, this can be affected by the cost of power supply or the efficiency of the machine, or the market price when mining.

New miners should consider the electricity costs required to reach the required power consumption of this device. Note that the above profitability for this machine is subject to change based on the factors listed above. It can also be a good choice for new miners looking to start mining.

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